An email is one of the most vulnerable features of your enterprise’s network security.

What’s needed is an integrated email security solution which helps with below

  • Protects you from viruses and phishing campaigns
  • Blocks all objectionable material on emails in your enterprise
  • Secures your email from spam material
  • Detect and display content that is compliant with the enterprise policies

Inbox. Outbox. Here’s how we seal them from all from threats

We deploy Email Security Virtual Appliances in HA. The customer’s MX (Mail Exchange) record is pointed to this cluster’s IP public address. This is done so that it can act as an official MTA (Mail Transport Agent) for the outside world along with outer email security functions. The customer’s email server can be on a cloud or on-premises or another DC. Cloud4C Managed Security Services require a VPN tunnel over the internet or MPLS to reach the real email server in order to deliver the email. In case of outbound email, filtering is required, Customer server is required to reach to Cloud4C Managed Security Services team.

Email Security as a Service

  • E-Mail Security appliances to be placed in Cloud4C data centre
  • Email Server resides at the customer’s premise and MX Record points to email Security Solution through IPsec VPN or WAN
  • SMTPS traffic is directed to the E-Mail Security solution for inspection
  • Only the filtered emails reach the customer’s E-Mail server

Delivering security in your inbox


Here are the benefits of choosing Cloud4C email security solutions

  • Detect sensitive information using defined data patterns and ensure secure delivery
  • No additional hardware or software to install,
  • Zero user provisioning and recipient pre-enrollment.
  • Prevent Phishing and other advanced threats
  • Prevent blacklisting of legitimate subscribers by identifying and blocking endpoints sending spam.
  • Avoid data leaks by policy-based encryption and archiving
  • Enable compliance with SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS
  • Identity-based encryption to protect data in both push and pull methods
  • Increase uptime levels through 24x7 management and security experts


  • Virus Protection

    Viruses can damage the system and take the work and business for a toll. Several studies reveal that new viruses are evolving everyday challenging the security of the enterprises. Mitigating a single virus involves heavy investment, time and efforts. The virus engine is essential for any enterprise that will scan the email threads through a multi-tiered approach so that the enterprise’s reputation wouldn’t be at stake. The advanced malware detection would update the virus definitions multiple times in a day while the anti-spam modules are updated automatically.

  • Cloud Based Spam Filtering

    Cloud4C manages military grade Gateway Spam Filtering for hosted email as well as on premise workloads, which will ensure that all email based threats are handled efficiently and are quarantined. Our robust cloud infrastructure is scalable and flexible.

  • Spam Protection

    Spam protection is designed to ensure that any suspicious or spam threads, especially in emails, is filtered.

  • E-mail Spooling

    Bouncing back of emails in case of server availability can have a negative impact on the business. To ensure that no email is bounced back, Cloud4C offers best-in-class email spooling solution that will enable the enterprise to collect the email continuously.

  • Cloud Based Spam Filtering

    Denial-of-Service attack occurs when the intruder makes the server unavailable for the intended users. Cloud4C’s DOS protection is equipped with robust tools that will filter suspicious packets.

  • Spam Protection

    Highly critical and sensitive data should always be encrypted so that only authorized individuals or groups will have access to it.

  • Outbound Filtering

    Outbound filtering ensures that the traffic that’s going out of the server is scanned to ensure that the email is delivered securely.

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