SAP Migration Factory

Cloud4C developed a SAP ERP specific Cloud Adoption Framework which has been benchmarked against SAP metrics on Multi-Cloud Platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP and in-country Hybrid Cloud hosted across 25+ countries. The framework helps enterprises on their Digital Transformation journey, meet regulatory compliance needs, ensure business continuity with end-to-end suite of security controls and managed services up to SAP Basis support powered by AIOps.

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SAP Migration. 550+ Success Stories

Cloud4C successfully migrated our UAE On-premise SAP environment to Azure Cloud. Also, we appreciate and thank Cloud4C for their timely support in transferring On-premise data to Azure India Cloud site. Without their hard work and dedication, we couldn’t have achieved this!

Ahamed Basheer,

Senior Manager- IT Department

RAK Ceramics

Cloud4C SAP Migration Factory

Cloud4C helps you get the maximum use of SAP S/4 HANA for your business by implementing a faster, more secure and cost-efficient migration strategy from your conventional SAP workloads. We have empowered organisations in this journey through our Migration Factory which employs industry-best practices irrespective of any cloud platform.

We manage and migrate SAP workloads to all the major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP using industry best tools and leading practices. We give your organization the access to our unique pool of trained and certified experts that have the experience of working across various industries.

Cloud4C SAP Migration Factory

Specialist SAP Migration team Specialist SAP Migration team

SAP Migration Specialists

The cornerstone of a migration factory approach is to lay out a business case that entails the priorities, benefits and how the move enables the company’s strategic objectives. After performing a huge number of migrations, we at Cloud4C, believe that businesses will not be qualified to effectively manage and govern cloud usage and performance. Last but not the least, the risks of migrating workloads are kept in check at every step.

Cloud4C has built a specialist migration team that is essentially a pool of resources having diverse expertise on leading public cloud platforms. Businesses get access to resources that have worked extensively on different cloud migration projects and receive continued support. We leverage our infrastructure, application and database expertise to design a safe, hassle-free and successful migration strategy, based on your source system and target cloud landscape.

Why Migration Factory Approach

The necessary impetus for success of any Digital Transformation initiative is an accelerated migration of applications to the Cloud.

The migration factory approach is the need of the day as it enables organizations to scale, standardise and accelerate their migration to cloud and infra/app/database transformation via a predefined and repeatable process. Cloud4C Migration factories use the highly efficient assembly line approach with clearly defined steps to make the migration and transformation safe, secure and needless to say fail-proof.

Those steps include an assessment of application readiness, preparing the application for the cloud, deciding whether it needs to be rewritten or not, identifying the best target platform in the cloud, testing and validating the application, and finally deploying it. Successful organizations will be able to accelerate their digital transformation.

By adopting a migration factory approach, each application moves through specific steps on its way to the cloud, just like a highly efficient assembly line in a manufacturing facility would.

Migration factory approach is efficient Migration factory approach is efficient

SAP Center Of Excellence At Cloud4C

Cloud4C is helping enterprises reduce TCO by leveraging the capabilities of our SAP CoE to run their SAP workloads efficiently by taking “TOTAL OWNERSHIP”. Cloud4C has extensive experience in supporting most of the SAP solutions with best in class services provided through 250+ SAP Basis Consultants and 2000+ cloud experts.

Services Overview

Services Overview

Cloud4C SAP Expertise

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud - Cloud4C Expertise SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud - Cloud4C Expertise

SAP Migration to Any Public Cloud

As a result of addressing crucial challenges faced by businesses in their cloud transformation journey, our cloud experts have developed a knowledge base of detailed process steps and reusable artifacts for every phase of the journey. We have created solution blueprints that simplify and accelerate the migration process.

Our factory is equipped to deploy workloads to the desired cloud platform at a speed that meets your business requirements. Our collective experience assures quality and productivity while helping shift the organization’s mindset in the process. We believe in creating value by giving you end to end support.

Public Cloud for SAP - Azure
Public Cloud for SAP - AWS
Public Cloud for SAP - GCP
Public Cloud for SAP - Oracle
Public Cloud for SAP - Azure
Public Cloud for SAP - AWS
Public Cloud for SAP - GCP
Public Cloud for SAP - Oracle

Lexible SAP Database Migration

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is perceived to be. Nevertheless, applying a lift and shift approach for complex and large scale migrations may result in friction taking your focus off future cloud prospects. The moment you subscribe to a factory approach, your IT personnel get a chance to interact with cloud experts that have used and implemented best practices based on proven cloud adoption methodologies. Collectively, application dependencies, code changes and additional assessments of your source database are mapped, amounting to quick and easy migrations.

SAP Database migration options SAP Database migration options
SAP Applications - Risk and mitigation SAP Applications - Risk and mitigation

Risk and Mitigation

Multiple dependencies with on-premises environments creates problems during lift and shift kind of approach. By involving necessary application support teams in the migration process, we mitigate the risks at hand. Our experience tells us that cloud applications encounter added latency when used over the web. Cloud4C’s mitigation strategy leverages performance testing exercises, network appropriation activities and bandwidth calculation setup a strong foundation for the application journey.

SAP applications are often confronted by issues around unsupported versions on public cloud platforms. The system ends up reverting to a temporary license multiple times for which support from application and cloud providers is minimal. Migration factory approach you get the upper hand since we build basis operating procedures and daily monitoring check lists that closely monitor you SAP systems.

Risk Assessment Approach

SAP - Risk Assessment approach SAP - Risk Assessment approach

Advanced Analytics, AI & ML

The big difference that Cloud4C’s Migration Factory adds to your transformation journey is making your business future ready. We give your organization the edge of exploiting actionable insights by designing the best-fit architecture and solutions for your applications, so that they interact, respond and function harmoniously. We bring to the table advancements that give you the ability to process data on the go.

Certified data scientists at Cloud4C help your organization get ahead of the curve when it comes to Advanced Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning. We help you modernize aging analytics and business intelligence systems.

SAP Migration - Advanced Analtics, AI & ML SAP Migration - Advanced Analtics, AI & ML