Security Intelligence Decoded: Embrace Azure Sentinel

In today's increasingly complex and constantly evolving threat landscape, enterprises must maneuver with utmost care and caution and protect the business with advanced solutions. A holistic, intelligent, adaptive, and proactive security strategy is a must to protect the hybrid IT environment, an ecosystem that includes multiple applications and vendors, further expanding the attack surface.

77% firms are ill-prepared to handle a data breach competently

83% of Data Breaches Involved External Threat Actors

Sentinel, Microsoft’s powerful cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution, is designed to help enterprises detect, investigate, respond, remediate, and hunt threat alerts. At Cloud4C, we enable enterprises to maximize their returns on Sentinel with our comprehensive array of consulting services.

Leverage Azure Sentinel Consulting from Cloud4C

Cloud4C Azure Sentinel consulting services will help you assess your organization’s IT and security requirements in adopting the SIEM-SOAR solution and determine your security readiness. We will leverage specific Microsoft tools to define the scope, deployment options, roadmap, and more.

Security Gap Assessment

Security Gap Assessment

Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Azure Sentinel Blueprinting

Deployment Blueprinting

Why Azure Sentinel for your Enterprise: Cloud-native Intelligent SIEM-SOAR Solution for end-to-end Threat Management

Sentinel embellishes the crown of Microsoft's advanced cloud security solutions in addition to Windows Defender, Cloud App Security, Azure Security Center, and more. Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, intelligent Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) solution for end-to-end unparalleled threat intelligence, threat response, and IT security administration.

The platform extends a universal security monitoring, proactive threat hunting, threat detection and proactive remediation, and intelligent security analytics solution applicable to all IT assets and resources: computing assets, devices, servers, databases, datacenters, platforms, architectures, applications, networks, Edge-IoT environments, and more.

Integrating with a full stack of security solutions, Azure Sentinel seamlessly connects to other security tools such as Windows Defender, Azure Cloud Apps Security, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics and Logic Apps, Azure AD, MITRE ATT&CK Frameworks for powerful threat detection, automation tools, third-party enterprise applications, and more.

Features of Azure Sentinel

Data Collection
Data Collection
Universal Visibility and Analytics
Advanced Threat Investigation and Threat Hunting
Threat Remediation with Security Automation and Orchestration
 IT Data Collection

The solution collects data seamlessly from IT devices and resources including users, applications, infrastructure, networks both on-premises and multiple other cloud platforms connected to Azure. It integrates Azure-native and non-Microsoft security solutions with ease to establish a greater IT security ecosystem powered by Sentinel.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Extends real-time, cutting-edge security visibility and intelligent security analytics over the entire IT landscape. Correlate alerts into incidents to kickstart automated actions, adopt Machine Learning-based Anomaly and threat Detection, map network and user behavior information, and make informed cybersecurity management decisions.

Advanced Threat Hunting

Gains interactive, intuitive, and deep threat investigation capabilities across all IT resources and multiple clouds, edge, IoT environments. Prepare custom alert detection rules, detect risk alerts and previously uncovered threats, go into advanced threat hunting mode with the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of Azure Sentinel. Utilize its powerful and proactive threat hunting search and query tools backed by the framework to proactively look for threats within the organization’s IT landscape and ensure streamlined incident identification.

Security Automation and Orchestration

Built-in intelligent security orchestration and automation capabilities of Azure Sentinel digitize common threat management functions across the organization. Integrate Sentinel with Logic Apps, Logic Analytics, Azure Functions, 200+ connectors for other Azure services, and adopt enterprise tools such as Jira, Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. to unleash end-to-end automated security management.

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Why Avail Azure Sentinel Consulting Services: The Benefits

At Cloud4C, our aim is to empower and enable you to build next-generation security operations and gain a bird's-eye view across your environment with our proven expertise in Microsoft Azure Sentinel Deployment and Management coupled with our unmatched capabilities in providing the best-in-class managed security services to Fortune 500s.

As an Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, we help you realize Azure Sentinel's capabilities better, maximize the value, create a strategic roadmap to address your security pain points, and determine the best ways to transform your security posture in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Leverage our business scenario-based approach

Get expert guidance throughout your journey

Choose services tailored to meet your exact business needs

Calibrate your existing environment and architect to meet your business goals

Robust Cloud Adoption Framework for cybersecurity advancement and threat visibility

Creating Use cases specific to Infrastructure.

Fine tuning complete ATT&CK based rules specific to Infrastructure and compliance policies.​

Perform security incidents management with detailed Root cause analysis and Mitigation.​

Dedicated Technical account manager from SOC with complete understanding on client infrastructure.​​

Threat modeling based recommendations with complete understanding on infrastructure.​​

Custom data collection even for the applications which cannot forward logs.​​​

On demand detailed forensics.​​

Add on Threat intelligence team performing threat hunting.​​

Developing custom parsers even for unstructured logs.​​

Providing weekly and monthly walkthroughs on Security posture and developments with actionable intelligence to improvise security posture.​​

Presenting Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept Workshop by Cloud4C

We make an investment in your cybersecurity success by conducting an Azure Sentinel Workshop tailored to your business objectives, immediate requirements, and future ambitions. Register your enterprise for a personalized one-one Workshop on Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Workshop Outcomes

Understand the benefits of our managed Azure Sentinel offering

Results report
Threat mitigation recommendations
Way forward plan

Understanding of the benefits of a true cloud native SIEM, managed and monitored by our cybersecurity experts.

Lists and interprets cyber attack threats currently targeting your organization, observed in this engagement​

Maps observed threats to Microsoft 365 security products and features in order to mitigate impact of these threats​

A recommended deployment roadmap to help you build a business case for the deployment of Azure Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel POC: Integrated with Advanced Threat Hunting and Management


Define Scope and Deploy
  • Business and IT requirements
  • SIEM-SOC tools
  • Data Sources to be connected
  • Security operations automation requests
  • Define scope of Azure Sentinel Deployment
  • Deploy and configure Azure Sentinel
  • Connect Azure Sentinel to ingest data from Azure AD Identity Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Agreed 3rd Party Syslog integration, On-premise servers
  • Analyze and discover threats to your organization
  • Proactively hunt for security threats across all ingested data
  • Map found threats to Microsoft 365 security products
  • Provide an Azure Sentinel deployment workshop

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Cloud4C Expert Services in Azure Sentinel
Deployment and Management

Azure Sentinel Deployment
Azure Sentinel Management

Azure Sentinel Deployment

Perform a full investigation of the client's IT landscape, process, and dataflows, including customizations and alerts

Gather client requirements and provide upfront cost savings of embracing Sentinel

Use case development to optimize client's visibility into the cloud environment

Review log types and devices, both on-premises and in Cloud, and identify the right information sources necessary to support use cases and to move to the cloud

Assist with the log onboarding activities

Creating and configuring Sentinel and onboarding of log data using both native and custom Sentinel connectors

Setting up dashboards and alerts

Development of threat hunting templates and alerting scenarios

Creation of playbooks that execute automatically when an alert is triggered

Knowledge transfer, detection and response training, and creation of documents for customer's use

Azure Sentinel Management

Continuous Fine-tuning of complete ATT&CK based rules specific to Infrastructure and compliance policies

Perform incident management with detailed root cause analysis and mitigation

Provide weekly and monthly walkthroughs on Security posture and developments with actionable intelligence for improved posture

Dedicated technical account manager from SOC with a complete understanding of client infrastructure. Incident auto remediation in minutes without human intervention saves overall manpower cost and reduces incident response SLA

Detailed forensics offered an on-demand Team of Threat intelligence experts performing threat hunting, gathering technical objectives

Threat modeling-based recommendations with a complete understanding of infra. Custom data collection even for applications which cannot forward logs. Developing custom parsers even for unstructured logs.

Continuous discovery of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in tandem with real-time business processes and functionalities

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) alerts to expose overall breach insights. Correlation of vulnerabilities with endpoint assets

Identify the machine-level vulnerabilities during in-depth incident investigations

Prioritize remediation based on the business context and the ever-evolving threat landscape. Built-in remediation processes through a unique integration with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft

Why Partner with Cloud4C for your Enterprise Cybersecurity Transformation

Cloud Managed Services

World's largest application-focused managed service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner with dedicated Managed Security Services and advanced managed SIEM-SOAR (Security Information and Event Management) Offerings

Global Customer Expertise

10+ years of expertise, 4000 transformation stories across 25+ nations

Cybersecurity Frameworks

800,000 EPS, 1400 HBS, 1200 UTMs, 7 Reg-tech Frameworks, 40+ Security Controls

Certified Cloud Experts

2000+ cloud experts with industry-leading certifications: Hyperscaler Security, Hyperscaler Platform, CISSP, OSCP, CEH, CHFI, Comp TIA Security

Intelligent Threat Automation

Proprietary, intelligent automation powered cybersecurity tools such as the Cloud4C Self Healing Operations Platform

Managed SOC Expertise

Specialized SOC audit, compliance management expertise ensuring stringent, fail-proof governance and compliance with local, national, and international regulations

Cybersecurity Frameworks

Integration of updated Security frameworks and tools utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and more. Supports authentication bind for LDAP integration.

Advanced Threat Monitoring

Comprehensive 24/7 threat monitoring across the entire IT and cloud stack

 Detailed Security Analytics

Delivers detailed analytical security reporting and intuitive reports for informed decision-making. Established group sharing and collaboration of reports within the SIEM, SOAR solution

Cybersecurity Incident Response Team

Dedicated Cyber Security Incident Response Team along with Sentinel (Security Information and Event Management) experts for any time, anywhere support and issue solving

Threat Intelligence Platforms

Threat Intelligence powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc.

SIEM SOAR Expertise

Specialized expertise in deploying robust SIEM-SOAR for proactive threat monitoring, risk prediction, logs management, vulnerability assessment, and automated-accelerated incident response

Azure Sentinel Integration

Azure Sentinel integrated with the public, private, hybrid, multicloud architectures and IaaS, PaaS, SaaS models for leading cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, IBM Cloud, etc

Event Coorelation Support

Seamless event correlation support across multi-variant architectures for historical events and data flows

Azure Sentinel Consulting - FAQs

  • What is included in Cloud4C Azure Sentinel Consulting Services?


    Cloud4C's comprehensive Azure Sentinel Consulting Services include Security Gap Assessment, free of cost Proof of Concept Workshop, and blueprinting for Azure Sentinel deployment and integration.

  • What do we get from the Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept workshop?


    By taking our POC workshop, you will understand the benefits of a true cloud native SIEM, managed and monitored by Cloud4C’s cybersecurity experts. You will also get a result report listing threats currently targeting your organization along with threat mitigation recommendations as well as a way forward plan.

  • Do we need in-house Azure Sentinel experts to manage and monitor the solution?


    Having dedicated security experts for every security platform integrated into the enterprise landscape is daunting. Cloud4C’s dedicated team for Microsoft Sentinel helps in not only assessing the existing cybersecurity landscape but also identify the right stack of capabilities needed to support the business objectives and build a robust security infrastructure setup by leveraging Microsoft's intelligent security analytics and SIEM-SOAR capabilities.

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