70-80% Digital Transformation initiatives fail and as a result $900 Billion was wasted in 2018.

Today, most of the enterprises realize the benefits of adopting hybrid environments comprising of public and traditional IT system, with more emphasis on deployment in multiple public clouds.

Managed Service Providers like Cloud4C, help enterprises leverage the public cloud provider’s agile IT capabilities such as rapid provisioning, orchestration, self-services, spend management etc. Also, Cloud4C augments enterprises’ skills in cloud, tools, processes and knowledge by to reduce the complexity of adopting hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

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Words That Influence Our Extra Mile Of Effort

Jaleel Holdings is glad to work with a cloud service provider like Cloud4C who took each and every step to ensure that all our business challenges are resolved with ease. The certified cloud specialists analyzed the business environment and suggested the right architecture that is cost effective. It is no exaggeration to mention that the credit of our hassle-free business operations goes to Cloud4C. Their customer centric approach and commitment towards excellence are commendable.

Firoz Moosa

AM-Information Technology


Enterprise applications are the backbone of any organization. It is given that the IT infrastructure that supports is robust and this includes the application support. Our support services are tailored to our customer’s needs. You can rely on the application’s performance when it matters.

Cloud4C’s comprehensive application managed services include IT infrastructure support, Application maintenance and Disaster recovery. The best part is that all these services are covered under a single SLA.

Secure Dashboard for your Application Managed services Secure Dashboard for your Application Managed services


Illustration on Key Application migrations by Cloud4C Illustration on Key Application migrations by Cloud4C


Illustration on Application Databases supported by Cloud4C Illustration on Application Databases supported by Cloud4C


Cloud4C offers Enterprise Grade Managed services to augment heterogeneous and complexities technology environments through optimized delivery model, supported by robust processes such as ITIL, ITSM, CoBIT, and our proprietary service delivery processes (backed by stringent SLAs).

We determine workload needs, transform and migrate applications without disruption, furnish a secure, stable infrastructure and provide a smooth transition to your service model(s)

Our framework is built on globally acceptable norms, and we work on any changes to compliances so that enterprises needn’t exert this burden on their IT workforce.

Illustration on Service Management of Application Managed services by Cloud4C Illustration on Service Management of Application Managed services by Cloud4C
Icon on Cloud4C Migration factory

Cloud4C Migration factory

  • Cloud4C Migration factories use the highly efficient assembly line approach with clearly defined steps to make the migration and transformation safe, secure and needless to say fail-proof.
  • 21 Centers of Excellence working towards optimised Migration Blueprints everyday
  • Help to develop lean, metric-driven processes and a factory fabric consisting of automated migration planning, workflow automation, DevOps, AIOps, DevSecOps, AISecOps, agile life-cycle management, real-time dashboards and more.
Icon on Provisioning for Application Managed services


  • Enables quick and easy deployment of cloud infrastructure
  • Simplifies the on-demand provisioning of commonly used pre-defined cloud stacks
  • Automation and integration with an enterprise’s existing ITSM service catalog to quickly set-up applications in either test or production environments through a self-service portal.
Icon on Monitoring and Event Management for Application Managed services

Monitoring and Event Management

  • Enables an enterprise to log and alert based on the best practices for ensuring security and system health
  • Monitors, correlates and investigates alerts to detect and resolve incidents proactively
  • Cloud4C aggregates and stores all operational logs, and customers have full access to the cloud native tools for full transparency
Icon on Availability  for Application Managed services


  • You can host your applications in multiple regions world-wide.
  • All components are deployed, validated and operationalized within a region, supporting customers who require full support solely out of one region and supporting their region redundancy plan requirements.
Icon on Security and Access Management for Application Managed services

Security and Access Management

  • With anti-malware protection, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention systems, Cloud4C manages security policies and is able to quickly recognize and respond to any intrusion.
  • By utilising cloud native security capabilities and best practices, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Cloud4C removes the complexity of managing multiple authentication mechanisms
Icon on Patch and Business Continuity Management for Application Managed services

Patch and Business Continuity Management

  • Automated patching and backup activities in a timely and consistent manner to help keep your resources current and secure.
  • Critical security patches are applied immediately, while others are applied based on the patch schedule you request.
Icon on Compliance for Application Managed services


  • Cloud4C offers a secure and compliant landing zone, and a step-by-step process for extending your security, identity, and compliance perimeter to the cloud.
  • Cloud4C offers compliance certification mapping for HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, PCI, ISO and more
  • Our rigor and controls help to enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies, and enable you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach.
Icon on Disaster Recovery and Backup for Application Managed services

Disaster Recovery and Backup

  • Market leader in maintaining highly available environments (99.9%)
  • Cloud4C provides a simple, cost-effective, modern data backup and recovery strategies with DRaaS frameworks custom-designed to meet the demands of enterprises to bring resilience to business models by delivering uninterrupted services.
Icon on Disaster Recovery and Backup for Application Managed services

Change Management

  • Cloud4C provides secure and efficient means to make controlled changes to your infrastructure in order to ensure compliance.
  • Changes are approved and automated through our approval engine, and can be scheduled via self-service.
Icon on Cost savings for Application Managed services


  • Cloud4C provides a monthly summary of key performance metrics, including operational activities, events and their respective impact,
  • Cloud4C also provides recommendations to optimize platform usage and optimize cost so that you get the most out of your investment.
Icon on Disaster 24 X 7 Enterprise Support for Application Managed services

24 X 7 Enterprise Support

  • You have access to Enterprise Support, a concierge-like service providing 24x7 technical support from high-quality engineers, tools, and technology to automatically manage the health of your environment.
  • We augment and empower your team with a fully staffed service desk to answer questions, resolve incidents and perform and manage complex change requests.
Icon on Incident Management for Application Managed services

Incident Management

  • Cloud4C monitors the overall health of your infrastructure resources
  • Handles the daily activities of investigating and resolving incidents.


  • Due to high expertise and experience on public cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, SAP, GCP, OCI etc., Cloud4C has perfected a highly secure, automated and cost-effective migration approach and framework(s)

  • Dedicated approach to every step of data migration- from initial assessment and planning to ensuring data security and backup and finally risk mitigation and disaster recovery.

  • Complex migrations, conversions, homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations are handled skillfully.

  • Assured data sovereignty (using AI) and data integrity by using performing validations at three stages of cloud migration- Test phase, Pre-production and Post-production using applications and Infra team.

  • High speed data migration with zero downtime to the tune of no-failure 50,000 transactions/hour and provides complete support in the form of backup with 24/7 support infrastructure availability.

  • Ensures high-availability (99.9%) infrastructure

Cloud IAAS Differentiators of Cloud4C Cloud IAAS Differentiators of Cloud4C

How Cloud4C Can Help You?

  • Our infrastructure is setup for complex environments such as HANA Clusters. We have experience handling these applications with any custom requirements.

  • Handle application deployment in the environment of your choice

  • Backup and restore services for all your enterprise data

  • Leverage on our high-availability (99.9%) infrastructure

  • Disaster recovery of your applications within minutes of incident discovery

  • Scheduled patching and updating of your enterprise system with minimum disruptions

  • We help with your business continuity planning for your application in case of an incident

  • Support you can rely on - 24 X 7

Comprehensive Managed Services Portfolio

Icon on Enterprise Application Hosting

Enterprise Application Hosting

Organizations leverage complex systems like ERP to maintain a day to day operations. While their usages are standard and gradually increase over time, their installation and maintenance are highly complex. Cloud4C works with leading ERP vendors to keep your ERP up and running with the help of regular updates and security patches. In case of disaster, the application will be up and running in no time with multi-level backup and robust disaster recovery processes.

Icon on Digital Business Hosting

Digital Business Hosting

For any digital business such as e-commerce, websites, and SaaS, websites must be flexible, secure, scalable and reliable. Cloud4C ensures easy hassle-free digital business hosting by providing the infrastructure and computing resources, instant scalability and perfect traffic management while providing cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive hosting solutions will allow you to leverage on those business critical digital assets.

Icon on Web based Application Hosting

Web based Application Hosting

Every enterprise has web based internal applications with static workloads. Cloud4C has solutions for their non-critical business assets. Our team can build and maintain robust digital assets with minimal maintenance cost and maximum security.

Hosting For Compliance With Location Sensitivity

With rising data concerns across the world, companies must handle the data within the purview of the law. Cloud4C has the ability to create a complex scenario where the data hosting adhere to the localization laws but the application is placed on public cloud for maximum performance. This complex deployment can be handled by Cloud4C’s team.

Cloud4C helps deploy your web presence across high availability clusters in the green (group) datacenters and pods setup globally so that if a primary location ever goes offline, a secondary location will kick into action in a manner that is seamless and transparent. The end-user experience is par excellence as a result and business never skip a beat.

Global Compliance assured with Cloud4C Global Compliance assured with Cloud4C
Illustration on Global presence of service delivery by Cloud4C Illustration on Global presence of service delivery by Cloud4C

Resilience Of On-premise Environments

Most companies host application on-premise for maximum performance within the network. However, they often need hot standby support from external networks to optimize the network load or for backup. Cloud4C’s team can handle the applications on your network while providing hot standby on your datacenter or our own datacenter.


Companies have varied needs and our offering is flexible enough to adapt to them. Your application strategy must not be limited by its IT infrastructure. We have expertise across deployment models and cross deployments too. While we own and operate our own infrastructure, we leverage on public cloud as needed. Below are some of the complex hosting scenarios we handle.

  • A combination of public cloud and private cloud (or customer’s own data center) helps enterprises achieve the maximum performance from their applications. While the majority of the data is stored on the hyperscale servers of the public cloud, leveraging the private cloud gives them the much needed flexibility in terms of localization and load balancing.
  • A combination of private cloud and customer’s own data center or own premise hosting is highly sought after for non-critical business applications. This is a very common scenario where applications are used by users who are located closer to each other.

No matter what hosting scenario you choose, Cloud4C can handle the scenario. You can leverage on our datacenter infrastructure or choose a datacenter of your choose to host your applications.

Services for Global enterprises by a flexible cloud managed player Services for Global enterprises by a flexible cloud managed player

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