SAP and Cloud4C powering the Intelligent retail enterprise

With SAP Retail, enterprises can take care of retail operations like purchasing sales, logistics and merchandiseWith SAP Retail, enterprises can take care of retail operations like purchasing sales, logistics and merchandise

Legacy business systems used by many retailers weren’t built to support the enterprise-wide intelligence and the speed and agility consumers demand today.

Powering Conversations that Convert

Retailers have always sought novel methods to understand their customers better. They achieved this by embracing new practices and innovations that provided more visibility on consumer behaviour. Now, retail companies stand to gain with a powerful solution called SAP Retail, to achieve their targeted level of customer engagement, and envision an unprecedented level of operational efficiency.

Retail operations are ripe for digital transformation through solutions that streamline the movement of goods and products from sourcing all the way to the customer through the SAP Retail solution. The SAP Retail business function set packs the modules required to run a retail chain, from Logistics and Warehousing to Sales & Marketing. SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management has been developed natively on the SAP HANA platform, and is SAP’s primary offering for the retail sector. It combines a variety of technologies to help crunch data and extract insights; this will help in coming up with new and profitable ways of doing business.

Enterprises can enjoy season-responsive efficiency and optimized ordering across the entire lifecycle with SAP Retail

Real-time, high-performance in-memory platforms

The scope of data that can be passed to these databases is not limited to structured data source systems such as ERPs or CRMs, but also human-readable information such as email communications and SMS Texts. Segmentation and data analytics is then performed at lightning speed by means of sophisticated algorithms. Tech Involved: SAP HANA.


Social media analytics

Retailers can tap into public perceptions from terabytes of online social discussions and activity in real time, helping them understand current and consumer views and preferences, as well as emerging trends and more. Tech Involved: SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence


E-commerce applications, integrated CRM and loyalty applications

Bringing in both, transactional data as well as customer interactions (Desktop, Mobile Device, In-store, Social media), to have all the touch points of your customer. Tech Involved: SAP CRM and Hybris.


Mobile technologies

Retailers can exploit mobile devices and geospatial technologies to engage with their customers on a personalized, contextual basis. Tech Involved: SAP mobile platform, Fiori.


Fewer markdowns -

IT solutions for retail players should take into account the differing software requirements between retail and industrial companies. A specific area where this shows is planning and distribution, wherein retail follows an approach dissimilar to industrial companies with their production-oriented objectives. SAP Retail is designed to work with various aspects of Retail operations, from Purchasing and Sales, to Logistics and Merchandise. It enables competitive assortment strategies, variable sales technologies, and corresponding site categories, as well as customer-oriented distribution logistics in retail with consumer products.


Elevated Customer satisfaction by harvesting customer touch points -

Consumers are increasingly looking forward to personalised services and offers. Individual consumers expect their preferred retailers to be cognizant of prior purchases and interactions to have access to better offers and service quality. Merchants, therefore, are in need of solutions that will help them collect digital information of their consumer buying behaviour, products, processes, and teams. Insights derived from these digital footprints can help establishments extend value to their loyal customers and remain competitive in the digital economy.


Let the system know how your team comes together -

Access in the new SAP Retail solution is based on an employee’s role, for example “store manager”. Improved user experience and responsive design for mobile devices help are salient, and help with keeping workforce levels steady while easing onboarding of new employees. This mobile responsive user interface will improve stock check and stock monitoring processes, which is done with a mobile device. The SAP Retail solution has been observed to give 10% reduction in stock-outs, improvement of ~30% in employee productivity, and 5% more revenue per employee is typically attained.


Operating in the Here and Now -

Real time visibility is made possible by means of a universal journal table that also allows for analytic views. Data is kept relevant and up to date, down to the second, which allows for finance teams and controllers to access the same base of data in real time. Personnel can trigger course corrections for particular scenarios such as lulls in business or when the company is at risk of not reaching the targeted profitability. With real-time data made available, increases of up to 20% in inventory turnover have been observed.


Total Digital Revitalisation in Retail -

Response to customer behaviour and expectations have forced rethinking of retail operations and spurred innovation. Thanks to availability of real-time data and analytics capabilities, retailers can now revamp their business models by exploiting data availability and through rigorous application of data analytics. Artificial Intelligence and Automation can further power up effective performance capabilities.

Reimagine Retail with Cloud4C and SAP with Visible Outcomes

Our strong domain background, prior experience in SAP S/4HANA implementations, innovative usage of side-by-side extensions, and partnership with SAP, puts Cloud4C in a unique position to build industry-specific solutions. We work with customers in retail and fashion industry to develop a business case, based on their own individual business model, the nature of their offerings, consumer demographics, competition and internal factors, and enable them to achieve the envisioned business outcomes taking advantage of SAP S4/HANA solutions.

SAP Retail

We satisfy requirements from a range of domains such as fashion manufacturing to in-store 
merchandising as described below:

Retail merchandise management solution based on SAP S/4HANA® Cloud will help rapid business transformation. End-to-end processes such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, supply chain, and core finance for retail, stand to improve with SAP S/4HANA® Cloud. The key areas would be omnichannel pricing and promotions, omnichannel merchandise and assortment planning, demand and supply planning, and store commerce.
Advanced fashion manufacturing functionality as part of the SAP S/4HANA solution for fashion and vertical business will strengthen end-to-end manufacturing planning and execution while also being able to accommodate last-minute changes that are typical of the industry.
Achieving an intelligent store solution through cloud offering, will help enhance customer experience by driving up productivity of store associates, by means of store process automation and advanced store processes.
Fewer markdowns

Fashion and consumer electronics retailers are familiar with seasonality in demand. Therefore, these goods have to be available at the right stores at the right time. With SAP Retail, Cloud4C offers allows for such season-responsive efficiency and optimized ordering across the entire lifecycle of a product.


Fewer Markdowns

Fewer stock-outs

Supply chains are complex, with complexity increasing as one goes further East. There is an added need for agility, given short product life cycles. The SAP Retail solution makes it possible to track procurement journeys and to set up automations for ad-hoc interventions where necessary.


lower overall supply chain planning costs

Lower inventory costs

Data is no longer in siloes, but in a single repository. In addition to removing disparity in sources, this allows for keeping the data up to date. As a result, when stocks are observed to be low, the retailer can place the order with a head start. This further removes major bottlenecks.


greater inventory accuracy



reduced inventory carrying costs

Cloud4C Center of Excellence for 
SAP Retail solutions

Cloud4C offers a complete range of services from the migration to the adoption of SAP Retail solutions. Working with Cloud4C guarantees a reliable collaboration supporting your every step towards implementing streamlining of retail operations and integrating them with your existing teams and systems. This considerable transformation will have a major impact on your business.

Benefit from our experience and proficiency in SAP for Retail with innovative technologies. Our team of experts can assist you in any market and help you establish accurate solutions, identify market practices and apply the best ones, configure new business models allowing you to exploit the Internet of things.

Expert Consulting

Our team of dedicated business consulting professionals ensures that retail clients get the business results they expect from their technology investments and digital transformation initiatives. With SAP Retail solutions, we transform your processes by initiating analysis to optimize processes, restructure design services while adhering to the industry standards and benchmarks with continuous improvement and while leveraging industry best practices. Thus, we provide a strategic direction in establishing the best of procurement processes, aiding in organizational change management, training, and proof of principle.

Seamless implementation

Cloud4C can help you with the seamless implementation of a complete suite of SAP Retail solutions (Strategic Sales, Purchasing, Merchandise Logistics, etc.) covering functional, technical, and ERP integration projects; including all major ERPs, such as SAP, using SAP Business Suite Add-On and SAP PI Adapter. Cloud4C’s global delivery team can support country deployments and rollouts; instance consolidations; integration with solutions such as Salesforce, Taxware, Maximo, Adobe/EchoSign, DocuSign, and SAP Fieldglass®.

Modernization of workloads

Experience the extraordinary potential of SAP Retail solutions through continuous modernization. Cloud4C will deliver SAP Retail solutions implementations as smaller, incremental projects that deliver outcomes and benefits across the set phases. Continuous modernization will help deliver speed, scale, and compliance to get the most value from SAP investments.

Application Management Services (AMS)

Depending on a customer situation, we can offer a need-based support or an end-to-end dedicated support for complete SAP landscape, including non-SAP workloads as well. Our SAP Application Management Services ranges from a simple day to day application support to a full-fledged managed service. No matter what kind of support you are looking for your organization, we provide complete flexibility to choose a right support model for you. Cloud4C is a certified SAP AMS Partner, authorized to deliver defined SAP application support processes supported by a dedicated SAP Centre of Excellence, comprising all kinds of experts from technology and industry.

Why Cloud4C?

End-To-End Solutions For Modernizing Your Core


SAP and Industry Expertise

As a trusted and certified SAP partner, our consultants and experts in SAP as well as various industries at Cloud4C have been helping businesses strategize, migrate to SAP S/4HANA and manage complex workloads.


Trusted advisor to customers

Our focused, industry best practices led programs are delivered on time and according to the original roadmap, which improves customer satisfaction. Our clients rate us high on overall satisfaction, thought leadership, testing methodologies, agile/DevOps capabilities, functional skills and innovation.


A Factory-based approach

Best-in-class processes(24*7 ITSM), tools, accelerators and frameworks built into the solution, qualified and validated by SAP.


SLA-based Ticketing System

With our proprietary tools, we effectively control all the parameters of the project. Many of the day to day operations are automated which helps us reduce manual errors and deliver outcomes within agreed SLAs.



Cloud4C is global partner of SAP. Our strategic partnerships with and dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) aligned with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other strategic partners, help us provide end-to-end solutions for modernizing your core applications.


Complete Managed Services

We provide a fully managed service from infrastructure layer to application layer with end user support, training and business process enhancement giving you complete freedom to focus on your core business.


Industry recognition

Recognized player for migrating and managing complex SAP workloads by leading global analysts such as Gartner.


Cost Optimized

As we have automated most of the internal processes we are able to pass on the cost savings to you in a big way.


Flexible Engagement Models

Our support engagement models are flexible to your needs and can be custom made, which could be a mix of onsite, near-shore and offshore to suit best for your business.

Experience SAP And Its Impact On Business Transformation