DevOps as a Service

80% of enterprises will face delay in project delivery due to lack of organizational collaboration and IT maturity. - Gartner

The rapidly evolving market demands businesses to be agile and fast with production while improving the quality and reducing costs. As a leading DevOps service provider,  Cloud4C offers end-to-end DevOps services designed to enable enterprises deliver applications at breakneck speed while increasing scalability and uptime.

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DevOps Services for Agile Enterprises

DevOps is a way to align people, processes, and technology through DevOps tools to enable unified application delivery and improved business agility.

DevOps - Process


  • Best practices: Processes and methodologies
  • Procession automation and workflows
DevOps - People


  • End-to-end implementation
  • Strategy and Roadmap workshops
  • Maturity assessments
  • Reference architecture
DevOps - Technology


  • Tools deployment and third-party integrations
  • Templates and accelerators

Efficient usage of DevOps tools along with Agile development has undoubtedly enabled faster go-to-market of software and applications. By replacing manual tasks with automation, organizations have been able to respond faster, eliminate the roadblocks in process and keep up with the relentlessly changing business environment.

Accelerate your application deployment and frequency, expedite your artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives with Cloud4C DevOps Services built using industry best practices, leading tool chains, and cloud-native tools.

The sheer scale, complex operational models and geographic expanse of an enterprise can make implementing the DevOps agenda across the organization a serious challenge as a successful implementation requires organizational commitment, introduction of automation, and the right tools and infrastructure.

Learn how a leading financial services platform in Asia brings operational efficiency and cost savings through infrastructure optimization and better resource utilization.


Cloud4C - Your Partner for DevOps Services

DevOps services at Cloud4C are designed to increase collaboration and communication between the conventionally siloed Development and Operations teams. By encouraging collaboration, the philosophy allows enterprises to focus on delivering key business values and ensure more frequent software deployments. Learn more about how migrating to DevOps can help you bring agility to your business process and ensure a faster go-to-market-

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Containerization and Orchestration

By adopting microservices architecture, development teams can adopt ‘cloud-native’ approach, evolving and modernizing their workflows for higher efficiency and quality.

Readiness Assessment helps customers to convert the monolithic apps to cloud-native architecture, powered by containers and orchestration such as Kubernetes.

Microservices Approach Consulting

Scale is driving the internet-based ecosystem to Microservices. This paradigm shift requires completely different strategies and implementations.

Our experts can help an enterprise arrive at the right Application Architecture Strategy, coupled with right DevOps tools and support to ensure that the Microservices Management can be simplified.

Containerization, Kubernetes and CI/CD Pipeline Set-up

Set up CI/CD pipeline for end-to-end deployment.

Cloud4C delivers scalable and cost optimized infra as well as DevOps processes for Microservices-based applications via next-gen Containerization and Management. We eliminate the risk and uncertainty associated with Microservices management.

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

DevOps methodology directly impacts several stakeholders in an enterprise starting from customer service, marketing, product owners, project managers, program managers, developers to quality assurance teams, release and build teams, and infrastructure teams. In order to drive value faster, all of these stakeholders require end-to-end visibility of the entire workflow, from planning to feedback.

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

Understands requirements and develops codes from leading technologies

Commits updated code to Version control system with proper branding part of Continuous Integration best practices

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

Building continuous from latest code committed in version control system

Imports and executes test cases from testing tools say

Tests latest building using automating test engines as part of continuous testing

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

Once tested and validated, each change is deployable using continuous delivery practices

With Continuous Deployment (CD), the entire process from code commit to production is automated

Continuously deploys successfully built filed anywhere to target environments - created by various virtualizations/containerization tools

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

Expertise in the leading configuration management tools to manage infrastructure

Faster and secure delivery of software by automating infra management

Continuously monitors infrastructure using various monitoring tools that let enterprise visualise events and get alerts in real time

Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services

Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services

Whether you are planning to embrace DevOps for the first time or scale it across your enterprise, our full suite of DevOps services can help you choose the right strategy, tools, and skills to drive greater adoption. To ensure an effective implementation of your DevOps initiatives, you must bring in security across the development life cycle replacing out of date practices with an integrated approach. Being an end-to-end DevOps service provider, we recommend integrating security in your entire development life cycle as we help our partners determine their risk tolerance and required level of security controls for a given app through DevSecOps, a philosophy that offers better visibility, insights and feedback on potential threats.

Read More about DevSecOps

Full suite of DevOps services

  • Audit and maturity assessment
  • Architectural consulting and solutioning
  • DevOps Coaching and enablement

Full suite of DevOps services

  • Infrastructure automation and management
  • Software configuration and management
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Monitoring instrumentation and self-healing
  • Containerization for seamless microservices management
  • Microservices consulting services
  • Software configuration and management
  • Instrumentation and insights Support ecosystem

Full suite of DevOps services

  • Cloud strategy and approach consulting
  • Cloud infra setup
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud security and audits

Full suite of DevOps services

  • Security audit and assessment
  • Security implementation
  • Security instrumentation

Full suite of DevOps services

  • Site reliability engineering
  • Application Support L1
  • Application Support L2

Cloud4C DevOps Services: Implementation Methodology

As an end-to-end DevOps service provider, we take a collaborative approach to address the challenges faced by the organisations and ensure our client success through ‘Continuous Planning’, ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Continuous Delivery’.

DevOps Services – Implementations Methodology

What Makes Cloud4C a Leading DevOps
Service Provider - Key Differentiators

Higher Uptime

Leverage the power of automation to maintain higher uptime and reliability to your end customers


  • Reduce engineer burnout
  • Efficient management of system alerts
  • Better agility, higher speed

Reduced Time to Market

Increase the rate of successful deployments through effective mechanisms


  • DevSecOps enabled CI/CD
  • Zero-touch infrastructure automation
  • Automated software configuration
  • Comprehensive observability
  • Bots to accelerate in various stages of the CI/CD pipeline

Secure and Cost-optimized CloudOps

Harness the complete power of cloud with a security-first approach at affordable cost


  • CloudOps centered around security
  • Automated infra build for reduced cost
  • Automated build and deploy topology
  • Instrumentation for observability
  • Continuous application monitoring

Increased scalability and independence by containerization

Eliminate risks and uncertainty associated with Microservices management


  • Define Microservices DevOps strategy
  • Managed container orchestration
  • Scalable and cost-optimized infra
  • Cloud-agnostic setup

Future-Ready DevOps Delivered

Solutions designed to address ever-mutilating security issues


  • DevSecOps enabled CI/CD pipeline (Already mentioned under differentiator No. 1)
  • Fully secure infrastructure
  • Regular security alerts
  • 24/7 automated security monitoring
  • Centralized Log Analytics

High Reliability and Predictability

A combination of Enterprise-Grade Tools and Cloud4C tools to enhance reliability and predictability


  • Expertise on tools managing the complete lifecycle of DevOps
  • GLA-based UAT and Deployment
  • Support up to L4

MultiCloud DevOps Delivered

With Infra, Database and App modernisation, complex multi-cloud environments need full-spectrum DevOps to drive the CI/CD pipelines across hybrid virtualization, containerization, and serverless fabrics


  • Full-spectrum DevOps to drive the CI/CD pipelines
  • CI/CD for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components
  • Frameworks for full-spectrum multi-cloud DevOps workflows

Business Outcomes

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits


Lesser time to deploy and deliver a DevOps environment using Dockers and Containers native to cloud

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits

Enhanced Security:

WIth Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing (VAPT) scans using industry leading tools like Burp, Qulays

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits


Industry Knowledge Base driven DevOps for better product adoption and operation

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits

Faster Go-to-Market:

Products taken faster to the market with automated testing

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits

Better Collaboration:

Better collaboration within and beyond IT by creating an inclusive value stream

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits

Superior detection and correction:

More visibility and transparency between teams and processes leading to early detection and correction of issues

Cloud4C DevOps Business Benefits

Quicker Feedback & Continuous Improvement:

Optimize performance, time to deployment and cost through testing, learning and incorporating feedback

Cloud4C DevOps Toolkit Expertise

Cloud4C is one of the leading DevOps service providers, an Azure Expert MSP and a recognized Consulting Partner of AWS. Cloud4C has successfully assisted thousands of organizations across the globe in their cloud transformation journey by leveraging the best DevOps tools. Whether it is a greenfield Cloud/Multi-cloud environment equipped with Continuous Integration and Delivery processes or introducing automation to an established environment, Cloud4C’s certified cloud experts and DevOps tools can help you build your DevOps capabilities.


  • JAVA
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • SaltStack


  • Jenkins
  • CodeDeploy
  • Azure Pipeline
  • Bamboo


  • Python

Log Mgmt.

  • Beats
  • Kibana
  • Stack
  • ELK


  • Grafana
  • Prometheus

Load Testing

  • Jmeter
  • Load runner

Build Systems

  • Maven
  • NPM
  • Grale


  • Hadoop
  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL
  • Oracle
  • mongoDB

AWS DevOps Tools

X Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services

GCP DevOps Toolkit

X Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services

DevOps Toolchain

X Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services

Azure Devops Toolkit

X Full Suite of Cloud4C DevOps Services