The Real-time Guard for Enterprise Databases: Monitor, Detect, and Manage Data Risks 24/7

During any cyberattack on any confidential information, the attackers first try to jam the existing organizational access patterns or the fundamental security protections even before releasing the real mal software. Due to this, the enterprise perimeters and databases are always at risk and any attack will no longer be a simple anti-malware or firewall attack. Hence, it’s imperative to focus on greater depth around database defences and security solutions while preserving the privacy, experience quality for the end user accessing any applications running on top of the databases. This is where Database Activity Monitoring comes into picture.

By 2026, the big data security market is expected to reach $28.2 billion.

Only a third (33%) of organisations are able to fully classify all of their data Casting away a data breach that lasts up to 200 days can swallow up to $4.95 million.

Database Activity Monitoring ensures that there are near zero eventual breaches and nil failure of data workflows, building a secure architecture to analyze in real-time and prevent impending attacks even before they can inflict real damage. The solutions act with swift in identifying incidents and mitigating them without any outages. An ideal database monitoring will not just send across alert notifications but even provide the root cause for the issues and trigger the integrated response or remediation solutions. Given that database monitoring is crucial that requires highly skilled workforce, enterprises are leaning on third party vendors/ cloud managed services for database monitoring.

Where Does Cloud4C Come In: Fully Managed Database Activity Monitoring

Being a pioneer in providing end-to-end managed security services, Cloud4C takes the responsibility of managing and monitoring your mission-critical databases across multiple IT environments, platforms, remote ecosystems, cloud architectures with ease; guaranteeing zero friction data continuity. Cloud4C’s Managed Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Service consists of stringent administration, governance, and real time activity monitoring of databases for potential misuse, maligned behavioural intents, data leakages, and external threats or data infiltration incidents.

General functionalities include DAM Agent provisioning, deployment, tuning and policy-based changes (including on a per-DB instance basis as needed), as well as software and firmware updates. Comprehensive monitoring activities encompass collection, storage, audit reporting, and Customer notification of Detected DAM security events. The solution enables cutting-edge tools of automated reporting and analysis through Cloud4C’s Customer Service Portal and other platforms. It’s an all-in-one solution for database monitoring, alerting, and threat investigation modeled into a single cost-effective service. Prevent data breach incidents 24/7 with advanced tools and cloud native applications.

DAM Solution: General Monitoring Parameters

CPU Utilization

Memory Usage

Connection and Integration Stats

Buffer Cache

Query Performances

Resource Pools

User Sessions and Access

Deadlock Details

User and System Errors

User Behaviour Analysis

Data Leakage Points

External Threats

Benefits of Cloud4C Database
Activity Monitoring Services for An Enterprise

Multi-database Activity Tracking
Multi-database Activity Tracking
Pattern and anomaly detection
Sensitive data detection
Data Governance
Compliance Monitoring
Intelligent Threat Management
Image for Multi Database Activity Tracking

With Database Activity Monitoring, enterprises will be able to manage over a large number of databases. The Database Activity Monitoring will provide great visibility of the permissions given to all the individuals. The Database Activity Monitoring helps in managing the databases which help in saving time and provides complete view of the databases.

Image for Anomaly Detection

The Database Activity Monitoring helps enterprises to identify the anomalies which are not specifically against the policy. With Database Activity Monitoring, any incident can be quickly identified due to alerts generated and reporting tools. This means that the administrator will no longer have to review the log files manually. The Database Activity Monitoring ensure in detecting any deviation from normal activity which creates a path to easily identify potential breaches.

Image for Sensitive Data Detection

With Database Activity Monitoring, enterprises will be able to scan the databases to keep track of the sensitive data. Usually, enterprises have such humongous data that it becomes difficult to identify and categorize which data is sensitive. As part of the Database Activity Monitoring, each column and row is scanned to see where the sensitive data is stored. It helps enterprises to have more control over the databases as they know where the sensitive data is stored.

 Image for Data Governance

Database Activity Monitoring place a significant role in the overall data governance and administration of an enterprise. The latter includes the finalization and deployment of cutting-edge platforms, tools, services, and frameworks to ensure that an organization’s data architecture and dataflows remain healthy, threat-proof, compliant, and continuous without any disruption. Guided by an expert team of data assessors and database experts, database activity monitoring solutions helps and enterprise scan its existing information bases 24/7, identify lurking threats, and automate alerts generation for maintaining data sanctity in real-time.

Image for Compliance Monitoring

Database Activity Monitoring help enterprises to fulfil the compliance regulations such as SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others. It helps enterprises understand the usage of patterns of the databases activity and system administrators which help is the timely review. In case of any attack, it will help in finding the problem. With the Database Activity Monitoring, enterprises will be able to keep track of users who are active, inactive and any other type of anomalies.

Image for Intelligent Threat Management

A major segment of Database activity monitoring is in its integration capabilities with an organization’s advance threat management stack. The latter might include SIEM, SOAR, XDR, Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security Solutions, Advanced Threat Protection, and more. Hence, as the DAM platform monitors databases and logs in real-time and acknowledges an anomaly raising an alert, an adequate threat investigation and response strategy could be initiated to contain, mitigate the risk faster than ever.

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The Ideal DAM Solution Checklist

  • Consume no more than 1-3% of CPU and disk resources
  • Continuous, Real-time Monitoring of Data Workloads
  • Issues Fast Connection Resets
  • Utilizes minimum networking bandwidth
  • Intuitive Troubleshooting Interface
  • No unwarranted object installations or downloads
  • Should not alter existing database configurations
  • Won’t require rebooting of host systems
  • Won’t require database user accounts for monitoring activation
  • Won’t tamper with data file systems

Cloud4C Fully Managed Smart Database Activity Monitoring Services

DAM provides full visibility into database user activity and can issue alerts or stop suspicious activities based on predefined vPatch rules and custom rules. It also includes prevention, cluster support, third-party integration, and advanced reporting functionality.

Database protection

Prevention of intrusion, data theft, and other attacks on your databases. DAM uses memory-based sensors to detect threats with a single, non-intrusive solution.

Threat identification and intervention

High-risk violations can be configured to automatically close suspicious sessions and quarantine malicious users, allowing time for the security team to investigate the intrusion

Custom security policies

DAM enables you to create custom rule-based policies for users/ queries and database objects.

Virtual Patch updates

Virtual patching updates are provided regularly for newly discovered vulnerabilities, protecting sensitive data until a patch is released by the database vendor and can be applied. The updates can be implemented without database downtime.

Audit log

Access to sensitive data, including complete transaction details, can be logged for audit purposes.

External Management tools

With external management tools, get access to closed-loop integration which helps keep track of changes done to databases in SQL. Keep track of the administer activity and generate management reports.

Pre-defined policies

It offers pre-defined policies related to PCI, SOX, and any other generic compliance, data regulatory and data governance requirements.

Advanced Monitoring Tools

Get access to Database Monitoring tools such as DML, DDL, DCL that helps record SQL transactions. This can be done without depending on local database logs.

Access Authorization and Management

Makes sure that the service account will gain access to the database from defined IP source. This help identifying the compromises of a service account which usually occurs from the system.

Information Accuracy Preservation

Identify and offer a single view into details such as location, volume and data on premises and cloud. It helps differentiate data as per the security level and personal information.

Uninterrupted Dataflows

Database Activity Monitoring, in broader terms, allows automated screening of all databases and its associated connections, platforms, assets and report any shift or anomaly in existing functional patterns. This helps prevent dataflow disruptions.

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Database Activity Monitoring - FAQS

  • What is Database Activity Monitoring?


    Database Activity Monitoring is a technology which is used by enterprises to monitor and investigate the database activity. The Database Activity Monitoring can be a combination of network-based monitoring and native audit information which provides a complete picture of the database.

  • How does database activity monitoring work?


    Database Activity Monitoring means identify, observe and maintain the database activities. The DAM tools make use of real time technology to ensure all the activities are independently monitored without relying on any audits or logs.

  • What is the purpose of database activity monitoring?


    The purpose of Database activity monitoring (DAM) is to recognize and report of malicious activities with minimal impact on user operations and productivity. For Database administrators boggled with complicated database management, this is a gold mine for database security.

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