Unveil enterprise-ready innovations in Azure for your SAP applications

Many organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey of their legacy systems by adopting the Cloud. This strategic shift in business focus has effectively helped leaders cope with operational challenges brought by the ongoing crisis.

Enterprises that are proactive in these times of uncertainty will be the winners. This dynamic action includes migrating business-critical workloads runningon premise, including SAP, to Azure. The unravelling power of cloud, real-time business insights, breach-proof security and compliance are assured to facilitate enterprise-ready innovation when delivered by a trusted partner like Cloud4C.

Move on from the on-premise SAP challenges

The present challenges have forced organizations to move to remote working mode, almost overnight. Business continuity became the bedrock of sustainable operations. Enterprises had to deal with many defiance in order gain progress in business.These ineluctable challenges,including high capital expenditure,lack of scalability orreal-time analytics, and little access to skilled IT staff for installation and maintenance,made the on-premise landscape a risky proposition for the SAP applications.

While a move to cloud was always a smart decision, it is now rather imperative.

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Migrate your SAP Workloads to Microsoft Azure Cloud and start your innovation journey with real-time business insights. Get a comprehensive overview and in-depth insights from industry experts on building your next-gen infrastructure with SAP on Azure. Learn how to leverage cloud migration to reach your business goals.

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Get the Azure Advantage for your SAP Cloud adoption

A trusted partnership for decades, Microsoft and SAP is assured to accelerate your cloud transformation. Now, get tailor-made optimization for your mission-critical SAP applications on Azure for scalability, high performance and agility. In addition, gain the best in class compliance and security measures from Cloud4C, backed bythe support of over 3,500 security professionals. SAP on Azure, delivered by Cloud4C, guarantees more benefits including business continuity, real-time insights and the complete advantage of other Azure services for enhancing continuous innovationand customer experience.

Get the best from Cloud4C experts

Cloud4C assures the best of SAP on Azure. To help you understand all the benefits of the migration, we are hosting a webinar titled ‘Migrate your SAP Workloads to Microsoft Azure Cloud and start your Innovation Journey with Real-Time Business Insight’. The webinar, specially curated by expert leaders from Cloud and automation verticals, will help you with advanced solutions for Cloud adoption for your SAP applications.

The webinar, exclusively designed to help enterprises with SAP on Azure migration, will provide you all the benefits of the ground-breaking Cloud4C Switch2Cloud, a services package delivering an end-to-end Azure experience right from migration to managed services and start your innovation journey with real-time business insight for your SAP workflows. Besides, you gain insights on automation intelligence benefits of SAP services on Azure, powered by AIOps, DevOps, and RPA with Cloud4C.

There is much more that you gain from the migration.The webinar will shed light on what you must demand from the cloud provider:

Reduce TCONo CapExScalability, compliance, and reliability
Reduce projected time and effort by up to 70%Real-time business insightsNear-Zero downtime


Think about this: With Cloud4 migration blueprint, SAP migration factory and Azure expertise,you get industry best solutions to upgrade your business operations. As a leader and decision maker, you need the right solutions and recommendations from seasoned experts.

This curated webinar is your entry to the best of SAP on Azure.

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