"30% of firms will increase spend on cloud & global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021"
- Forrester Predictions 2021

Cloud adoption has become imperative. Organizations world-wide have witnessed the multiple benefits of the cloud technology, and are planning to spend a lion’s share of their IT budget on cloud in 2021. However, there are increasing concerns over spending on the cloud as well.

Around 59% of enterprises and 50% SMBs have recorded higher cloud usage than planned due to COVID-19.
- Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report

Because cloud wastage is such a common problem, a completely cost-optimized cloud deployment, supported by a trusted and experienced partner, is the need of the hour. Cloud4C Cloud experts can now help you fully utilize resources to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest possible cost without compromising on functional requirements & security.

Maximize Returns On Any Cloud, Any
Platform of Any Complexity

Geared towards accelerating time-to-market, enhancing operational efficiencies and simplifying IT management.

Complete workload migration with zero disruption

Complete Workload

We helped the client with a zero disruption workload migration leading to 100% uptime up to
application level.

SAP ERP migration to cloud


Our proven cloud adoption framework made Jaleel Holdings’ SAP ERP migration to cloud possible in just ten weeks.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

A high-availability architecture along with a simple yet detailed disaster recovery strategy was all AbhiBus needed to provide seamless service.

Cloud Cost Optimization: Key Questions Answered

Questions you need to ask before embarking on your cloud transformation journey,
Make the rubber hit the road with Cloud4C

  • Can you analyze spends by BU, account, service, etc.?


    Identify what has changed and why within your IT landscape.

  • Is an instance utilization metrics in place to analyze workload utilization?


    Make sure your IT is right-sized and never over-utilized for responding to instances.

  • Can you measure peak vs off-peak costs and usage?


    Get visibility over IT resource allocation to be turned-off when not needed.

  • Are RIs and Spot being used effectively by your IT?


    Monitor infrastructure coverage, utilization, and spot usage.

Transform Cloud Spend into
Strategic Value

Our comprehensive whitepaper covers cloud cost optimization strategies and steps to implement key cloud optimization pillars by ensuring your cloud environment is always spot-on with its IT resource utilization.

Cloud Cost Optimization Whitepaper: Transforming cloud spends into strategic value

There’s no one size fits all

Meeting your current and future business needs depends on situations that are unique to your organization.

At Cloud4C, we understand what it takes to align a cost optimized solution that bodes with your business initiatives, application architecture, time and available skills.


Ensure optimum utilization of
IT infrastructure


Enable next-generation application


Empower IT teams with informed


Effortlessly support workloads remotely
and improve performance

A Partner You Can Trust to Take the
Stress Out of Any Transformation

Cloud Cost Optimization partner empowering IT leaders with cost optimized solutions

Discover how Cloud4C is empowering IT leaders

  • Helping them deploy cost-optimized infrastructure for complex environments.
  • With unflinching support and experience in managing 40,000 VMs and their data workloads for 3,500+ enterprises across the world.
  • By bringing a unique approach to tackle every application modernization challenges with customizable solutions.

Cloud Cost Optimization Vs. Cost Reduction

Win in the age of the unforeseen, unprecedented and uncertain with clear ROI.

The challenging question

Is your cloud transformation built to weather the unpredictable future?

What can cloud optimization achieve that cost reduction cannot?

The Solution

  • The need of the hour is to drive with cost optimization over cost reduction.
  • The cloud must be secured enough to weather any future uncertainty with confidence.
  • Unlock continuous value with end-to-end visibility, IT automation and more in addition to pay-as-you-use benefits.
  • Guarantees relevance in the near and away future for infrastructure, application landscape or architectural changes.

Focus to win in the new normal With proven cloud cost optimization strategies from Cloud4C.

What You Can Expect from Cloud4C?

Constant cost optimization on your cloud journey.

Cloud4C gives you the strategy and roadmap to define, plan and implement logical steps on your cloud journey. We do so by examining the current and future states of your business needs and IT infrastructure.


Assess the ground realities to implement ever-lasting value with a proven framework to design your cost optimized journey.


Deliver transformation with a fail-safe framework to evaluate cloud infrastructure even as business needs and workloads evolve.


BPower ahead with a comprehensive set of best practices to architect your next-gen systems and capabilities on the cloud.

Having No Plan Is a Plan to Fail

You need a plan of action perfected with clarity to deliver cloud optimization that cuts across from the core to the edge of the cloud. With Cloud4C, you will never run blindfolded as we bring you the precise roadmap laid out using the best cloud cost optimization tools and strategies.


Assesses all operational and integration risks


Identifies security and regulatory, compliance and policy implications


Analyzes benefits, risks, and costs of cloud computing alternatives


Calculates macro ROI and IT financials

Match Dynamically Shifting Workloads
with Optimized IT Infrastructure

Eager to discover how much TCO reduction you can achieve with the Cloud4C experts?

A few minutes is all it takes to get a cost-optimized roadmap to your cloud transformation. So, start planning your fail-safe cloud cost management strategy with us.

A cost optimized IT infrastructure for your cloud transformations

Proven Competence in Driving Cloud Cost
Optimization from End-to-end

A highly automated “migration factory” approach with the right talent and tried and tested cloud cost optimizations tools - This is how you eliminate delays and deliver quality results, on time, every time.


Effortlessly manage dynamic

Our experts begin with workload identification for customized planning to ensure transformation doesn’t cause any disruption to operations.


Pre-built, tried and
tested models

Cost-effective, industrialized, and fully packaged cloud models that are already tried and tested by Cloud4C speed up transformation.


Optimize complex and large

Streamlined homogeneous as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms.

Faster Deployments = Optimized Costs

Meet your partner of choice to protect and provision at a faster pace.


No more wasting time on cybersecurity deployments

Industry’s best security and compliance knowledge in various geographies and across industries such as Banking, Insurance, Military, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Aviation and Retail.


Lower dependency on IT resources for manual tasks

Delivering end-to-end automation through hyper automation and help enterprises enhance productivity, enhance accuracy, achieve compliance and achieve ROI.


Visibility spanning the entire organization

Real-time monitoring, event analysis of day-to-day activity with visibility over Perimeter, Networks, Hosts, Applications and most importantly Data.

Plan ahead, deploy faster and achieve optimized cloud costs with Cloud4C Cloud Cost Optimization framework

Cloud Cost Optimization Insights you Don’t Want to Miss

Cost reduction or cost optimization: what should be the focus in 2021

Cost Reduction or Optimization - What will be the focus post-COVID19?

Organizations have already started tightening their wallets to be able to weather the uncertainties. But will there be an absolute stop on spending?

Stop overspending on cloud and right size your cloud expenditure to maximize ROI

Cloud Vs Costs: Master the Balancing Act

As the world is slowly finding its way back to normalcy, organizations are proactively looking
for ways to stop overspending on cloud and bringing down the costs.

Top five tips on optimizing and managing cloud costs

5 Proven Cloud Cost Management Tips

An effective cost management starts with an in-depth analysis of the cloud strategy in advance followed by leveraging right tools to discover or prevent
discrepancies across the system.



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