Data Center Migration

More and more enterprises are moving applications to the cloud to modernize their current IT asset base or to prepare for future needs. They are taking the plunge, picking up mission-critical applications to move to the cloud. To develop true digital transformation for enterprises migration plays a vital role, we at Cloud4C ensure you get more than lift and shift by empowering Application, Database Modernization and Reduce Costs not just at infra level but also from a perspective of overall IT spend through the four pillars-Continuity, Compliance, Customization and Control with an intent to reduce TCO.

Born in cloud with 10+ years’ experience in migrating critical workloads to cloud of enterprises choice with 18 different COE across multiple technologies, we can migrate any workloads, apps, platforms, DBs to choice of any cloud platform such as Azure which includes hybrid cloud locally hosted to address the data sovereignty issues.

Total Ownership


  • Discover application infrastructure stack
  • Performance Analysis
  • Application Dependencies Mapping
  • Network Layout and Configuration
  • Profiling

Plan and Architect

  • Azure products and services suitability analysis
  • Workload readiness analysis
  • Migration tools identification
  • Migration Approach
  • TCO Analysis


  • Lift and Shift
  • Re-packaging
  • Re-architecting
  • Re-deploying / building

Validate, Optimize and Manage

  • Application performance
  • External and Internal Connectivity Gaps
  • Application dependencies
  • End user experience
  • Define strategy for cost optimization
  • Compliance and Certification

Why Choose Cloud4C

  • 550+ Certified Experts
  • Multi-Cloud Platform
  • Security and Compliance adhering with local regulations
  • Migrated and Managing - 40000VMs
  • DevOps powered by AI
  • Across Platform Migration
  • 24x7 Intelligent supported by AIOps
  • Application DC Modernization

Seamless Migration to Azure Cloud Platform Case Study

  • innovation stack


  • step1

    Workload Lift & Shift for Innovation Stage  - Cloud Journey 

    Optimisation - Cost & Performance

    Security & Compliance Gap fulfilment and Risk Mitigation

    Business Continuity

    Cloud Readiness

    Better SLA

    Optimised TCO

    Consumption based spend

    Budget Forecasting

    Easy Efficient use of resources

    Less dependencies for scalability

  • step2

    Cloud Native Tools Identification & Mapping

    Sandbox for Containerisation and Serverless Compute

    Sandbox for Commercial DB to Opensource DB, AI, ML, IOT

    Sandbox for Cloud Native Security tools mapping and compliance control

    - Organisation readiness towards Digital Transformation Journey

    - Business Transformation Strategy

    - Business enablement towards adoption roadmap towards new services and products offering

  • step3

    Transform to New Edge Technology - Microservices / Containerisation

    Cloud Native Big Data and Analytics

    Cloud Next Gen Tools - AI, ML, IOT

    DevOps / DevSecOps / Mobiity / Automation

    - Efficient digital platform for running transformed business

    - Achieve competitive edge

    - Faster GTM / Better Net Promotor Score

    - Innovative business processes and procedures for offering new products and services

    - Increase revenue

Managed Cloud Platform Case Study