5 ways SAP Consulting Services Partner can help you in your SAP roadmap

Be it SAP Hosting, SAP S/4HANA implementations/conversions & run, building a strategic roadmap is like a foundation stone for a successful implementation or migration. It helps you gain a vision, serves as a guide during the SAP journey, and is essential to avoid downtime, failure, and additional costs of SAP implementation or migration. However, to build a perfect roadmap and execute it, you need to assess the existing infrastructure, understand the business needs, and have the required technical expertise. This might seem like an overwhelming task due to the vast SAP landscape and tons of tools/products available. That's precisely where SAP consulting services comes into the picture.

An SAP Consulting Service Partner can help make this overwhelming task feel like merely jotting down the destination addresses in a GPS to navigate there easily. Hence if you need to make your SAP journey seamless, it is essential to connect with a certified SAP consulting partner.

Here we have listed 5 out of the many, but most important advantages of SAP consulting services:

1) A Profound Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Every business needs are unique, and no two organizations can have a standard SAP roadmap. SAP Consulting Service Partners and their expert teams understand this. The service partners have experience across many verticals. They do their industry-specific market research to find out the current and changing trends. With the information gathered from their research, they build a roadmap that can help you excel in whatever industry you serve.

Apart from the expertise in different industries, SAP Consulting Partners also have experience across multiple cloud platforms. Businesses today are shifting towards digitalization. Implementing a new or migrating an existing SAP application to the cloud is way different than its on-premises counterpart. But with their profound domain knowledge and experience in the SAP landscape & cloud infra, consulting partners can take on all the burden of roadmap planning, allowing you to focus on your business vision.

2) Recommends Best-Suited Implementation Strategies

It is essential to peek into your existing closet before planning your SAP roadmap. Scanning your systems, applications, and business operations involves evaluating your existing infrastructure and then assessing it. The assessment helps you determine critical processes that need to be transformed first and which can be eliminated. Certified SAP partners help you with scanning your business solutions as a part of architectural consulting.

After evaluating and assessing your business systems, consulting partners can recommend the best roadmap for SAP solutions. But that’s not where they leave you. Besides the roadmap, they will also help with the SAP implementation services. Once the roadmap is determined, they will begin exploring and recommending the best strategies to work on the roadmap and deploy your SAP workloads on-premises or on the cloud.

3) Access To Proven Frameworks And Strategies

SAP Partners have pre-existing frameworks that have been proven successful. For instance, migrating SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. With existing transformation strategies like the S/4HANA conversion factory, consulting partners can help overcome this challenge.

It is not that the consultants will merely recommend an existing, proven methodology. They will begin with assessing the existing solutions. Next, they will go through each process step by step to identify if any changes are required to optimize the framework according to your requirements. If any changes are needed, they will also plan how to go ahead with them.

4) Reliable Consultancy Throughout Your SAP Journey

As mentioned, SAP is a vast landscape. You will find tens and hundreds of tools at your disposal. All these tools are useful in some way or the other. You need to pick the best tool that serves your purpose to create an SAP roadmap. But having the apt knowledge about all the tools for a business is not possible. On the other hand, a certified partner has complete info about SAP.

Along with the knowledge of the SAP landscape, consulting partners also have the expertise in selecting the best tool to cater to your unique business needs. Besides, they are also well-versed with the working knowledge of SAP technology. All of this expert knowledge comes together to define the best roadmap for your SAP journey.

5) Helps You With End-To-End Managed Services

Developing the right roadmap and implementation strategy is just half the work done. The other half is to walk on that roadmap and deploy your SAP solution. Most certified SAP Consulting Service Partners offer end-to-end managed services to help you with deployment. As SAP Managed Service Partners, they will help you with deploying the solution on any chosen platform. Once the implementation is complete, they will run frequent audits and quality checks to find any potential vulnerability in the solution. If any vulnerability is found, they will overcome it and make your SAP solutions more reliable.

Apart from implementing SAP solutions and running audits on them, SAP partners can also secure and automate the solutions. Numerous benefits make it evident that you would want to automate tedious activities. With the help of SAP Intelligent Automation Services, you can quickly embark on the automation journey with consulting partners’ assistance.

Find your perfect partner

As you can see from the reasons mentioned above, an SAP Consulting Partner can help you with end-to-end solutions. Cloud4C is one such certified SAP Consulting Partner. With 550+ SAP success stories and 6000+ SIDs across multiple verticals, we ensure delivering SAP solutions using the best technology and tools to cater to your business needs. Our team of IT consultants comprising experts across many industries can help you build a robust IT strategy and dynamic architecture so that you can embark on your SAP journey seamlessly.