Tranquility with Google Cloud Disaster recovery services

Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud

A disaster might not be in your hands but a disaster recovery plan surely is. GET THE RIGHT RECOVERY PLAN WITH GOOGLE CLOUD AND CLOUD4C.

Service interruptions, outages or natural disaster can happen at any time. That’s why enterprises need a robust business continuity plan to ensure readiness with compliance/security and with Minimal to No interruptions

Cloud4C provides top-notch Digital Recovery as a Service with proven expertise for almost a decade.

Cloud4C is an ofcial Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner in delivering enterprise-grade disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions

Achieve Differentiation with Google Cloud DR services of Cloud4C

DR on GCP - Cloud4C Differentiators

  • Cloud4C Robust framework using industry standards like ISO 22301 through which we are managing more than 500+ large enterprise ITDR
  • compliance-based DR as a service framework, not just for the sake of compliance, but an assurance for business reliability & availability
  • End to end ownership and SLA based services including Recovery during DR times & Resumption after DC stabilisation
  • Customised & tailor-made DR capacity based on the criticality & impact on business of each workload


Google Cloud Platform recovery models, which have been tested for more than 15 years ensures that the data is encrypted and any new access requests to server are authenticated and authorized.

Cloud4C leverages these capabilities and integrates it with their existing multi-layered security models to provide Disaster Recovery-as-a-service.

Icon on Cloud4C Disaster Recovery (CDR) Framework is as per ISOThe Cloud4C Disaster Recovery (CDR) Framework is as per ISO 22301:2012.

End-to-End Disaster Recovery Services on GCP

Icon on data protection with GCP
Hassle-Free Data Protection

We have your data stored on a daily basis at a safe and secure location. Our single SLA empowers the enterprise customers to demand a recovery service as and when required without hassles.

Icon on Single Platform with GCP
Single Platform

We migrate, replicate and preserve all the workloads on a single platform that can be viewed through a robust and user-friendly dashboard.

Icon on automated processes for Disaster recovery on GCP
Automated Processes

Using the best fit tools for the workloads we help enterprises automate the replication and recovery process effectively, which we carry out continuously to ensure business efficiency

Icon on technology freedom with Cloud4C
No Technology Lock In

There are absolutely zero restrictions with Cloud4C. Enterprises have full authority to try and test any new applications, and we would replicate them timely without any questions.


  • DR Architecture
    Design according to your recovery Goals
  • Initial Set up
    Design for an end to end recovery
  • Replication of data
    Treat Recovered data like production data
  • DR Site Activation
    Implementing Control Measures to prevent and detect issues before they occur
  • Primary site restoration
    Preparing your software and deployment for recovery
  • DR Drills
    To ensure data integrity, business processes are in sync as per their BCP
Disaster scenarios prevented by GCP
Peace of mind with Disaster recovery benefits with Google Cloud


Hot Disaster Recovery

This involves a quick Recovery Point Objective(RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RTO refers to the maximum length of time that your given application can be offiine. RPO refers to the maximum acceptable duration of time during which data may be lost from your application due to any major incident. HOT DR is ideally used for Mission Critical applications, This is absolutely vital for core financial and banking applications.

Warm Disaster Recovery

Focus on applications and infrastructure with a slightly higher RPO and RTO. May involve non-core banking applications, DMS, MOSS and print and file servers.

Cold Disaster Recovery

Slightly higher side of data recovery time compared to the HOT and Warm DR, it involves a higher RTO and RPO. Used ideally for Non Critical applications.


  • Non-Disruptive
  • Enterprise-Grade Securityl
  • TCO Reduction
  • Custom RTO & RPO
  • Independence and Control
  • Adherence with compliances


Ensure that all the sensitive data is safeguarded by an MSP like Cloud4C at a different location so that it’s retrieved in case of a major catastrophe

Here are some other benefits of leaning on DRaaS on GCP

  • Comprehensive & ISO 22301 compliance-based framework
  • 1200+ DR drills successfully completed.
  • Zero Data Loss Disaster recovery solutions
  • Scalability
  • Security and Compliance
  • Industry best SLA – 99.9%
  • Redundancy

Taking a cloud-centric approach eliminates the expensive hardware needed to scale disaster recovery. Cloud4C delivers a truly unlimited cloud so that you have on-demand compute and storage capacity with pay-as-you-grow pricing.