Next-generation Firewall Your key to granular and robust security controls

The relentless onslaught of hackers and scammers, growing in both scale and nature, forces organizations to spend millions on protecting their networks. The industry is also witnessing significant disruptions—hybrid IT, increasing network edges, segmented networks, and hyperscale—driving the adoption of the latest security solutions to thwart risks before it’s too late.

Amidst unmanaged endpoints, complex cloud-based infrastructure and evolving threat vectors, the need for a Zero Trust approach has become more apparent than ever. However, the lack of convergence remains a key challenge in achieving Zero Trust.

Though firewalls have always been a critical component of enterprise cybersecurity measures, the traditional firewalls were not designed to support the current security requirements or offer minute visibility and threat protection to today’s cloud-first businesses.

Next-generation Firewall combines the key features of a traditional firewall with a host of new-age features to help modern enterprises stay resilient and control their networks. From precise control, deep-packet inspection, and application awareness to antivirus and spam filtering, NGFWs offer the much-required protection from internal and external threats.

Global Next-Generation Firewall market size is projected to reach multimillion figures in the next 5 years

83% of SMBs are not financially equipped to recover from a cyber attack
- Forbes

While 96% of organizations state they implement network segmentation, only 2% segment all 6 mission-critical asset classes

70% of breaches originate at endpoints, making them a prime target for cyberattacks

Cloud4C Next-gen Firewall: Consistent Convergence Across All Edges

To secure the hybrid network and applications, Cloud4C has adopted a networking and security convergence approach in which security-driven networking enables consistent convergence across all edges with ZTNA.

Icon for Network Firewall

Network Firewall

Icon for Wi Fi Network

Switch and Wi-Fi

Icon for SD-WAN Solution


Icon for Next Gen Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

Icon for Edge Network

Protection of every network edge

As the attack surface expands, it creates new and expanded Networks Edges that need to be protected. Cloud4C NGFW protects every network edge, whether WAN, endpoint or cloud, by creating an integrated network fabric.

Icon for End to End Network Security

Consistent convergence

Cloud4C NGFW provides converged networking and security in a unified offering with a flexible deployment model via appliance, VM, container and SaaS. Our highly scalable security-driven networks offer seamless convergence without any performance disruption.

Icon for Edge Network Experience

Better user experience

The ultra-scalable performance and AI-powered security are meant to cover every edge across an organization for better user experience and uniform threat protection.

What Can Cloud4C Next-gen Firewall Do for Your Business?

Icon for IP Security

Comprehensive visibility and vulnerability prevention with IPS

Icon for Advanced Threat Security

Secure segmentation to prevent lateral threats

Icon for Security Services

Secure service at any scale

Cloud4C Next-Gen Firewall

The ultimate Next-gen Firewall because your enterprise deserves the best network security in today’s cloud era.

Find The Right Skills to Manage Your Next-Gen Firewall

Robust network security goes a little beyond just having the right NGFW. You need the right skills to manage the latest technologies and optimize your security performance. As a leading Managed Security Services provider, Cloud4C provides comprehensive skill support to manage enterprise NGFW. Here’s how our Managed Security Services benefit your organization:

Icon for Security Analytics

Reduced admin overheads

Icon for Firewall Policy

Up-to-date policies & updated NGFW

Icon for Optimized Performance

Optimized policies for efficient performance

Icon for Data Reports

Executive insights from actionable reports

Cloud4C Next-Gen Firewall: Key Differentiators

Icon for AI Threat Protection

AI-powered Protection

Protect any user, app, edge with Cloud4C’s industry-leading Integrated IPS deployed within world’s leading 
financial institutions.

Icon for Threat Segmentation


Manage risks and enable trusted access with the only firewall vendor powered by integrated ZTNA proxy to provide explicit application access.

Icon for Security Hardware


Meet escalating business needs with industry’s first purpose-built hardware to accelerate any security function.

Icon for Risk Visibility

Deep visibility

Manage external risks with TLS1.3. We also offer the industry's highest SSL performance measured IPS remediation.

Icon for Zero Trust Network Access

Integrated ZTNA

Enterprise-level protection from a vendor qualified for “Gartner Universal ZTNA” with integrated Proxy within FortiGate as well as delivered from the cloud- FortiSASE.

Icon for Security Operations Automation

Simplified Operations

Efficient and centralized operations achieved through a unified, single pane that automates operations across large (100k+) networks to achieve better economics.

CAF Security Assessment Workshop

Ready to upgrade your traditional firewall? Take the first step, register for our complete CAF Security Assessment Workshop and get your security assessment report.

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Application focused high-end cloud managed services player with factory approach

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Largest global partner of SAP

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An expanding global footprint across 26 countries and 52 locations

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Pre-met global compliance needs

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Serving 4000+ enterprises globally including 60 of Fortune 500

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A comprehensive security services portfolio

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