Identity access management is a unique framework that’s built to ensure that required people in an enterprise have access to all the technology resources. Broadly covered under the umbrella of IT security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is gaining prominence across all major enterprises for simplifying reporting besides reducing IT costs and improving productivity. According to Market Watch, IAM will hit $20Bn by 2014. Your search for an efficient Identity and Access Management comes to end at Cloud 4C. With 12 years of profound experience in end-to-end cloud solutions with special reference to comprehensive managed security services, Cloud4C provides an integrated solution for provisioning and governance that manages user identities throughout their entire lifecycle. Our service is focused on offering usability and quick time-to-value by being flexible & agile.

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Cloud4C delivers a simple and powerful Logical Access solution, which is customizable in order to address the most varied needs of enterprises


Privileged access as per employee user identities Privileged access as per employee user identities

Corporate Compliance with Identity Management

  • Minimize employee password resets

  • Multi-factor authentication support

  • Gain control of your company logins

  • Simple Integration

  • Works within your processes

  • Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise

Auditing Access through Cloud4C

Cloud4C delivers a simple and powerful Logical Access Solution, which is customizable in order to address the most varied needs of enterprises. We provide below services:

  • System Level Audit Trails

  • Application Level Audit Trails

  • User level Audit Trails

All events can be viewed in the MS Event Viewer log. These events can be also viewed in custom built report formats if required


Sequence Diagram for secured Login

  • User accesses the Application menu on the client

  • Application requests to authenticate user

  • Prompts user to provide credentials

  • Initiates credentials authentication procedure

  • Authenticates user’s credentials and provides access

  • Application initiates application access procedures

  • Application provides access

Access control as per a sequence flow Access control as per a sequence flow


Single Sign-on: A user can access to multiple systems with the help of a single user id and password Dual Factor Authorization: User will have to go through two levels of authentication in order to gain access to the system Password Vault: All the password and sensitive credentials will be saved on a secured password vault that are encrypted Granular Access Control: Enterprises can provide access to certain workloads to selected groups or individuals.

SMART Audit Trails: To smoothen auditing, privileged access management is moved from a manual to online wherein all the reports would be made available online for audit trails.

One Admin Control: A centralized location to get a holistic view of the workloads, all permissions to the systems can be controlled by one control admin.

Virtual Grouping: Enterprises can segregate the privileged users on the basis of their roles, positions, and expertise. Live Dashboard: Can view all the information and changes made by the administrator in real-time through a live dashboard.


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Gain Control of your Company Logins

Icon for Company Logins for access management security

Simple Integration with your centralized server

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Meet the desired Regulatory Compliances

Icon on Compliance in IAM solutions

Meet Compliance

Icon on Single SLA up to application layer

Single SLA up to application login layer

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40+ Security Controls

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Dedicated SOCs

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12 years of proven experience

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More than 3500 Enterprises

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Global presence in 25 countries

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