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Why Enterprises Shouldn’t Delay Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Investment

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the solution for automating repetitive, mundane, or labor-intensive tasks that are usually performed by experienced staff. RPA is playing a major role in the digital transformation journey of a raft of enterprises. Cloud4C has been helping many enterprises adopt RPA by providing them the required agility in their business process transformations. By embracing RPA, enterprises are not only able to execute the same processes at a much faster rate with higher accuracy but have also witnessed an exponential increase in productivity and a decrease in operational expenses.

“RPA can potentially improve compliance by 92%, process quality/accuracy by 90%, productivity by 86%, and cost reduction by 59%"

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Our RPA Prowess

Proven by our customer appreciations

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Cloud4C RPA expertise streamlined crucial day to day processes handled by our teams. They identified 22 processes and automated them for efficiency in outputs. Our teams can now focus on and contribute to our larger vision.

Mr. Harmandeep Singh

Vice President-IT, Rainbow Group of Hospitals

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Cloud4C RPA teams have been supporting us for a long time now. The biggest relief was during the lockdown when they ensured uninterrupted operations with intelligent automation and remote monitoring for milk supply. Now we are confident to move ahead with automation for other functions.

Mr. Krishna Prasad

Sr. Manager - IT, Dodla Dairy Ltd

Why embrace RPA

Infuse processes with intelligence and enjoy returns in speed, efficiency, and productivity.

Automation helps your business processes become more efficient, compliant and intelligent. Cloud4C facilitates enterprises in achieving their automation goals and in accelerating their ROIs.

Brings Accuracy 

RPA robots are exceedingly accurate and decrease the possibility of making a costly human error. They also ensure compliance by following your processes as is.

Boosts Productivity 

RPA robots work tirelessly around the clock, with the same level of consistency and accuracy every minute. They enable businesses to execute processes 5 to 10 times faster, with higher efficiency.

Promotes Agility 

RPA solutions are lean & efficient. They can be quickly deployed minimizing overhead and enabling your workforce to focus on strategic initiatives. Thus, empowering organizations in achieving their larger goals.

Flexible & Adaptable 

RPA solutions are flexible to changes and can be quickly adapted to meet any revisions in the processes or the emerging new requirements of an organization, with minimal changes.

Ensures Business Continuity 

RPA ensures that robots operates all the time from anywhere and can handle any changes even during times such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Reduces Labor Cost 

RPA helps in freeing employees and allowing them to focus on higher-value activities. RPA implementation can deliver a cost reduction and begin its return on investment in as few as six months.

Improves Service Level 

RPA can empower the support team in getting the task done effectively and efficiently thereby improving the service level and customer experience.


RPA technology provides the ability to scale up & down based on the requirements, at low cost and with no impact on the existing operations

The Cloud4C RPA Approach

Typical adoption strategy in 4 key steps

Cloud4C provides comprehensive end-to-end services in building robust, reusable Robotic Process Automation solutions. Whether assessing business feasibility for automation or consultation services for identifying the right processes or implementing, deploying, and managing RPA Robots, Cloud4C services can help with customized Robotic Process Automation solutions designed for your business-specific needs.

  • 1


    Conduct automation feasibility assessments, identify processes to automate, define goals/ROI

  • 2

    PoV (Proof of value)

    Build a PoV to discover the capabilities of RPA and measure the results

  • 3


    Implement, test and deploy customized robots

  • 4


    Refine the process continuously along with auto-learning capability

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Tools & Platforms

Augmenting our RPA-On-Cloud Capability

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RPA By Industries

Sectors currently thriving on Automation Solutions

Banking & Finance

Most of the Banking & Finance institutions have a huge number of manual processes being done by their knowledgeable workforce. These instituitions are now turning to RPA to streamline their processes, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs & operational risks, and also to meet all their regulatory compliance requirements.


In the current pandemic situation, as the number of COVID cases keeps increasing, hospitals are always flooded with patients more than ever and there is a pressing need to find efficient, accurate, and automated processes. Most of their operational activities such as inventory management, claims, billing, etc., can be automated so that the health workers can rather focus on the patients well being.

IT operations

IT sector has been extensively using automation solutions for their IT Managed Services & Infrastructure support. Right from common issues such as password resets to patch management etc., the IT team spends hours in resolving and completing some mundane activities. By outsourcing such tasks to RPA the IT team can rather work on complex issues that can cost more to the organization, if not addressed on time.

Retail & Media

The retail industry has been constantly looking for solutions to analyze huge sales data, improve their customer service; and ways to reduce their capital expenditure so that they can concentrate on what matters most to them - their customers!


Physical robots has constantly been a part of the manufacturing industry for a while now, helping them with assembling, packaging, etc. In addition to that, to have an edge and also to optimize the way they operate, manufacturers are envisioning to automate their labor-and-time-intensive, crucial back-office operational process as well.

RPA - Use Cases

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Finance and Accounting

Robotic Process Automation helping organizations handle their Finances

Finance and accounting teams in every organization are responsible for some business-critical processes related to invoices, payments, reconciliation etc., and with RPA solutions that are accurate, efficient, and compliant, these teams can automate their processes easily.

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Human Resources

Robotic Process Automation enabling HR to focus on strategic initiatives and not on repetitive tasks

To free up the HR team from repetitive data-intensive work and to let them focus on initiatives and employee development, it is crucial to automate certain mundane tasks handled by the team. HR teams are unleashing the capabilities of RPA to achieve their broader goals.

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Supply Chain

RPA robots handling end-to-end from Procurement to Production

Robotic Process Automation is being increasingly adopted within the supply chain for supply/demand planning, vendor selection/evaluation, inventory management and to attain faster cycle times. Organizations are taking an end-to-end RPA approach in the supply chain to gain full benefits.

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Sales & Distribution

Robotic Process Automation assisting Organizations with Sales and Distribution

Sales order tasks have a lot of dependency on manual efforts, also are tedious and error-prone. Organizations are leveraging RPA for not only chalking out a workflow that can take care of sales orders but for also creating reports that can provide insights to their management. RPA can also assist in keeping the customers informed about promotions or shipment status etc.

Read about RPA in Sales and Distribution


Robotic Process Automation providing Virtual IT team member(s) to help with Routine Tasks

IT teams receive a lot of service requests that are simple and repetitive, and for such requests, all they need to do is follow some defined steps. A Virtual IT team member powered by RPA can offload the IT team with such requests, thereby helping the core team concentrate on higher priority or complex issues.

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