What is AIOps?

As more businesses embrace hybrid cloud environments and adopt leading-edge technologies, IT Operations become complex and data voluminous. IT infrastructure and operations must keep up with this pace to accelerate digital transformation and avoid costly service disruptions. In addition, organizations must innovate and find ways to free up skilled personnel for strategic projects rather than focusing on mundane tasks.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations or AIOps, in short, is a practice that combines big data, analytics and machine learning capabilities to automate IT operations. The ultimate goal of AIOps is to help IT operations teams predict, find, and fix issues faster, gain actionable insights, increase response time, and make informed decisions to improve business outcomes.

98% of organizations agreed that a single hour of downtime costs more than $100K

52% of teleorganizations have invested in and deployed chatbots

Manufacturing industry is expected to see the largest financial impact from AI adoption by 2035

"AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes,
including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination."

~ Gartner

At its core, AIOps helps to collect, ingests, and analyzes data from multiple IT op tools to perform the following tasks:

Key Capabilities of AIOps

icon for transform in aiops services


traditional analytics capabilities

icon for spot and react in aiops services

Spot and react

to issues in real-time automatically

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potential issues beforehand proactively

Why do you need AIOps?

Control over complexity

As embracing hybrid and multi-cloud has become an executive mandate, managing IT operations and leveraging operational data for actionable conclusions becomes a challenging job day after day. While complexity grows exponentially, continuous service assurance, especially in large enterprises that generate millions of operational events daily, becomes a task beyond human capability.

AIOps is the digital evolution for IT Operations teams at enterprises to reduce manual efforts, streamline operations, identify and remediate incidents affecting the performance of vital functions, reduce MTTR (mean time to recover), and contribute to more strategic innovation in the business.

Cloud4C AIOps platform utilizes big data, machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies to, directly and indirectly, enhance IT operations (monitoring, automation and service desk) functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insights.

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icon for monitoring in aiops services
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Business Value

Continuous Insights

Continuous Insights

Continuous Insights


Services Desk



Machine Learning


Big Data

How does artificial intelligence enhance IT operations?

To understand how AIOps works, we first need to look at the roles each of the core technologies of AIOps plays in the process. First, AIOps leverages big data platforms to gather siloed IT op data of various types (historical performance and event, system log and metrics, network data, packet data, real-time streaming data, ticketing data, etc.) in one central database.

Next, it applies advanced analytics tools and machine learning algorithms to scrutinize IT operations data and distinguish abnormal events from 'noise' followed by zeroing on the root causes of abnormal events using specific algorithms and suggesting remedies. It also automates routing alerts to relevant IT teams or triggers automatic responses to solve potential problems in real time without human intervention.

Powered by machine learning, continuous learning is a key feature of this technology-driven process as the AIOps platforms constantly upgrade themselves to identify and alert abnormal events faster, offer more effective remedies, and better adapt to changes, e.g. any recent systems reconfiguration or infrastructure provisioning performed by DevOps resources.

Key use cases of artificial intelligence in operations management at a glance 
Gartner identifies five key use cases or applications of AIOps, which are

Big data 
Event correlation 
and analysis
IT service 
machine learning in aiops solutions
  • Monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • Automation
  • AIOPs
  • Machine Learning 
    & Big Data




Domain Algorithms

Rules and Patterns

Real Time Processing

Predictive Analytics






Data Sources

Benefits of AIOps-driven service management

Cloud4C AIOps platform-driven managed services apply AI, machine learning and neural network techniques to monitor data from applications, cloud services, networks and infrastructure. It offers support in proactive, early detection of changing conditions in the environment so that IT operations management and DevOps teams can detect and resolve situations before those impact customers, partners, or employees.

inforgraphic for aiops in aiops services

inforgraphic for aiops in aiops services


  • Applications
    SAP Basis, Oracle e-Biz, Banking and 
    FSI, Microsoft Sharepoint, Dynamics
  • Security
    Tools: Azure Native + 3rd Party (SIEM, PIM, 
    DAM, HBSS, VA, PT, Encryptions) Falcon, 
    SecCon, AppArmor, Anchore engine
  • Backup & Replication
    Azure - Backup, Commvault Replication - ASR, 
    Cloudendure, Veeam, Native DB replication
  • Compliances
    FedRamp, MSA, RAP
  • CloudOps
    Azure Cloud Platform Management, IaaS as Code, 
    Performance Optimization, Automation & Monitoring 
    and Service Management & Governance
  • SysOps
    Virtual Instances - OS (Windows, Linux) Containers - 
    Dockers & Kubernetes on VM, Azure Kubernetes Services 
    and Azure Native Services, Big Data Platform Storage
  • Database Management
    Azure PaaS (MS SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, 
    PostgreSQL), DB on VM (MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, 
    PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, SAP ASE, MaxDB
  • Network
    Azure Cloud Native - Firewall, Load Balancer, VPN 
    Gateway, Express Route, OEM Appliances - Fortinet, 
    Cisco, F5, A10, Barracudda
  • DevOps / Automation
    Terraform, CHEF, Ansible, 
    Puppet, SAP LaMa

Cloud4C offers a critical layer of intelligence and integration between performance monitoring and IT Service Management (ITSM) systems to reduce unnecessary operational actions. AIOps also facilitates a collaborative workspace to resolve situations and capture the remediation knowledge for the probable root cause of similar situations. In short, Cloud4C AIOps provides rapid mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) incidents.

Cloud4C AIOps brings IT Ops and DevOps teams a deeper understanding and control of critical IT architecture, services and business applications. Operators get a rich set of tools for proactive notification and recommended probable root cause to avoid business service interruptions.

What are the key benefits of 
implementing AIOps with Cloud4C?

icon for efficiency in aiops services

More efficient IT

Reduced event noise and alerts, helping operators focus on crucial matters.

icon for agility in aiops services

Better agility

More proactive operations teams and faster issue resolution even before end users can identify and raise a ticket.

icon for visibility in aiops services

Complete visibility

Offers full visibility and easy management of every operation from a single interface.

icon for root cause analysis in aiops services

Root cause analysis

Identifies possible root causes of every issue and helps teams quickly fix it by providing real-time guidance.

icon for instant collaboration in aiops services

Instant collaboration

Routes intelligent alerts to the relevant teams and profiles, helping teams to collaborate and correct issues faster.

What are the business benefits  
of Cloud4C AIOps?

icon for lower complexity in aiops services

Lower complexity and cost

Reduces alerts by up to 99% and cuts incident ticket volume by up to 60%

icon for continuous assurance in aiops services

Continuous assurance

Handles millions of events per day to automate analytics and provide accurate remediation insights that keep critical business services at peak levels

icon for improved security in aiops services

Improved Service-quality

Significant decrease in Mean Time To detection (MTTD), Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA), and Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) for enhanced customer experience and more productivity

icon for delivery in aiops services

Continuous software delivery

Automates workflows with out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs to incident management, runbook automation and continuous software-delivery systems for improved responsiveness and scale

Gain a Competitive Edge with Cloud4C AIOps

Having managed 40,000 VMs for over 3,500+ enterprises worldwide for the past decade, Cloud4C developed their AIOps Center of Excellence (CoE), enabling the following for enterprises.

By 99%
event noise reduction

By 60%
reduction in root cause
identification time (MTTD)


By 60% incidents
reduction through
predictive analytics and

By 75% reduction in
MTTR through auto
event remediation

How do we approach AIOps?

icon for systems in aiops solutions
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Visualisation
  • Correlation
  • Auto Discovery
  • Data Sources
  • Memory Size
  • DB size
  • Infra Logos
  • Application Logs
  • Network Data
  • Systems 
  • Artificial Intelligence AIOps
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts
  • Actions
  • Training Labels

How do you enhance cybersecurity and stay compliant with Cloud4C AIOps Services?

Data sovereignty compliance is a mandate for many companies and government organizations considering a move to the cloud. Cloud4C, with the help of AIOps capability, is committed to meeting the demands of customers facing stricter laws concerning data processing and storage.

 icon automated data in aiops services


icon for algorithms in aiops

Regional / Module- 
Based alogorithums 
to Ensure better data 

icon for data monitor and prevention in aiops

Continuous data 
monitor and auto 

 icon for preventive analytics and escalation in aiops

Analytics and 
Auto escalation 

icon for machine learning in aiops

Machine learning 
and auto Correction 
Mechanism to 
Prevent data Theft

Why choose Cloud4C as your AIOps and
Managed IT Services Partner?

24/7 End-to-End intelligent managed services powered by AI

Single SLA for application and database layers

25 dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for multi-cloud platforms and applications

ISO-certified ITIL/COBIT driven process approach

26+ Security tools with 40+ security controls for seamless productivity

Country and Industry-specific compliance across the world

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