Why You Need Experts for Your SAP Application Management Services

For a long time now, managing SAP applications has been the key responsibility of internal departments. However, with digitalization at scale, the complexity and speed of change is overwhelming for most in-house teams. They need to also tackle business strategy and drive transformation, while keeping costs under control. This is a taxing endeavour, especially for the adoption of modern technologies such as Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, et al. Application Management Services (AMS) aid organizations in their IT transformation and digitalization journey, and could well be the only, as well as the smartest viable option. With AMS you bring in best practices and procedures to maintain, enhance and manage your SAP environments. Now you have expert care for the entire application lifecycle- development, implementation, integration, testing, continuous improvements (functional and technical), and help desk services. Enhanced efficiencies and improved productivity are a given when you move to AMS, but then, picking up the right AMS can pose a challenge.

Rise of Digital AMS

Your choice of AMS drives the applications performance and availability. Traditional, resource heavy services models have outrun their utility.  Digitally powered, intelligent and automated applications management approach provides you the agility and flexibility required to maintain large workloads, with consistent quality. As AMS goes digital, enterprises can multiply the services without impacting the cost or quality. The businesses now enjoy continuous enhancement of functionality and improvement in quality without any increase in cost. They need not worry about resource planning to ensure quick response to incidents and faster fulfillment of user requests. The end result is a highly efficient operation, with applications digitally enabled to perform at peak.

Under-the-Hood Peak at Digital AMS

Delivering fully functional SAP applications, at all times, is at the core of AMS. Keeping the applications performing at peak always, requires a whole lot of orchestration and minute monitoring. Manual processes only add to cycle time and make quality consistency a moving goal. Digitally powered AMS are placed at the confluence of  technologies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enhance processes with intelligent automation, making them lean and intuitive. Scheduled maintenance, updates and triggered patches are no more manually administered. The automated processes keep the applications up to date with the latest releases and ensure standard maintenance procedures do not impact end user experience or business as usual.

Advantages of AMS

Gaining control of your SAP landscape is imperative for business success. Your vast and often heterogeneous landscapes often come in the way of your digital transformation goals. You are caught in a fix when faced with the challenge to meet business requirements with your applications demanding too much attention. With AMS in place, your IT teams focus on strategic projects, giving your businesses the technology boost they need. Here are some key benefits of having an advanced, automated and agile AMS for your SAP environments:

Enhanced Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial for business. The more flexible and adaptable that businesses are, the more successful they are becoming. In these evolving times, it is not smart for businesses to invest in new solutions only when the need to scale arrives. Having in place a SAP provider will reduce the burden of suddenly having to implement large projects.

Improved Financial Management

With SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS), the financial management of a business is greatly simplified. The main functions can be automated for efficiency and control. This helps organizations to tackle everything with the help of real-time data, which further provides more organized functions, faster closure and fewer errors.

Differentiated  Customer Service

In this digital era, customer service has gained a lot of prominence. With the SAP Application Management services (SAP AMS), businesses will be able to attend to customers in a better manner and provide them with satisfying solutions. It also offers valuable insights about the customer demands and queries, which further helps in improving customer outreach strategies.

Powered-up Productivity

Productivity is most important for any business. SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS)will automate all the redundant processes for business, which will free up the workforce to tend to more critical tasks. This way, businesses can save time and increase productivity while lowering costs.

SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) Need Expert Partners

Businesses looking for highly efficient, robust, sustainable, stable and cost-effective operations of their SAP solutions and SAP environments musttie up with SAP certified partners to enjoy maximum benefits. Most of the partners will deliver to the standard brief - 24X7 Production support, maintenance of daily operations, applications and database services etc. However, when it comes to functional and technical consulting of various SAP modules you need a mature partner who brings not just a holistic services bouquet but technology prowess to turbocharge your applications landscape.

Cloud4C, as a certified SAP partner delivers beyond the promise of regular maintenance and upkeep, to give an infrastructure ready to meet future challenges, today. With us you gain the following differentiated advantages:

SAP and Non-SAP Solutions, DevOps Applied Everywhere

Automation, as one of the driving factors of DevOps, provides process improvements for modernized application delivery. With DevOps, we automate the key processes such as integration, delivery, testing, and deployment. The automated processes optimize time and cost with quick apprehension and resolution of issues across application lifecycle. Through DevOps, we bring together speed, innovation and stability for efficient, predictable and consistent operations.We baseline quality standards for both SAP and non-SAP workloads to give you a consistent experience and high performing environment.

Managed Testing, Security and Data Services

With our managed testing, security and data services, you enhance your  IT operations and infrastructure with assured business continuity. You now  protect SAP on-premises, cloud and hybrid applications, and adapt the enterprise data architecture and models to support new technologies. You bring down the total cost of ownership (TCO) with a business aligned technology roadmap leading to uninterrupted growth. Real-time security updates for your SAP applications and infrastructure  address and reduce the threat levels for a fully secure and high performing landscape.

Reduced Fulfilment Time & Enhanced Efficiency

In step with the  digitalized world, we provide more agile, faster, and higher quality of SAP Application Management Services(SAP AMS). We invest in new technologies to foster adaptive planning, quick delivery, and continual enhancements.  Process innovation, enhancement, and business continuity are assured with our robust frameworks.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality improvement comes with the added benefit of optimizing deliverables to meet the expectations of authorities. This minimizes time wastage, helping you stay focused on core business tasks.


SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) is no more confined to a standard, people heavy and static delivery model. You need partners who bring in automation to ensure data security, business continuity, and seamless transformations. For a business to transform its IT infrastructure at scale, several SAP platforms must be managed flawlessly. And, you cannot trust just about anybody with your core business applications. There is too much at stake. Remember, the choice of your SAP AMS partner impacts your business operations. Think wisely.

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