Choose Cloud4C Disaster-Recovery-as-a-service for thebest-in-class IT resiliency

Cloud4C dedicated team of AWS experts can help architect Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions foryour business leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the hosting platform and Cloud4C’s 24×7 ManagedServices Team as the support engine. AWS provides a robust platform to host Disaster Recovery and add additionalservices on-demand. This helps enable our customers to achieve their internal compliance, Disaster Recovery, andbusiness continuity needs, while also planning for future technology requirements.

Cloud4C Key Differentiators

  • Comprehensive & ISO 22301 compliance based DR as aservice framework, not just for the sake of compliance, butan assurance for business reliability & availability
  • End to end ownership and SLA based services includingRecovery during DR times & Resumption after DC stabilisation
  • Customised & tailor made DR capacity based on thecriticality & impact on business of each workload
  • 1200+ DR drills successfully completed
  • Zero Data Loss Disaster recovery solutions

Deep cloud experience and expertiseto handle disasters

Cloud4C enables orchestratedDR functions, including failover,failback, testing, and reverseprotection

Allows you to deploy DR solutionsto-and-from on-premises, and acrosspublic and private clouds

Cloud4C keeps your Recovery PointObjectives and Recovery TimeObjectives in sync and on budget.Plus it offers a compliance-readyand single Service Level Agreementon the AWS platform

Whether it’s data back up or replicatingvirtual servers at multiple locationsaround the world, rest assured, yourdisaster recovery plan is in good hands.

No vendor lock-ins. Unlockunlimited possibilities.

At Cloud4C, customer satisfaction takes thecentre stage. We eliminate vendor lock-ins andprovide complete support for customers toleverage any latest tools to install on to theirinfrastructure, and the same would be backed upin real-time.

The cloud game plan forany disaster

Any enterprise that doesn’t have a systematicdisaster recovery plan (DRP) should vouch forDRaaS. This ensures all critical data issafeguarded by a third party at a differentlocation, and would be recovered withouteffecting the daily operations.


The all-weather cloud solutions

Cloud4C supports all the applications and the data. We would move them to AWS seamlessly. Atop thesecapabilities, Cloud4C has a heterogeneous approach so that customers can avoid using multiple tools.Cloud4C enables its customers to sync their applications based on their priority. Mission critical applications wouldbe recovered rst followed by the remaining ones.