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Enterprises can boost their organization’s business prowess and responsiveness with SAP Financial ServicesEnterprises can boost their organization’s business prowess and responsiveness with SAP Financial Services

Cloud4C and SAP Finance solutions - Deeper insights enabled!

In today’s increasingly digitized business sphere, what is of paramount importance for sustenance and growth? Undoubtedly, it is real-time financial reporting and accurate financial forecasting. With organization growth to various geographies and businesses without boundaries, complexity and legal demands increase. To achieve business objectives, your financial consolidation should not only be quicker but also should render a unified view of your business.

Business decisions take into account real-time data as well as projections from the data, drive profit and efficiency. Trying to exploit this data, however, can be daunting, since the data itself is complex. A thoughtfully-crafted solution would go a long way in helping an organization strengthen its market position while keeping its customers satisfied. A good financial management suite, therefore, must be able to:

With great expertise in SAP Financial Services, Cloud4C can help you begin your financial management journey
  • Have a view on budget allocations and thresholds
  • Have actionable insights
  • Analyze data in real-time
  • Have provisions for financial planning
  • Carefully forecast and translate projections into precise reports
  • Automate invoicing process
  • Aid stakeholders in enforcing and managing governance, compliance, and risk

SAP Financial Services is a financial management suite that can boost your organization’s business prowess and responsiveness. It allows organizations to Run Simple to improve processes, increase customer satisfaction and grow their business. It's essentially business and technology coming together to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

With expertise in all levels of finance (from the accounts payable teams up to the CFO) and SAP Finance solutions, our team at SAP Center of Excellence is well-equipped to help you.

Cloud4C – SAP Financial Services

With Cloud4C’s in-house expertise in SAP financial services, we are capable of helping you get started on the Financial Management journey you have been looking for. We have personnel with prior exposure and success in various finance roles. Our solution architects are seasoned and can provide the right recommendation on the TO-BE state to be achieved, based on your existing systems.

Put simply, SAP Financial Services can take complexity and make it trivial by helping handle finance, manage risk, adhere to compliance, and serve customers better.

With Cloud4C SAP Financial services you will be able to re-engineer processes across all siloes – Finance, HR, Procurement, Operations, Delivery – with a reporting layer and access to strategic data at each point. And since the whole system is operable through a neat User Interface, the solution turns financial management from a chore into a satisfying experience.

Empowering every finance function to address business challenges


Real-time analysis and dashboards for Leadership teams

Leadership teams need a unified view of the finances in order to assess the business performance and make appropriate decisions. Contextual and intuitive dashboards, customizable reports showcasing Financial KPIs in an easy to understand manner provides actionable and accurate insights for better business planning.

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Make Planning quicker and easier

Right planning and accurate forecasts enables you to analyze and simulate different business scenarios. Use SAP tools for functions such as annual and interim planning, bottom-up and top-down planning, target performance comparisons, simulations, workflows, sales planning at customer or product level, and integration with material management.

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Optimize and Accelerate Financial Consolidation

Presence in many geographies, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, etc., increase the complexity of financial consolidation processes. Manual consolidation is prone to errors. Also, using multiple IT systems for planning and consolidation might raise the risk of duplicate data. Leverage Cloud4C and SAP experience in legal and management consolidation to take care of different entities, companies, currencies, legal standards such as IFRS, GAAP, and other country-specific ones and IT systems.

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Obtain Faster and Reliable Financial Reports and Forecasts

Reliable data leads to quality financial reporting and accurate forecasting. A single source of truth for your data eliminates inconsistencies and data integrity issues while accelerating financial reporting. Leadership can make informed investment decisions at any point by evaluating company’s performance indicators such as EBIT, cash flow, working capital, and profitability.

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Automate Your Invoice-to-Pay Processes

Manual invoice-to-pay processes create a large amount of paper work leading to more administrative effort driving down the process efficiency. Cloud4C helps you to embrace SAP solutions to automate all invoice-to-pay processes. We automate each step of the vendor invoice process – from collection, scanning, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scraping, right through to posting. It not only simplifies the process but makes it less prone to errors. Savings in time and effort is a given.

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Robust Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategy

A solid GRC strategy includes identifying and managing risks, supporting strategic decision making, and ensuring full compliance with all standards, rules, and regulations. Cloud4C and SAP offer solutions to streamline and automate GRC activities– from access control to audit management and fraud management.

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Cloud4C SAP Support

With Cloud4C on your side, our expertise combined with practical experience in SAP financial services and implementation of SAP cloud platforms, your journey in deploying cloud solutions will be a smooth sail, addressing all the challenges of financial management.

Take leverage from our long-standing SAP implementation expertise. Our highly experienced implementation teams come with a strong background of working across the industry in finance and accounting who understand your business needs and help you layout the right processes.

Our SAP architecture teams have the expertise in the SAP finance solution portfolio and will help you customize the solutions to your organizational and business needs. Our SAP implementation strategies combined with proven business practices can help save time and costs in helping you realize your goals

You can rest assured of meeting your business goals, be it implementation or migration to the cloud, along with continued support of Cloud4C SAP financial support team.

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