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SAP SCM helps businesses  to streamline processes and improve supply chain visibility to meet customer demands.SAP SCM helps businesses  to streamline processes and improve supply chain visibility to meet customer demands.

The contemporary supply chain management in today’s landscape is a blend of customer presumptions, added avenues to market, convolutions, and other aspects that create noteworthy challenges for the entire supply chain network. Predictions are calculated at a high rate during every stage of the supply chain journey, meaning that activities such as procurement must be carried out intelligently to achieve savings, increase competences and ROI.

It has become a requisite to have digital connectivity in the SCM ecosystem, including suppliers, manufacturers, internal support teams, and customers. Also, introducing emerging technologies such as the Cloud, incorporating real-time insights, and having end-to-end visibility of the SCM can help overcome the complexities of Supply Chain Management.

Empower your organization to flourish by helping it prepare for disruptions with SAP supply chain management, a complete portfolio that includes predictive analytics, automation, and IoT with industry expertise to execute and act.

Cloud4C helps enterprises customize SAP Supply chain management solutions that are best suited to each of our customers

Cloud4C SAP Supply Chain Management

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) optimizes every phase from design to operation, including planning, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, support, and increasing productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Cloud4C leverages SAP SCM and intelligent technologies to enable the business to meet its goals of streamlining processes, improve supply chain visibility and meet evolving customer demands.

At Cloud4C, we understand supply chain dynamics and pain points, and we build customized SAP Supply chain management solutions that are best suited to each of our customers.

SAP Supply Chain Management|SAP SCM Solutions|Cloud4C

Cloud4C’s Digital SAP Supply Chain Management combines a package of SAP solutions to generate a unified, AI-powered procurement environment that is more inclined towards minting more ROI for your business. Intelligent Supply and Central Procurement comprises SAP Central Procurement, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba cloud solutions, SAP Fieldglass®, and SAP® Concur®.

Cloud4C’s comprehensive supply chain planning and execution solution is here

Benefits of digital transformation using SAP  
Supply Chain Management

By including digitalization of the supply chain in your organization’s digital transformation strategy, you can reduce manufacturing/logistics costs, lead times for procurement and achieve on-time delivery, and improve customer satisfaction. In addition to this, SAP supply chain management also helps in better collaboration and provides the personalization required for every customer.

Source: SAP Digital supply chain and ERP
Key capabilities deliveredSales order captureOnline order confirmationLive MRPReal-time purchase requisitioning and productionInventory managementOutbound delivery, transport planning, and dispatchIn-transit tracking in real time
  • Image-based ordering
  • Quotation conversion prediction
  • Delivery performance prediction
  • Easily manage and track sales quotations, contracts, and orders
  • Feed time series data on delivery issues such as traffic impact to machine learning model
  • Frequent MRP runs throughout the day quickly identify material shortages
  • Demand-driven replenishment
  • Intelligent material exception reporting
  • Stock in transit arrival and delay prediction
  • Demand-driven manufacturing
  • Contract consumption prediction
  • Smart procurement processes
  • Cash discount at risk monitoring
  • Goods and invoice receipt monitoring
  • Early detection of slow-moving stock items
  • Intelligent KPI alerts and analysis
  • Complete inventory transparency and accuracy
  • Intelligently automated receivables matching
  • Payables line items matching
  • Delivery delay prediction
  • Monitor payments and manage payment advice
  • Easily manage and monitor freight agreements
  • Delivery tracking and exception notifications
  • Intelligent exception remediation proposals
  • Real-time ingestion of IoT-based data streams
Intelligent technology outcomesReal-time product availa-bility Improves Customer ConfidanceReal-time inventory & rule-based allocation for optimized fulfillmentFrequent MRP runs identify any shortages to avoid product backlogsIdentify the best supplier & minimize safety stock with just-in-time material availabilitySingle warehousing platform for all operations enabling greater transparency & reduced working capitalIntegrated transportation management platform with intelligent insights to achieve customer delivery promiseTransparent tracking of goods in transit and analysis of vehicle & sensor data to achieve real-time delivery status & delighted customers
SAP S/4HANA customers achieve10% – 15%  
Reduction in revenue loss due to stock-outs
10% – 15%  
Reduction in order lead times
5x – 25x  
increase in material posting
Up to 10%  
Reduction in manufac-turing costs
25% – 30%  
Reduction in inventory levels
10% – 12%  
Reduction in total logistics cost  
> 50%  
lower days sales outstanding
10% – 30%  
increase in on-time delivery  
10% – 20%  
increase in customer satisfaction

Cloud4C best in class SAP Supply Chain  
Management (SCM) solutions

Effectively managing the supply chain and rapidly adapting to new market requirements implies the maintenance of competitive advantage.

Stand out and delight your customers by demand sensing, sales forecasting, and customizing solutions using SAP SCM Module. SAP SCM improves the efficiency, sustainability and enables you to ship your products faster to market.

As part of the SAP Supply Chain Management Solutions, we provide customized solutions for warehouse designing & management, capacity planning, transport planning, etc., and offer recommendations for performance improvement.

SAP Execution

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP Transportation Management
  • SAP Yard Management
  • SAP Event Management

SAP Automation

  • SAP Material Flow System
  • SAP Device integration
  • SAP Programmable Logic Controller Integration

SAP Manufacturing

  • SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP Planning

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP Warehousing & Execution - Key Benefits

Build an agile supply chain by optimizing your warehousing and distribution processes. Identify roadblock, avoid/mitigate risks by using SAP Supply Chain management software.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Reduce Warehouse costs

    Reduce Warehouse Costs  
    Maximise the use of resources, such as equipment, space, time, and people – and realize new savings with SAP Supply Chain Management.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Increase productivity and accuracy

    Increase productivity and accuracy  
    Standardise processes and procedures, reducing error rates, and increasing inventory accuracy.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Boost transparency

    Boost transparency  
    Gain new visibility into stock, processes, labor utilization, and warehouse automation.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Enhance flexibility and scalability

    Enhance flexibility and scalability  
    Make processes more malleable and use automation to handle high-volume transactions seamlessly.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Strengthen compliance

    Strengthen compliance  
    Help ensure multinational regulations are followed in international trade processing and sustainability efforts.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Improve service

    Improve service  
    Reduce order cycle times and offer modern, value-added services to customers.

SAP Automation – Key Benefits

Automate the wearisome manual processes by leveraging SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) services & SAP supply chain management, and redirect employees towards better activities and processes.

SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for SAP & Material Flow Systems
SAP & Material Flow Systems

MFS enables organizations to map and connect to automatic storage landscape systems in the Extended Warehouse Management.

SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for SAP & Programmable Logic Controller
SAP & Programmable Logic Controller

SAP PLC evaluates signals from the connected automatic storage retrieval/conveyor system for a smooth control.

SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for SAP & Device Integration
SAP & Device Integration

Connect Applications, data, and devices in the Cloud or on prem.

SAP Manufacturing – Key Benefits

Improve employee productivity and overall equipment effectiveness with SAP Manufacturing intelligence and visibility.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Gain new enterprise insights from analytics

    Gain new enterprise insights from analytics  
    Optimise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and energy utilization with insights derived from real-time event processing and manufacturing Big Data.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Boost employee productivity

    Boost employee productivity  
    Deliver live information to the shop floor and enterprise simultaneously.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Increase business value

    Increase business value  
    Improve the collaboration between production and logistics teams, and stabilize operations using IIoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

SAP Planning – Key Benefits

SAP Integrated Business Planning Consolidate your supply chain planning in real-time, from S&OP to inventory planning, and multiply the visibility, responsiveness, and resiliency through Cloud4C SAP IBP.

AP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Predict and meet customer expectations

Predict and meet customer expectations

SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Continuously align planning processes

Continuously align planning processes

SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Making smart planning decisions at the moment

Make smart planning decisions at the moment

 SAP Supply Chain Management- Icon for Increase real-time supply chain visibility

Increase real-time supply chain visibility

Cloud4C SAP Supply Chain Management – Benefits & Expertise


Cost Optimization: Reduced Total cost of ownership (TCO)


Project portal for governance & transparency through the transformation


Advanced Automation, Cognitive and Dynamic Automation – Reduced Total cost of ownership (TCO)


Flexible delivery models


Collective intelligence of Subject matter experts from 25 Centers of Excellence(CoEs)


Variable/Flexible pricing

CLOUD4C E2E SAP Digital Supply Chain Service Portfolio

End to End Digital Supply Chain Services Portfolio

SAP Supply Chain Management|SAP SCM Solutions|Cloud4C


  • Business Case
  • Inventory
  • Modelling
  • Network modelling
  • Simulation
  • CoE Setup
  • KPI Setup


  • Network Design
  • Warehouse Design
  • Process Design
  • Material Flow Design
  • Inventory Policy Design
  • Facility Design


  • SAP TM
  • SAP EM
  • SAP Yard Logistics
  • SAP S/4 HANA


  • Load Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Cost Optimization
  • Route Optimization
  • Warehouse Optimization
  • Transportation
  • Optimization
  • Safety Stock
  • Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • Investment Optimization
  • Asset Optimization


  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Planning as a Service

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