Cloud Bills: A Billion-dollar Puzzle

Transitioning to the cloud, be it private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud, without a planned strategy often exposes enterprises to higher spending. To realize greater benefits and avoid vexatious budget surprises, CFOs and CDOs must view clouds from the perspective of cost vs long-term value.

While choosing a suitable pricing model or gaining cost transparency are some of the standard cloud cost management measures, having robust financial governance is the need of the hour to connect the cost of cloud workloads to business value, higher ROI, and zero impact performance. This gap is driving the rise of a new service model—FinOps as a Service.

One in two business leaders cite difficulties in measuring cloud value as a barrier to achieving ROI.

Rightsizing workloads can save up to 70% of cloud costs.

By 2026, augmented financial operations (FinOps) is expected to improve cloud cost optimization and reduce efforts that go into budget planning by up to 40%.

Can FinOps as a Service Solve the Puzzle?

FinOps connects the cost of workloads to its business value. It positions you to manage cost overruns caused by suboptimal workloads or misaligned pricing models.

~ Gartner

Financial Operations or FinOps as a Service is designed to simplify the complex process of cloud financial management by bringing together people, processes and technology. It helps businesses mitigate the financial risk of managing cloud finance by providing knowledge, tools, and strategies.

The Real Benefits of FinOps as a Service

Icon for financial risk management

Minimizes financial risk

Icon for Innovation Diversity

Leverages diverse innovation

Icon for Faster Impact

Offers faster impact

Icon for FinOps experience

Provides access to rich experience

Icon for Optimization

Helps optimize the entire ecosystem

Icon for Predictable Cloud Bills

Makes cloud bills predictable

Icon for Financial Accountability

Creates financial accountability

Icon for Cost Visibility

Ensures higher cost visibility

Icon for Cloud Sprawl

Prevents cloud sprawl

Icon for organization reliability

Enables trust across organization

Icon for Agility

Accelerates agility

Icon for Cloud Managed Process

Refines cloud management process

What’s Better: Traditional Cost Management Approach Vs Cloud FinOps


Traditional Approach

Cloud FinOps

Visibility & Accessibility



Real-time Decision Making

Low accuracy

High accuracy

Cross-team Collaboration



Cost Management Process

Short-term reporting

Long-term planning

Cloud4C FinOps as a Service

Cloud4C FinOps as a Service frees organizations from the burden of building and implementing complex cost management roadmaps, training teams, or hiring in-house cloud cost experts by offering the right governance and support to bring financial accountability, efficient cost optimization, greater cost visibility and resiliency across the organization. Designed to provide a holistic framework and a proven roadmap, the FinOps as a Service enables organizations to leverage Cloud4C’s existing capabilities to understand and manage cloud costs and plan tradeoffs.

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Achieve Greater Financial Governance

Every business is unique, and so is the cloud financial objective. Cloud4C cloud financial consulting experts run a thorough assessment of your workloads, usage and billings to realize your exact FinOps needs. Following the initial assessment, fail-proof performance tracking and benchmarking plans are drafted to support real-time decision-making. To achieve long-term financial governance, our experts also help clients in planning and implementing cloud rate optimization and usage optimization, as well as establishing a cost-conscious culture.

Icon for Cloud Costs

Cloud Usage And Cost Understanding

Icon for Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking And Benchmarking

Icon for Real-time Decision Making

Real-Time Decision-Making

Icon for Cloud Rate Optimization

Cloud Rate Optimization

Icon for Cloud Usage Optimization

Cloud Usage Optimization

Icon for Organizational Alignment

Organizational Alignment

Get Tailored Cloud Financial Management Solutions for Your Exact Business Needs

What’s in the offering?

Multi-cloud Cost Visibility
Cost Reports
Cost Optimization
Cost Saving Recommendations
Forecasts & Budget Tracking
Tagging Compliance
Proactive Cost Control
Resource Visibility and insights
Utilization Monitoring
FinOps Maturity Assessment
Security Parameter Assessment
Show-back, Charge-back capabilities
Security compliance control recommendation

Tools & Platforms

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Cloud4C FinOps
Lifecycle and Services

Phase 1


  • Visibility into IT spend
  • Granular cost allocation
  • Cost governance configuration


  • Spend analysis
  • Budget forecasts
  • Team benchmarking

Phase 2


  • Define and establish controls for cloud usage
  • Visibility into budget and forecast


  • Cost analysis and reporting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Rightsizing recommendations

Phase 3


  • Find and remove unused resources
  • Security posture guidance
  • Industry peer-level benchmarking


  • Integration with ITSM tool
  • Real-time decision-making

FinOps Process Flow

Cloud4C FinOps Process Flow
Icon for Cloud4C Center of Excellence Team
Icon for Cloud4C FinOps Expert
Icon for Cloud4C Security Expert
 Icon for Cloud4C FinOps Dashboard
Icon for Cloud4C FinOps Report
Icon for Customer Executive Team
Icon for Application Owners
  • Cost Billing API
  • Cost Billing API
  • Cost Billing API
  • Cloud4C SHOP
    FinOps Module
  • Filter by
  • Cloud Platform
    Configuration Review
  • Security Assessments
  • Cloud4C
    COE Team
  • Data Prediction
  • Cloud4C FinOps
  • Cloud4C
    Security Expert
  • Cloud4C FinOps
  • Cloud4C
    FinOps Report
  • Customer
    C-Level Team
  • Application

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When FinOps Meets Security Monitoring

Our Promise to End Misconfigurations and Breaches

Workload misconfiguration, frauds and breaches are major contributors to unpleasant cloud bills. That’s why it’s essential to make cloud security the base of your FinOps strategy. We combine FinOps with our Security Monitoring services to create a shared business-driven strategy for your finance and engineering teams in order to reduce risks while optimizing costs. Our seasoned experts are here to help you reimagine cloud security measures from the ground up, integrating them with our financial analysis model and your ITSM tools to provide granular visibility into cost and compliance scenarios.

Benefits of Cloud4C FinOps + SecMon Service​

FinOps Module of our SHOP (Self Healing Operations Platform) based resource utilization monitoring for:
  • Action-oriented multi-cloud / multi-dimensional reports through the FinOps tool
  • Visibility into compliance and security controls to take proactive steps to avoid any financial & brand impact
  • Granular visibility and insights into resources utilization and cost
  • Integration with customer ITSM tools

Better financial prediction and bringing the accuracy of forecasts to avoid cost leakages & budget overruns

Tool + experience consultant to drive data-driven business decision

Proposed Operating Model

Cloud4C FinOps Operating Model
  • Frontend Team
    (Customer Facing)
  • Technical
    Architect /
    Architect / CSM
  • Change Request /
    Service Request
  • Access to Cloud
  • Support
  • Customer Ops Center
  • Executives
  • Business /
  • Finance
  • Cloud Ops /
  • Provide
  • Public Cloud
    Deployments of
  • Monitoring
  • Update in customer
    ticketing system
  • FinOps Consult
    [Public Cloud -
    Enterprise Architect]
  • Security Architect
    for SecOps
    Review and
  • Cloud4C SHOP
    (FinOps and SecOps
    Monitoring and
  • PM
  • Quality
  • Backend Team [CoE - Specialist]
  • Azure CoE
  • AWS CoE
  • OCI CoE
  • GCP CoE
  • Security - CoE
  • OS - CoE
  • DB - CoE
  • Network - CoE
  • Engineering Team
    Lift & Shift, Apps Conversion, DB Conversion,
    Data Conversion
  • DevOps
  • Scalable Resource Pool - engagement on need basis [24 x 7 support]

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Effective Cost Management: Success Stories

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A cloud-focused digital solutions leader truncated overall TCO with our DevOps automation backed by AWS, boosting its innovative service agility.

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The story of our life sciences client slashing down its overall cloud expenses by 50% through a strategic and fail-proof migration to a custom AWS platform.

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