Why Enterprises Must Opt for Multi-Factor Authentication-asa-Service (MFAaaS)?

The omnipresence of digital experiences has exponentially multiplied fodder for cybercriminals who can break traditional ID and password-based authentications by brute force with hacking software. Multiple layers of authentication, hence, post the initial login verification, is a red alert imperative. And, that are intricately tied with the activities, contextual behaviors, and possessions of the true account holder. This enables enterprises to not only prevent mal-activists from infiltrating their networks but also protect the sensitive information and overall digital identities of real users. The impact is profound both ways, helping organizations and their people thrive in a digitaldriven era.

Among enterprise cloud users, there is only an 11% MFA adoption rate.

61% of people use the same password for several accounts.

MFA stops 96% of bulk phishing attempts.

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Types of Authentication Factors: Choose the One that Fits Your Security Goals Best

Multiple Authentication Factors


Authentication based on any knowledge possessed and set previously by the real user or account holder

Multiple Authentication Factors


  • Login IDs and Passwords
  • Security Questions and Answers
  • Recovery account details
Multiple Authentication Factors


Validation based on the activity of the devices possessed by the real user that could be/not be connected with the enterprise network

Multiple Authentication Factors


  • OTPs via text or apps on smartphone, email-based OTPs
  • Software tokens or digital certificates
  • USB devices, smart cards, secret keys, access badges, etc
Multiple Authentication Factors


Authentication based on the intel around the user’s contextual behaviors, situational analysis, or biometrics

Multiple Authentication Factors


  • Facial recognition, Fingerprints
  • Voice recognitions
  • Retina or Iris Scans

Secure your business accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication-as-a-Service

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Benefits of Cloud4C Multi-Factor Authentication-as-a-Service (MFaaS) Solutions and Services

Convenient MFA Solutions


Outsourcing the MFA process to Cloud4C makes it easier for organizations to implement and manage, as they do not need to invest in additional hardware or software

Cost Effective MFA Solutions

Cost Effective

Outsourcing MFA to a third-party provider can be more cost-effective than building and maintaining an in-house solution

Cloud Native MFA Solutions

Cloud native

Cloud-powered solutions, seamlessly deployable and integrable with enterprise platforms, applications, user accounts as needed

Modern MFA Solutions

Constant Improvements

Cloud4C MFA service is constantly updating our security standards and features to provide the best protection for customers, which ensures that the customer's security is always up to date

High Availability MFA Solutions

High Availability

Cloud4C MFA-as-a-Service provides a high availability of service, ensuring that the authentication process is always available and reliable

Customizable MFA Solutions


Authenticators configurable and customizable based on account priorities, access levels, privilege statuses, etc.

Industry Standardized MFA Solutions

Industry Standardized

Synchronous with leading global digital authentication standards such as OAuth, U2F, and more

Easy MFA Integration

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with leading cybersecurity solutions such as IAM and PAM security, Threat Intelligence, Incident Management, MDR, EDR platforms

Scalable MFA Solutions


Easily scalable for multiple users anywhere. Agile enough to support authentications of multiple users at once

Adaptive MFA Solutions


Advanced, adaptive risk-based authentication capabilities by analyzing contextual data around the logging user: geo-location, activity, timing, device insights, IP addresses, etc.

Multiple Authentication Factors

Multiple Modes

The solution supports multiple modes of authenticators such as Knowledge, Possession, Inherence

Multiple Authentication Factors

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

Private cloud, public cloud, multi-cloud, on-prem, hybrid

Compliant MFA Solutions


Fully compliant solutions in-sync with data regulations and standards

Fully Managed MFA Solutions

Fully Managed Service

Consultative blueprinting, deployment, solution management, support end-to-end

Cloud4C Multi-Factor Authentication-as-a-Service Capabilities: An Overview

Risk assessment and security consulting, Auditing

Unique Encryption solutions for Protection of static and in-transit data between accounts

MFA solutions deployment across cloud, on-prem, hybrid client environments

User Activity Analytics, Behavioral Authentication Solutions

MFA Configurations and policy customizations based on user needs and objectives

Compliance with Digital Data Regulations and Standards, Emergency overrides and backups

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Contextual Risk-based Authentication Solutions

AI-based Authentication Solutions and Risk Modelling

Multi-mode Authentications including Single Sign-on, 2FA, Password-less Authentications

24/7 support with global coverage in multiple languages, beneficial for organizations with multi-national presence

Identity Security and Access Management, Integration with Enterprise Security Suites

Advanced analytics and reporting tools to better manage MFA processes

Deploy Smart, Fully Managed, Compliant Multi-Factor Authentication-as-a-Service.

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