Host-based Security System Services

Looking for a host of services for protecting your servers?The Host -based Security System (HBSS) Of Cloud4C is the Only One you Need.


Get active protection for all your server devices, platforms and operating systems, using the Cloud4C Host-based Security Systems Policy Manager and Agent. The system offers proactive protection against local and network-based attacks.

Here's how our host serves your security needs - From start to finish.

Our HBSS policy server would be deployed at Cloud4C DC and all HBSS Agents would be deployed on customer servers.

A dedicated VPN tunnel is built if required from customer place to Cloud4C MSS DC HBSS Policy server.

Trend micro agent is installed at each endpoint of the hosts. All HBSS packages deployed in trend micro DSM (Deep Security Manager)



  • Anti-malware

    It is designed to detect malware events and prevents execution of malicious code and quarantine or delete malware traces.

  • Web Reputation

    Verifies the website reputation, based on category malicious websites are blocked.

  • Host Firewall


    An efficient firewall builds a fortified wall around the applications and servers. Host level firewall provides second level defence control in case of perimeter network firewall misconfigured.
  • Intrusion Prevention (Vpatching)


    It provides Virtual patching for the critical vulnerabilities released without patching
  • Integrity Monitoring


    Monitors the integrity of the files, who, when, what has been accessed /modified/deleted.
  • Log Inspection


    With the help of log inspection monitor the OS system logs and alerts in real time in case of any abnormal events are identified.

Experience a Host of benefits.

HBSS for Servers will provide the following protection modules

  • Anti-malware
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Log Inspection
  • Server Grade Host Firewall
  • Server Grade Host IDS/IPS
  • Server Grade Host Anti-,alware
  • Server Grade File Integrity Monitoring