5 Ways the Right SAP AMS Partner Can Drive Your Business Productivity

Today, many tech companies are investing millions to develop more complex enterprise solutions, but without tapping into the real value of those solutions. The prevalent misconception of creating of a system as the end goal often misleads these companies into overlooking the need for building the right support mechanisms.

Developing a solution can never be an end goal because once the solution is launched and the primary benefit is achieved, it would require maintenance, for years to come. Therefore, a lack of support and management can have a long-lasting impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO), agility, and most importantly, end-user experience. Eventually, this situation will lead to a rise in support and maintenance costs. Businesses will also need a team of skilled experts, the right tools, and robust governance models to sustain the support and enable seamless work across the business environment.

The right SAP Application Management Services (AMS) partner can provide businesses with a flexible framework to align AMS with their IT objectives by offering access to required resources and skill sets and guidance to solve key AMS goals and achieve operational excellence while freeing internal resources for focusing on innovations that matter.

They say a key to profitability is productivity. In 2021, every business, irrespective of its nature and scale, is looking for ways to increase its productivity and stay afloat in a highly disrupted market. From knowledge transfer to adding value to processes and systems, a high-level collaboration with the right AMS partner can help a business unlock productivity and innovation across an organisation. Wondering how? Here are five ways a capable SAP AMS partner can help an organization be more productive -

1. Automating redundant processes

By leveraging automation, your SAP AMS partner can help automate repetitive redundant processes. Automation allows AMS partners to create, manage, schedule, and monitor intelligent bots that can support scalable business operations eliminating human errors and making room for continuous improvement. These highly adaptable bots are capable of consolidating operations tasks across the organization resulting in speed, efficiency, and improved customer experience.

2. Becoming an extension of the existing internal team

The era of digitization sees business application vendors offering top-notch solutions and support - often with unseen consequences. Any change in business processes closely connected to people and operations demands a change in the associated applications as well. Hence, an unplanned change in today’s highly complex business environments, without the right support, can cause devastating results. To avoid such disruptions, organizations deploy energy and resources, meant to create business value, to manage business-critical applications.

A mature SAP AMS partner understands the challenges of change management and helps organizations find the right balance between embracing new changes and ensuring a smooth running of day-to-day operations. By acting as an extension of the existing internal team, they cover the entire range of the IT needs while letting internal resources focus on staying productive.

3. Improving customer service

Maintaining customer loyalty and trust has become a crucial differentiator for businesses. during these uncertain times. And no prize for guessing that quality support plays a key role in earning that precious loyalty and improving sales. That’s possible when your customer support team has efficient working tools in their arsenal to provide the required support on time, respond to the endless list of queries in a precise way, and have the right insights into the customers your business is serving.

Highly efficient SAP Application Management Services empower customer care teams with valuable insights about customer needs and queries, therefore, enabling them to interact with clients better and enhance the overall experience.

4. Ensuring mobility and ease of access

Mobile technology has brought seismic changes in the way businesses communicate and execute transactions with consumers. Today’s fast-paced market requires businesses to act swiftly in real-time which translates to a need for embracing mobility and accessibility. A seasoned SAP AMS partner can help you transform your business with innovative and flexible mobile applications and solutions to securely liberate your enterprise data, accelerate business processes as well as decision making, and better meet the changing needs.

These mobility solutions not only help businesses maximize revenues but also gain efficiency and increase productivity by providing role-based applications for specific industries and lines of business.

5. Providing concentrated knowledge and strategic overview

SAP application  management services come with a higher level of specialization as AMS specifically focuses on different key SAP applications such as SAP ERP. This concentrated knowledge coming from a bench of SAP experts would benefit businesses in multi-folds and enhance the productivity of in-house teams by offering shared information and the best guidance.

Because of these reasons, SAP AMS partnerships are considered to be long-term relationships that go beyond SLAs and become an extension, a knowledge partner who understands business-specific IT needs. Cloud4C’s Switch2Cloud is a seamless migration and management services portfolio that helps you fast-track your move to SAP S/4HANA, by helping you accelerate execution, increase business agility, and improve productivity without business disruption. Cloud4C Switch2Cloud comprises SAP Managed Services, S/4 Transformation services and SAP AMS, all bundled together to provide a seamless experience to our customers.


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