Cloud4C SAP Hosting Services Moving SAP to the Cloud

SAP Hosting Services help enterprises to enhance visibility, security and performanceSAP Hosting Services help enterprises to enhance visibility, security and performance

A huge number of enterprises are on SAP landscape today, and they are constantly looking for better and secure ways to manage their systems. Also, with the rapidly changing business needs, it has become an imperative to have options to scale up or down based on demand. Therefore, organizations today have strong driving factors in moving to the Cloud, which offers security, elasticity, improved performance, and all that at predictable costs. However, as most of the SAP applications are mission- critical for the businesses, the Cloud migrations have to be well planned and executed, so that there is near zero downtime, with no undesirable outcomes.

If you are looking to migrate SAP systems to the Cloud with no disruptions to your business, a trusted and experienced SAP hosting services partner is all you need.

Cloud4C - Certified SAP Hosting partner

We, at Cloud4C, are SAP Certified in SAP Hosting Services, and provide the right combination of technology, people and services required to host your SAP applications. When it comes to SAP Hosting Services, with our proven practices and methodologies, we can get your SAP applications up and running in no time. Being one of the leading SAP Hosting Providers, Cloud4C SAP experts understand your business requirements and work with you to build the SAP hosting strategy. Whether you need a Rated-4 Datacenter environment without investing huge amounts in IT hardware and SAP licenses or you are looking for fail-proof disaster recovery features, we have got you covered!


As a SAP Hosting provider, we offer skilled SAP certified specialists, who have executed over hundreds of SAP migrations, who can aid you in hosting your SAP infrastructure, migrate your SAP applications to the Cloud seamlessly and manage them, and allowing your team to focus on your crucial business needs.

Ideal hosting partner for your SAP HANA ecosystem

Cloud4C helps you build, deploy, and support an SAP HANA environment that is aligned with your business requirements. As a SAP hosting partner, we provide multiple SAP-compliant hosting models, SAP implementation, and SAP Basis support.

Our service offerings

  • On-demand SAP HANA servers
  • Immediate implementation
  • E5-26xx processors with external SAN
  • SAP-certified hardware/storage
  • SAP-defined KPIs
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • Faster internal storage
  • Lower TCO for HANA T-shirt sizes up to 1.5 TB
  • Customer private cloud model
  • On-demand SAP HANA servers
  • Immediate implementation
  • Dedicated compute and storage resources
  • E5-26xx processors with external SAN
  • SAP-certified hardware/storage
  • SAP defined KPIs
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • Lower TCO for HANA T-Shirt sizes up to 1.5 TB
  • Wide range of appliance sizes
  • Pre-configured hardware set-up from leading OEMs
  • Preinstalled software
  • SAP-certified configurations
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • Ideal for HANA size > 1.5 TB

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Our Expertise in handling SAP HANA workloads


SAP Certified   
in multiple areas


Serving 180+  
Enterprises managing their SAP HANA instances on cloud


Delivering 99.95%  
availability at Application Layer


Over 6000+  
SAP systems managed


100s of successful SAP migrations   
to the Cloud


Over 2000+ TB  
managed HANA

Business benefits -- Cloud4C SAP Hosting Services

We have 20 years of experience in colocation infrastructure, data center migration and security. Our scalable and dynamic SAP hosting services provide the perfect solutions with the capability to increase or decrease capacity as and when needed, and are designed to guarantee high availability and security of SAP systems. As part of our SAP Hosting Services, we take end-to-end responsibility of migrating and operating your SAP applications, letting your IT teams innovate and address crucial business requests.


No upfront infrastructure investment

Our customers will be able to shift from CAPEX to OPEX model by leveraging our shared and secured SAP certified cloud infrastructure


Increased Performance

Usage of latest storage technologies/SAP HANA leading to faster response to queries, analyzing of records and quicker reporting.


Reliable Storage

Data stored at primary and secondary locations present at different geographical locations for ensuring high availability of data and DR management.


Scale up/down based on demand

Automated provisioning with security, monitoring, with four copies, high availability, disaster recovery, backup, continuity via multiple geography, elasticity/ auto scaling (scale/de-scale on demand), self-provisioning portal with fail-proof 4-copy architecture.



Moving to the cloud with Cloud4C enables you to reduce your IT infrastructure costs by 40% to 75%. Build further upon what you already have installed, and enjoy ease of integration through the largest network of secure, private connections with Cloud4C.


Enhanced Security

With six zone security and security frameworks adhering to around 15 industry compliance and trust certifications, Cloud4C ensures that your critical enterprise applications run on a secure and reliable platform that protects your customers’ data.


Performant & Pay as you use

Cloud4C provides you with the computing power to run your SAP applications, including SAP HANA and S/4HANA workloads, smoothly with flexible payment options.


Back-up environment

Backups of SAP databases and file systems, etc., are created and saved at different data centers based on the frequency and retention period agreed upon by the customer.


Recovery Services

The backup data is used for quick recovery in case of failures and the restoration is done within minutes to avoid disruptions to your business.


High Availability

We follow Dual data centers architecture for storage mirroring, backups, system cloning etc., to ensure high availability of resources and data.


Deployments in minutes

We assess your SAP landscape and plan and execute deployments of new SAP environments within hours.


Predictable Maintenance costs

Our shared infrastructure model also allows you to predict your monthly usage and expenditure, and helps you improve your ROI.


24/7 support and Single SLA

We take care of your Cloud infrastructure and your SAP applications, and are available round-the-clock (24*7 ITSM NOC and SOC services) to support you whenever needed. We provide the highest SLA at Application layer in the industry.


Business Continuity

The 4-copy architecture of Cloud4C enables continuity (business continuity), compliance, control and customization, providing the power to deliver a mature environment to handle mission- critical environments.

Interested to host your SAP applications on the Cloud, with assured performance and availability?