The Advantages of Cloud4C SAP Community Cloud

In simple perspective, Community cloud can be thought of as a midway between public and private cloud. Unlike the former, community cloud resources are not shared with any company, sector, or user. Unlike private, it's not reserved for one company only.

Community cloud instead gives cloud services, resources to select companies belonging to the same industry/needs. For instance, a healthcare community cloud would share its services only to healthcare companies. An SAP community cloud would be reserved for businesses needing dedicated hosting and services for their SAP landscapes without opting for the fully private SAP HEC landscape that's too costly or the public RISE with SAP landscape for security/business reasons.

Community cloud is also good because it sometimes offers custom features, tools, and services for the group of companies it caters too.

Detailing SAP Community Cloud

SAP Community Cloud is a market-leading privately managed cloud infrastructure platform that ensures advanced productivity, unwavering agility, and end-to-end control. Based on availability, regulatory constraints, and critical business needs, an enterprise may choose SAP Community Cloud hosting on private datacenters or leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, and others. Organizations can gain uncompromised private cloud security, adaptable and scalable workload operating models, agile DevOps with shorter go-to-market timelines, and advanced add-on solutions and services to address business workflow.

Common characteristics of SAP community Cloud

Scalable and Adaptable

You can scale your operating models without facing disruptions and data losses

Low go-to-market timelines

By leveraging pre-built models and frameworks, you can reduce DevOps processes, resulting in shorter go-to-market timelines.

Service Stability

You can gain complete control over SAP architecture, workloads, application and the entire IT landscape which is not possible in an on-prem deployment model.

Effective management of databases

With advanced SAP HANA database, you can overcome risks, streamline data administration processes, and leverage digital transformation capabilities with data intelligence.

Maintaining Security and Compliance

Get a comprehensive list of built-in security operations comprising incident management, preventive maintenance, event management, threat intelligence, vulnerability administration, malware attack prevention. A compliant-ready SAP Cloud architecture adheres to standards like GRC, PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI. These include global standards and certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, SOC2.

Automation with AI

By enabling custom-built applications and automation tools, integrated AI and real-time data analysis and visibility tools, you can roll out digital transformation initiatives to make your enterprise future-ready.

Business Use Case Scenarios in the Community Cloud

There are several scenarios and business use-cases where community cloud is better suited to meet the customer needs.

  • OpEX model: In many cases, an on-premises workflow-based solution is not a viable option. However, a community cloud-based business workflow can be quickly established with a low investment model. The OpEx model is flexible and economical as it involves less stringent budget approval, low upfront and management costs.
  • Industry-specific solutions: The community cloud is used as a platform to integrate industry-specific solutions. It leverages both industry expertise and economies of scale.
  • Fluctuating IT resource demand: If IT resource demand is unpredictable and may fluctuate beyond acceptable limits, organizations can opt for community cloud solutions.

Explore Cloud4C SAP Community Cloud?

Cloud4C delivers a dedicated, high availability, fully managed cloud solution for businesses to host their mission-critical SAP applications including S/4HANA and more. It delivers all the cloud benefits of a usual S/4HANA cloud, including uninterrupted availability, scalability, and agility of workloads, in addition to Cloud4C’s dedicated AIOps-driven managed services, single SLA commitments, automated operations, intelligent cybersecurity, and cost optimization for lower OpEx. A Community cloud benchmarked to SAP best practices combined with Cloud4C’s advanced digital transformation benefits sets the stage for a fully risk-proofed total enterprise reinvention.

On a global scale, our large pool of certified functional and technical SAP consultants supported by 25 Centers of Excellence provides implementation, development, upgrade, production support, and maintenance services for SAP ECC, S4HANA ERP, SCM, Business Warehouse, CRM, GRC, Solution Manager, NetWeaver Applications, BI/BO, BPC, HANA, and other SAP products.

Benefits of Cloud4C SAP Community Cloud

The following are the advantages of SAP HANA Community Cloud:

Offers a super-fast computing environment to enhance existing applications

Organizations can choose from a portfolio of SAP business solutions and applications to automate and transform key operational processes and functions. You can integrate intelligent analytics to make more informed decisions. You can create an intelligent enterprise future with custom-built business applications, real-time data visibility and analysis, integrated automation tools, and embedded artificial intelligence on SAP Community Cloud. In this way, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey and modernize business processes to become a more agile organization.

Delivers a superior user experience

Reduce operational complexities, risks, and uncertainties. You can increase the ROI of IT modernization with additional SAP business solution capabilities. Additionally, you can get service on-demand based on your company's needs.

Better ROI with lower costs

You can future-proof your tailored applications by choosing from over 1000 pre-built SAP partner applications. Optimize performance and ROI by integrating SAP solutions on the SAP Cloud.

Blueprinting the three components of SAP community cloud integration strategy


Consulting is one of the primary components. We help with reference architecture, Point of View publications on migration, software selection criteria and frameworks, migration strategy documentation, as-is analyses, sample best practices for IT landscapes, and Lessons Learned publications in this step.


This step includes SAP Cloud Integration Vault support, reusable migration utility program code, reusable development documentation artefacts, reusable implementations of code middleware and SAP ERP systems, and integration artefacts for cross-middleware technology support, primarily for other integration platforms.


The business is assisted with middleware cutover automation, consolidation of the error handling dashboard, monitoring of SAP and non-SAP middleware, reprocessing of SAP backend errors, reusable cutover templates, and HyperCare Support documentation in this step. The SAP Cloud Integration Offering combines deep technical SAP knowledge with specialized knowledge and experience in Cloud Integration and APIs. The organization can accelerate their SAP transformation journey thanks to a large team of experts dedicated to solving integration challenges and our vast resources, including the API vault.

How can organizations make the best use of Cloud4C’s SAP Community Cloud?

Using Cloud4C's proprietary automation solutions, you can streamline cloud management for your operations and unleash innovation. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) maintained by Cloud4C's world-class Site Reliability Engineers for n-tier architecture, heterogeneous system management with multiple frontends, backends, and middleware for caching, searching, and queuing relational and non-relational databases. Cloud4C automation solutions for SAP-managed operations help with continuous monitoring of data platforms and applications, proactive risk management alerting, maximum availability, and self-healing.

Cloud4C SHOP- Powering enterprise reinvention and intelligence

Cloud4C SHOP is a low-code AI-powered management platform that integrates various tools and solutions required to provide managed cloud services to enterprises. The intelligent platform integrates dozens of different operational platforms and applications, such as auto-remediation and self-healing, into a single system. This allows the entire infrastructure and application landscape to be managed automatically through a single pane of glass, giving customers a comprehensive view of their IT environments.

SHOP completely transforms the entire SAP workload management game in two ways:

Integrate your existing platforms, including third-party systems, with your cloud architecture using powerful APIs. Automate workflow management, IT infrastructure administration, security management, and project delivery on your Azure environment with ease, from start to finish.

Prevent outages, predict risks and avoid threats before they occur, automate risk responses (Self Healing), optimize services, modernize cloud operations and asset administration, and improve overall engineering efficiency by upto 50% with SHOP for SAP. Enterprises can get a unified view into their Azure cloud platform and connected IT architecture.

Get Set for Risk-proofed Enterprise Reinvention with Cloud4C SAP Community Cloud

From healthcare, banking to blockchain and crypto finance, SAP is powering new business models and technologies to reinvent next-generation enterprises that take a lead in innovation and sustainability. At Cloud4C, we provide dependable SAP-managed services that ensure high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring that your SAP operations run smoothly.

We assist you with personalized services, delivery and operating models, whether it is infrastructure administration, migration and provisioning support, cost optimization, monitoring and management, or reporting and control. Our dedicated team(s) manages your entire environment and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our distinct pool of trained and certified experts understands the nuances of SAP and has extensive experience managing SAP environments in a variety of industries. We use our infrastructure and application management expertise to develop a fail-safe strategy for managing mission-critical business applications. To know more, get in touch with us today!