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Hyperautomation with Cloud4C

By 2022, 65% of organizations that deployed robotic process automation will introduce artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.

- Gartner

Many enterprises across the globe have ventured into automation to automate manual, routine and repetitive tasks. However, to achieve significant results and accelerate digital transformation, enterprises must look beyond automating siloed processes using only automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). While RPA can certainly help automate routine, stable processes, there are often processes that are complex and involve unstructured data and require intelligent automated decision-making. Enterprises need to come up with a holistic strategy and choose additional complementary technologies along with RPA, that enable end-to-end intelligent process automation.

A well-packaged solution such as Hyperautomation that combines Robotic Process Automation and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process analytics, process mining, ingestion engines, among others and that can help in achieving end-to-end process transformations, is what enterprises need to adopt to meet their goals.

Hyperautomation with Cloud4C

Hyperautomation is one of Gartner’s continued and top strategic technology trends of 2021.

With Cloud4C’s turnkey hyperautomation solution, you can discover the right business processes for automation, extract data from even unstructured sources, automate complex tasks, strategically scale automation across your enterprise and do much more. With our proven process analytics and automation expertise, our certified automation experts have helped many organizations automate some of their core tasks, and transform their businesses.

Hyperautomation with Cloud4C

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According to Gartner, Hyperautomation is rapidly shifting from an option
to a condition of survival.

Why is Hyperautomation important?

In this post-pandemic era, enterprises are keen to amplify their automation efforts to be agile, efficient, and resilient. An HFS 2020 research report - Coping with COVID-19 stated that Covid-19 has led to a 55% increase in enterprises’ automation spends. Though COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation, siloed automation implementations are still not meeting customer expectations.

Hyperautomation also called Intelligent Process Automation or Digital Process Automation has emerged as the obvious answer to executives who have been looking for integrated solutions to achieve end-to-end process transformation, improve productivity, and lower operational costs.

Companies with an enterprise-wide automation strategy integrated with analytics and intelligence report higher returns in terms of additional workforce capacity, cost reduction, and increase in revenues.

By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes


An enterprise-wide automation strategy to reduce costs by 24% and increase revenue by 8%

-Deloitte Insights

Hear it from the industry experts

Business only reach their true potential with exponential growth when processes are automated strategically

– Nivedita Ratakonda, CEO, Biglittle Innovations

Transformation Business Outcomes with Hyperautomation

A panel of industry experts and technology innovation leaders, including Mr. Manish Bharati from UiPath, Mr. Venkat Varadarajan from Intel, Mr. Sunil Reddy from Dodla Dairy, and Ms. Nivedita Ratakonda from Biglittle Innovations, weighed the benefits of combining advanced analytics, process mining, AI, & automation in the recent TiE Global Entrepreneur Summit 2020.

They emphasized the importance of hyperautomation and spoke about how to overcome the challenges that come with the adoption of intelligent process automation..

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Why Partner with Cloud4C?

Cloud4C is a leading automation solution and service provider. With our deep domain expertise and automation skills, we have developed frameworks and implementation methodologies that have helped many organizations scale their automation solutions with ease and gain faster time-to-value.

Our single-partner turnkey & cost-effective solution will not only help organizations achieve end-to-end process transformation but also reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) drastically. We leverage disruptive technologies such as RPA, process analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning to derive insights from your on-ground business processes, identify impactful processes, implement automations and manage the process and robots.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Cloud4C's single partner turnkey solution

  • Provides a comprehensive view of processes using process maps.
  • Helps extract information from even unstructured data using our document processing engines
  • Discovers impactful business processes using process mining.
  • Leverages AI and Machine Learning to enable end-to-end process automation and accelerates complex process transformations.
  • Enables enterprises to scale automation and increases business resilience.
  • Boosts revenues and reduces capital & operational costs.
  • Empowers the modern workforce and improves productivity.
  • Provides insights on automation results and drives ROI
  • Avoid dealing with multiple vendors, with a single vendor turnkey solution.

Core Components of our Hyperautomation Suite

Extract data and process documents

With our Document Ingestion Engine

  • Extract large volumes of data from various sources
  • Convert unstructured data to structured data
  • Validate data obtained from multiple sources using our intelligent document processing engine.
  • Remove the possibility of manual errors
  • Integrate with existing business process and upload/update extracted data

Gain complete visibility over the entire automation landscape

By means of our process analytics, process mining & AI technologies

  • Visualize the entire process map and paths every process take
  • Discover processes, trends, patterns, and deviations
  • Identify good candidates for automation
  • Define & Configure Key Performance Indicators and identify process deviations /inefficiencies impacting the metrics
  • Gain actionable insights on your automated processes and improve business outcomes
  • Find new automation opportunities
  • After automation, monitor and see improvements in KPIs

Streamline and Automate processes

Using our Robotic Process Automation Solutions

  • Automate routine/labor-intensive as well as cognitive tasks
  • Leverage reusable objects, optimize robots and improve efficiency
  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • Test and deploy custom-built bots
  • Enable faster and accurate end-to-end process automations with the help of our RPA Center of Excellence

Our Approach
Consultation, Implementation, Managed Services

Our spectrum of end-to-end services specialize in delivering robust and reusable Robotic Process Automation solutions - be it for assessing automation feasibility or managing RPA bots, or a host of other possibilities.

Discover & Advice

  • Understand requirements from business users
  • Identify or detect end-to-end processes for automation
  • Assess processes and build a roadmap
  • Suggest the right framework, deployment and engagement model.
  • Set up required tools and build a Proof of Concept (POC)

Optimize & Implement

  • Rectify inefficiencies in processes with AI-enabled decision making.
  • Optimize and enhance processes with structured and standard data inputs.
  • Build smart & scalable automation, leveraging Ingestion Engines & RPA
  • Continuous refinement and auto-learning

Run & Manage

  • Deploy automation at enterprise scale
  • Run the automated process securely
  • Ensure they are running accurately and around the clock with our managed services support
  • Provide Implementation support and remediate issues encountered

Govern & Measure

  • Measure and track ROI with the help of dashboards, reports, and metrics defined for each of the processes.
  • Monitor and maintain RPA robots and ensure they are running 24/7
  • Implement Change management and perform upgrades as and when required

Explore & Experience our All-in-One Automation Platform and Accelerate your Digital Process Automation

Cloud4C Process Automation Advantage

Cloud4C Process Automation

Traditional Offerings

  • Scope
    Entire end-to-end processes
    Piecemeal, task-focused
  • Visibility
    Complete process visibility
  • Impact
    Aligns with business outcomes
    Unclear business benefits
  • Technology Partners
    Single partner
    Multiple technology partners
  • Solution
    Complete solution tailored to the use case
    Onus on the customer to stitch the solution together
  • RPA Use Cases
    Ideal opportunities for RPA identified through process analytics.
    Opportunities for automation identified through ad hoc subjective methods
  • Managed Services
    Ongoing managed services
  • Transparency
    Across different roles in the organization.
    Only the process owner
  • Technology
    Our process analytics, AI, ML, RPA, IDP tools
    Restricted to RPA alone

Our Expertise in Automation


Robotic Process


Intelligent Document


Process Mining &



Our Differentiators


Worlds largest
Automation driven
Managed Services


100% Business
processes automated


100% Accuracy


Offering RPA solutions
to 100+ Marquee


USD 1.5 Bn
Payments processed


1.2 million
man-hours saved


25 Centers of


200+ Man years of
domain experience


Homegrown OCR
capabilities powering
35x faster report


750+ certified public
cloud (AWS, Azure,
GCP, Oracle) experts


Strategic partnerships with automation giants such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, SAP


Global presence across 25 countries, spread across Americas, Europe, Middle East, APAC


Out of the box solutions to support enterprise functions such as Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Sales & Distribution, IT services


Support for any ecosystem (on-prem, public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud) backed by 2000+ Cloud experts


Out of the box solutions for key industry verticals such as BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Government, Supply chain, Telecom, Automotives


Serving 4000+ enterprises across the globe with 60 of Fortune 500 companies and 80+ enterprises with over $1Bn revenue

Rainbow Hospital Streamlines Operations with Cloud4C’s Intelligent Automation Solution

  • Outcome:
  • 22 Processes automated
  • 100+ Man-hours per month saved
  • 100% accuracy
  • 40% increase in Productivity
  • 60% reduction in processing time

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Dodla Dairy Accelerating Digital Transformation with Cloud4C’s Intelligent Automation Solutions.

  • Outcome:
  • 11 Processes automated
  • 950 hours saved monthly
  • 100% accuracy
  • 40% reduction in processing time

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Look Beyond RPA . Embrace the future of automation - Hyperautomation

Organizations should look beyond traditional automation tools to achieve end-to-end process automation and deliver strategic business value.

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Intelligent automation is transforming processes and the ways businesses operate.

Learn how automation can shape the future of your organization in 2021.

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Hyperautomation - FAQs

  • What is Hyperautomation?


    Hyperautomation refers to the use of RPA and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, natural language processing (NLP), decision management, document ingestion engine, or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool and more, to achieve true end-to-end automation.

  • How should I go about adopting a Hyperautomation strategy?


    You can begin by defining your expectations for improvement and assessing the business-sense in the decision to roll out a hyperautomation strategy. Desired business outcomes include measurably improved customer experience, improved revenues, decreased costs, and increased productivity, among others. Once the rationale is specified from a business-outcome perspective, the roadmap to adoption becomes clear.

  • What are the challenges I could face with adopting Hyperautomation?


    The main roadblocks to a successful Hyperautomation are,

    • - Lack of data-ingestion means for unstructured data
    • - The data volumes necessary to train the AI
    • - Lack of in-house skills to understand the technology and propagate it through the organization
  • How can my enterprise firm up its own Hyperautomation readiness?


    You can help your organization get ready for process transformation by engaging with a partner such as Cloud4C that has experts and subject matter knowledge relevant to your domain. It would also help by building teams to familiarize themselves with automation and AI technologies, an area that Cloud4C is ready to assist you with.

  • How can I ensure a smooth transition of the newer
    Hyperautomation regime?


    You will have already ensured a smooth transition by establishing the rationale and mapping the technologies to the intended business outcomes. You can also encourage your teams to familiarize themselves with the technology. Also, you can partner with expert automation service providers like Cloud4C, who can help in your hyperautomation journey.

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