Infrastructure Modernization for Global enterprises

Application Modernization

By 2022, cloud shift across key enterprise IT markets will increase to 28%, according to Gartner, Inc.

An organization’s infrastructure is going to get more evolved over the next two to three years as automation, network challenges and hybrid cloud are said to become more integral to an enterprise. CIOs would focus their energies to select the right mixture of cloud and traditional IT for the organization

Cloud4C helps organizations build a fully scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure engineered for high availability and high performance.


"IndiaFirst Life is amongst the first few insurance companies in the country to adopt digital route for helping our customers with best user experience. This required us to move away from legacy platforms to digital platforms and we were looking for a reliable cloud partner for managing our cloud transformation journey. Cloud4C was shortlisted as the partner of choice based on their expertise of managing and running mission critical BFSI workloads. The migration process was made easy by Cloud4C with their expert managed services on a Zero friction delivery model which was quite impressive. Their technical experts helped us solve many issues during the phase of migration. Today Cloud4C has hosted our applications on a public as well as private cloud which is backed by 24X7 support, Managed services and stringent availability and security SLAs . We have seen success in collaboration with a partner like Cloud4C and looking forward to continued engagement in the future".

Director, IT in IndiaFirst - Infrastructure Modernization client of Cloud4C
Navigate through business challenges with Infrastructure Modernization from Cloud4C


Cloud4C offers Infrastructure Modernization services to take your applications and software to the next level of performance and manageability. We help you drive your organization’s IT modernization process through various phases of efficiency and agility with a modular, structural approach.

Benefits of Infrastructure Modernization services include:

  • Make your infrastructure scalable, reliable and future ready
  • Increased Infrastructure Uptime (99.95%) and Capacity
  • Increased performance, management, monitoring, and availability
  • Eliminate issues with legacy infrastructure


The most impactful of all the recent technology trends has been the nearly ubiquitous adoption of cloud computing. Organizations of all sizes (Fortune 500 to small ISVs) utilize cloud for anything from deploying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to managed infrastructure constantly maintained by private or public cloud providers to eliminate hardware headaches for certain application workloads. For achieving optimal flexibility and value, enterprises increasingly rely on a combination of on-premises and hosted cloud solutions.


Cloud4C Migration Factory approach follows a strict process including thorough assessment, planning, resource preparation, solution and requirement evaluation, tool selection, migration execution, migration monitoring, and cutover. Cutover is carefully planned with robust backup plan and failback plan in place to ensure no impact to the end-users.

Infrastructure Modernization migration approach from Cloud4C


2000+ Cloud experts
Support Hybrid infrastructure
Migrated and Managing - 40000VMs
High Availability -99.95%
24x7 Support
AIOps driven cloud operations
Security and Compliance embedded
Disaster recovery as a Service
  • Thorough discovery workshops with consultative approach across the migration project lifecycle
  • Fail proof, secure and Risk averse migration framework suited just for the organization’s needs
  • Robust industry, geography and compliance specific Cloud4C Migration factory approach for quicker migration
  • Comprehensive Migration strategy involving the entire partner eco-systtem to achieve organization’s transformation objectives
  • Leveraging cloud native and underlying technology certified migration tools with automation for a quicker Go-to-Market (GTM)
  • Expertise in Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) to handle the scale and complexity of managing Hybrid Cloud Infra and address the primary management issues


The IT sector of the world in today’s time and age has overly been obsessed with anything that’s related to data and cloud. But the current tech revolution goes beyond that. To meet the evolving consumer demands, IT teams need to be nimble and quick in delivering resilient new solutions, by automating development processes wherever possible. Also, it is an unstated ask to build in security with every solution, using principles of Zero Trust and micro-segmentation so as to succeed in today’s cloud-based ecosystem.

So why is it so important for firms toexplore cloud and infrastructure modernization?


Automation for Infrastructure Modernization on Cloud

Organizations embrace automation for achieving operational excellence and to help their staff refocus on higher-value tasks. However, investments towards automation fail if they do not have a proper automation strategy in place. As Gartner reports, “By 2025, top performing leaders will have employed a dedicated role to steward automation forward and invest to build a proper automation strategy to get away from ad-hoc automation issues such as duplication of tools, processes and hidden costs.”


Today’s infrastructure is in many places - colocation, on-premises data centers, edge locations, and off premises and in cloud services. Organizations are left potentially exposed when their legacy DR plans designed for traditional systems have not been reviewed with new hybrid infrastructures in mind. For an optimum RoI, resilience requirements must be evaluated at design stages rather than after the deployment. For instance, by 2021, the root cause of 90% of cloud-based availability issues will be the failure to fully use cloud service provider native redundancy capabilities.

As a market leader in maintaining highly available environments, however complex the environment might be for thousands of enterprises all over the world, Cloud4C provides a simple, cost-effective, modern data backup and recovery strategies. Cloud4C DRaaS frameworks are custom-designed to meet the demands of enterprises to bring resilience to business models by delivering uninterrupted services.


DevOps along with Agile development has undoubtedly enabled faster go-to market of software. Introducing automation helps improve productivity and quality while impacting overall project costs in a positive way. Businesses of all sizes are embracing the DevOps philosophy with a focus on increased efficiency, better and frequent product releases.

Individual teams may master DevOps practices but organizations face challenges when they try to scale the number of DevOps teams. By leveraging a shared platform approach, product teams get to draw from an I&O digital toolbox of possibilities, all the while benefiting from high standards of governance and efficiency needed for scale.

Your employees leverage DevOps agility with CLoud4C


Leading enterprises are doubling their data footprints many a time each year. They are looking to simultaneously reduce costs, take advantages of newer forms of big data, and enjoy greater flexibility in analyzing data, with powerful AI and ML algorithms. And all of these is possible by modernizing data, i.e. moving data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases. . In fact, by 2022, 60% of enterprise IT infrastructures will focus on centers of data, rather than traditional data centers, according to Gartner.

As a cloud-services partner of thousands of enterprises worldwide, Cloud4C brings in certified cloud experts and data scientists to deliver the right advice on data migration to cloud platforms and modernize it.

  • Expertise and Experience on Public Cloud platforms
  • Cloud4C Migration factory enabling Data migration
  • Military grade data security for data
  • Zero downtime migration methodology
  • Complex and Large-scale migrations
  • Three-pronged migration approach ensuring Data integrity

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As part of the Cloud Assessment process, Cloud4C does a thorough Risk assessment of the current infrastructure and designs a migration blueprint that not only makes the Security Operations robust but also eliminates all vulnerabilities inherent to legacy systems.

With 40+ security controls in place, Managed Security services from Cloud4C ensures that your infrastructure and infra management process are Pre-compliant with all the necessary regulations specific to your industry as well the geography that you operate in.

IOT connecting the world and Infrastructure Modernization on Cloud to leverage it


Commercial IoT adoption is growing at an explosive rate. According to a Microsoft report called IoT Signals, an estimated 85% of IoT decision makers are currently adopting IoT into their organizations. To support such growth, planning and building converged infrastructures with cross-domain automation that goes beyond the network and integrates workflows across compute, storage and services, going across multiple cloud deployments and dealing with structured and unstructured data needs is a pre-requisite.

Cloud4C offers managed service to ensure that infrastructure does not become a challenge in realising their IoT vision for the organizations. A high performing, highly available and secure hybrid IT infrastructure is what Cloud4C can promise in the least.


Highly scalable and highly available infrastructure is needed to bring predictive power to your business and do a deeper analysis of your data. Certified data scientists at Cloud4C work with our Cloud Migration experts to ensure that the Infrastructure recommendations and migration blueprints prepared for you, take your Data Preparation and Data Visualization needs into consideration and help you be future ready.


Customer standards for the experience delivered by I&O capabilities are higher than ever. “Previous ‘value adds’ like seamless integration, rapid responses are now simply baseline customer expectations.” said Mr.Winser (Research analyst, Gartner)

As digital business systems reach deeper into I&O infrastructures, the potential impact of even the smallest of I&O issue would be huge.

Cloud-based infra modernization of enterprise requires detailed planning and collaboration. All facets of modernization should be in sync to achieve meaningful digital transformation. For a faster, convenient, cost effective services, more enterprises should tread lightly on the road to cloud adoption. Each cloud journey is unique, and while there are best practices, organizations should tend to learn as they go and adapt as needed.