Who Are the Mission-Critical Masters?

For us, the Mission-Critical Masters are advocates of change. They could be CXOs, IT Heads, Business Leaders, SVPs, and VPs at organizations who think differently. These people realize the impending paradigm shifts in industry mindsets and market dynamics before anyone else and steer their firms with conviction to embrace the new future.

For most of these leaders today, digital transformation is the modern enterprise's way forward and that could be best architected on the cloud.

Hear their inspirational success tales and how Cloud4C helped turn those transformative visions into reality, at zero disruption or hassle.

Industry CXOs

Hear it from the Mission - Critical Masters

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  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 1

    KVN Reddy India

    CIO – Ramky Group

    Solving the mission-critical Challenge for a Complex IT Landscape

    Hear from CIO KVN Reddy on how Cloud4C’s revamp of their SAP on GCP didn’t just reduce their TCO by 30%, but also ensured higher ROI, operational continuity and world-class data security.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 2

    Annapurna Kuchibhatla India

    CTO – Bajaj Electronics

    A Future-ready Enterprise with RISE with SAP

    Annapurna Kuchibhatla, CTO, Bajaj Electronics, India achieves frictionless business transformation at scale with Cloud4C’s RISE with SAP services, charting on a future-ready course for the enterprise.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 3

    Chitti Babu India

    CIO – Aurobindo Pharma

    Creating a New Business Legacy on the Cloud

    Chitti Babu, the CIO of Aurobindo Pharma, India, embraces world-class cloud-native capabilities on OCI, establishing uninterrupted continuity for the large IT landscape at near 100% uptime.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 4

    Naveen Kumar India

    General Manager, IT – KIMS Hospital

    Reimagining Health Outcomes on Cloud

    Naveen Kumar, General Manager-IT at KIMS Hospital talks about how Cloud4C helped digitize legacy applications, deploy new technologies, and completely transform care services on cloud.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 5

    Nageswara Rao India

    Head of IT – Yashoda Hospitals

    Transforming Healthcare Ops with Digital Transformation

    Nageswara Rao, Head of IT, Yashoda Hospitals, India talks how they achieved a seamless public cloud transformation for their landscape with quick resolution times, best scalability, and high-end user experiences.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 6

    Rajneesh Kumar Jain India

    CIO – Nahar Spinning Mills

    Breaking the Barriers to Cloud Evolution

    Rajneesh Kumar Jain, CIO, Nahar Spinning Mills, India expresses his initial inhibitions about cloud migration and how those were solved with clear blueprinting, and disruption-free transformation with Cloud4C’s help.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 7

    Karan Sankhyan India

    Head of IT – Ruchira Papers

    Digital transformation on the Cloud: Innovate. Thrive. Sustain

    Karan Sankhyan, Head of IT- Ruchira Papers, India, elaborates how migrating to the cloud accelerated their pace of innovation at increased efficiencies, decreased costs, and improved processes.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 8

    Vikas Shetty India

    Head of IT – Monte Carlo Fashions Limited

    Turning innovation goals into a business milestone on Cloud

    Vikas Shetty, Head of IT- Monte Carlo Fashions Limited, India, provides in-depth insights into how a sound approach on cloud took their innovative capabilities to next level with stead operations and revenue growth.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 12

    Syed Mudassir Kirmani KSA

    Director of Group IT – Al-Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company

    Upgrade to Innovate: Modernize your Legacy systems for good

    Syed Mudassir Kirmani, Director of Group IT at Al-Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company, KSA, elaborates how Cloud4C modernized their legacy systems on AWS at zero data loss to help serve improved digital experiences.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 13

    Jayakrishnan Ramaswamy United Arab Emirates

    Director of Business Process and Systems – Crescent Petroleum

    Unveiling an Award-winning Cloud transformation project

    Jayakrishnan Ramaswamy, Director of Business Process and Systems at Crescent Petroleum reveals how they embraced a compliant-ready, high-performance cloud that won them a prestigious award in the MENA region for cloud transformation.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 14

    Ellis Wang United Arab Emirates

    Ex-CTO, Mashreq Bank

    Digitizing Customer Services, Building Next-Gen Experiences on Cloud

    Ellis Wang, Ex-CTO, Mashreq Bank, brings attention to how Cloud4C has helped the company build a strong foundation for digitalizing customer services, experiences products and operations on Azure.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 15

    Deanno Basas Philippines

    President – ATRAM Trust Corporation

    Next-Gen Cloud Data Lake: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences

    Deanno Basas, the President of ATRAM Trust Corporation, Philippines, was keen on harnessing the full potential of data lakes to generate intelligent insights. He talks how, with Cloud4C’s help, he could achieve the same seamlessly on cloud.

  • Cloud4C Customer Testimonial 16

    JC Principe Philippines

    Group CIO – Unistar

    Powering Digital Transformation on Cloud. Powering Endless Possibilities

    As Unistar envisions to become a future-ready digital-led company, JC Principle, the Group CIO explains how the same was possible with cloud migration; building scalable apps, integrating advanced security, and improving data-based decision-making. 

  • Pradeep Shilige

    Pradeep Shilige United Arab Emirates

    CIO - Burjeel Holdings

    Transforming Patient Experiences with the Power of Cloud

    Hear how Burjeel Holdings successfully migrated their HIS core, SAP applications to Azure at zero disruption, transforming digital healthcare experiences for 5.5 million+ patient visits each year.

  • Vinay Sharma

    Vinay Sharma United Arab Emirates

    Director - Information Technology, Gulftainer

    A Breakthrough Evolution on Risk-proofed Multi-cloud

    Explore how Gulftainer, MEA port and logistics giant, scaled its mission-critical core on multi-cloud architecture to unlock a 40% improvement in response time and 30% reduction in IT costs at near 100% availability.

  • Group Vice President - Gemini Edibles

    Akshay Chowdhry India

    Group Vice President - Gemini Edibles

    Matching the Pace of Industry Giants. Transformation on Cloud.

    Hear how Gemini Edibles, a category leader in South India, seamlessly migrated its mission-critical landscapes and applications to a high-availability, risk-proof cloud foundation thereby improving operational agility, unlocking new avenues of innovations and business growth.

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