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Deploying multi-cloud, that is, two or more cloud environments, is no doubt the foremost thing to happen in cloud technology today; multi-cloud gives enterprises the power of two rather than just one. It effectively multiplies the power of the Cloud, adding more reliability, higher availability, lowered latency as well as access to more expertise, contributing to critical increase in an enterprise’s overall competitive advantage.

Advantages of multi-cloud environment

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A multi-cloud strategy enables organizations to select different services from different cloud providers to get better benefits from different cloud providers.

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It provides flexibility and avoids dependency on specific cloud providers.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Outages can happen due to factors beyond control: natural disasters or human error or something else. Multiple cloud environments ensure that compute resources and data storage are available without any downtime despite that.

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Multi-cloud environment lets enterprises stay aligned with their goals in governance, risk management, as well as regulatory compliance.

However, there is one unignorable risk with multi-cloud and that is security.

There is no denying the fact that applications become more complex and therefore more vulnerable to security breaches, when deployed on multiple clouds.

Will this become the unavoidable hindrance to multi-cloud deployments?

Of course, not.

The Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Synergism

Thanks to the Oracle and Azure Cloud synergy, security is not a concern in the move to multi-cloud anymore. The Oracle-Azure combination is a stimulating example of the possibilities unfolded by multi-cloud, without security risks.

By itself, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers a comprehensive set of multi-cloud solutions in the form of specialized deployments, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to optimize the value of Cloud for specific organizational needs.

With the interconnecting of Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, users not only get access to all of the services one would expect on Oracle, but get access to Azure services as well without extra cost, and use them in combination. Two by-products of this powerful synergy are Oracle Azure Interconnect and Oracle Database service for Azure.

Oracle Azure Interconnect

Since its creation in 2019, the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, several organizations have used its secure and private interconnections in 11 global regions.

With this, users can migrate or build new applications on Azure and then connect to high-performance and high-availability managed Oracle Database services such as Autonomous Database on OCI. Microsoft Azure customers can easily provision, access, and monitor enterprise-grade Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) on a familiar user interface.

With Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect, organizations get to avail a simple migration path to the multi-cloud environment. This Interconnect includes Oracle Database capabilities such as Exadata Cloud Service, MySQL, etc. Customers get the freedom to innovate with the best of Oracle Cloud infrastructure and Microsoft Azure.

Oracle Database service for Azure

The Oracle Database Service for Azure builds up on the core capabilities of Interconnect and enables any customer to integrate workloads on Microsoft Azure more easily with Oracle Database services on OCI.

If you have an existing Oracle application that you want to move to the Cloud, you can do so with the Oracle Database service for Azure. The database, for instance, can be moved to the Oracle cloud, and the application itself and the analytics, can be moved to Azure. What you get as a result is undisrupted performance, better bandwidth and lower latency!

It is an Oracle-managed service for Azure customers to provision, access, and operate enterprise-grade Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) seamlessly, with a familiar Azure-like experience.

Users can seamlessly build Azure applications with high performance, high availability, and automated management of Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database, running on OCI.

So, as you see, it is the user who gets to decide what they want to use for analytics, for database, for the mid-tier, and persistent data storage. Customers get a much broader set of choices, which is, after all, how it was supposed to be.

How Azure Architecture is integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Azure AD

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Oracle ID

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App Tier

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Network Gateway

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Database Tier

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Benefits of the Oracle-Azure Connect

Combined capabilities of two premium cloud vendors.

Innovative cloud solutions with the best combination of cloud service, features, performance & pricing.

Secure, private and low-latency connectivity.

Maximized application performance.

Unified Data Management across the cloud environment.

No security fears of the multi-cloud environment.

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