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With SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation,enterprises  can improve execution, accuracy, speed, and compliance.With SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation,enterprises  can improve execution, accuracy, speed, and compliance.

"SAP Intelligent RPA accelerates digital transformation of 
business processes by automating tedious, repetitive 
activities" - Gartner

Most of the enterprises are embarking on their automation journey to keep their critical business processes efficient and improve customer satisfaction. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help enterprises automate tedious manual processes and serve customers around the globe in an effective & efficient way.

What makes SAP Intelligent RPA stand -out is that it combines Process Automation, AI and Machine Learning technologies. It not only provides the ability to automate repetitive business processes but also helps your business stay relevant by providing insights that empower you to make the right decisions. It also provides the capability to continuously improve your bot’s performance using APIs. SAP intelligent RPA is a complete solution for automating your processes and empowers you to redirect your workforce towards innovations and high-value business goals.

Using SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, you can work with data from disparate systems in the SAP landscape with ease and automate high-value processes improving execution, accuracy, speed, and compliance. Businesses from various industries are adopting SAP Intelligent RPA at a rapid pace and are reaping its benefits.

At Cloud4C, with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, we create customized automation solutions and help you build intelligent bots by leveraging machine learning and RPA. Cloud4C is a certified SAP partner and has handled hundreds of SAP implementations/workloads. Our SAP Automation expert team is highly skilled in both Process Automation as well as SAP.

Benefits of SAP Intelligent RPA

Easy integration with SAP applications

Simplify automation with built-in connectors and integrate with SAP applications seamlessly

Repository of skills

Improve quality and expedite digital transformation with SAP intelligent RPA reusable components for bot development

Attended & Unattended RPA robots

Automate processes with/without human interventions using SAP Intelligent Attended & Unattended robots

Embedded AI/ML

Assure improved efficiency and accelerate the automation of SAP S/4 HANA projects

Pre-defined bots

Leverage free, ready-to-use, SAP S/4 HANA bots and reduce the time for automation

Comprehensive set of tools

Develop and deploy bots quickly using bot development and monitoring tools

Cloud4C SAP Intelligent RPA Adoption 

With SAP Robotic Process Automation, Cloud4C provides comprehensive end-to-end services in building robust, reusable SAP Intelligent RPA solutions.

Cloud4C SAP Intelligent RPA Adoption

We provide RPA consulting services to help your team identify the right impactful processes for automation and recommend solutions that are personalized for your organization, based on your business needs. We perform a feasibility study and come up with a Proof of Value to enable your organization to make better decisions with respect to the implementation of the automation strategy, and help you understand and measure the benefits of using SAP Intelligent RPA for automating your business-critical processes. With SAP automation, Cloud4C also helps in creating a roadmap for your organization to implementing SAP Intelligent RPA solutions in a phased manner.


Using our mature six-step implementation process and over 200+ man-years of RPA implementation experience, we have built hundreds of SAP automation solutions. As a part of Cloud4C’s RPA implementation services, we do a deep-dive assessment of your processes and design a workflow for automation. Based on the processes, we either suggest the best SAP intelligent RPA Pre-defined bots/reusable components that you can reuse for optimizing the implementation timelines or build tailored automation solutions. As part of the SAP Robotic Process Automation, our intelligent robots powered by AI/Ml learn from previous experiences and adapt as per the changing requirements. At every phase, we ensure that we are following all mandatory guidelines and industry best practices.

Through SAP Robotic Process Automation, Cloud4C offers operation and support services, freeing your teams from maintenance activities. We deploy and run the bots and ensure that they are running 24/7 so that your critical processes are never impacted. We run regular health checks and remediate any encountered issues immediately. We also take up the responsibility of meeting the accuracy requirements as stated in the SLA. In addition to these, we use our experience in data security and take the necessary steps to prevent any data loss. As part of our SAP Robotic Process Automation services, we also set up a governance model to oversee the end-to-end process and assure on-time delivery and performance management.

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Cloud4C creates customized automation solutions to help enterprises  to  build intelligent bots by leveraging ML & RPA

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RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) from 

Experience the benefits of Automation with Cloud4C’s RPA as a Service without investing huge capital expenditure upfront. We at Cloud4C offer end-to-end services including consulting, development, operations & governance as one-time as well as subscription services.

RPAaaS can help your enterprise overcome the hurdles and complexities in developing and maintaining SAP Intelligent RPA solutions. Our outcome-based service model provides you the flexibility to scale your automation solutions as per the business needs or in a phased manner and witness the ROI right from the beginning.

Cloud4C RPA Center of Excellence (COE) team has deep expertise in SAP & Automation solutions. Our four-pillar foundation addresses the apprehensions of every organization that is about to begin its automation journey.

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Cloud4C’s RPA as a Service can help your 
business scale as per the evolving