Behind the Doors: The ‘Integrated’ Inspiration behind Cloud4C SHOPTM

“An iPod. A Phone. A breakthrough Internet Communications device. An iPOD. A PHONE. A Breakthrough INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE...ARE YOU GETTING IT?”

The audience breaks into a thunderous frenzy, having realized that probably the biggest revolution of the decade has just unfolded before their eyes, LIVE.
--- Steve Jobs on the first iPhone launch, 2007

Integrations have driven mankind’s ascent to super-humanism. While the iPhone launch was a celebration of probably the most climatic hardware integration till date, software integrations have long been the genesis of digital revolutions.

45% of companies use AI to reduce business costs.

51% of automation initiatives are aimed at boosting efficiency.

97% of IT decision-makers say that process automation is crucial to digital transformation.

Welcome to the Cloud Era

The Cloud is probably the apex of such technological integrations till date. Over the internet, millions of businesses can access billions of tools, hardware devices, software, apps, IT infra, and advanced technologies from a single source of truth. It’s the foundation of the fifth industrial revolution.
However, since the last decade, hundreds of cloud platforms, hundreds of thousands of cloud-based solutions have been launched to the amazement and confusion of business leaders. Therefore, it’s imperative to advance a second degree of integration, now internal to the cloud and IT world.

Enter Cloud4C SHOPTM, a single source of truth for all IT and cloud-based operations (Self and third-party platforms), solutions-apps, and data augmented with pro-active and preventive security management; seamlessly applicable to any industry, any user IT environment of any complexity.

Well, that was an oversimplification. So, before we dive in, below is a snap of the current IT reality that inspired us to build SHOPTM in the first place.

Too Much to Solve with TOO MANY.
The Exploding Challenges of the Cloud and IT World

  • Multiple vendors offering a horde of systems and platforms addressing niche segments, asynchronous to each other.
  • Businesses facing ever-increasing operational complexities to address all customer use cases and scenarios. With customizations, comes disparity in management.
  • Rising IT management costs due to patching of different, diverse platforms together for multiple business operations.
  • Lack of universal operational and performance data visibility to end users and customer managers across all business departments. This leads to independent, haphazard functioning of multiple business units without a collaborative, cohesive vision.
  • Lack of ecosystem cohesiveness invites security gaps that are hard to monitor and detect, let alone respond
  • Enterprises opting for cloud IT architectures have insufficient cloud acumen and hence talk to multiple vendors that offer less to null management and support, complicating overall functions
  • Rising ecosystem complexities due to the continual existence of mission-critical yet archaic IT infra not integrated with the CloudOps platforms
  • Enterprises need to revamp operational platforms and adapt repetitively to every changing use case or custom scenarios without a wholesome strategy in place
  • Multiple solutions, apps, and IT platforms without an underlying, unified architecture raises continuity and recovery concerns
  • Substantial hassles in the governance and compliance control of standalone IT systems and apps
  • Hindrance to the adaptation and integration of newer technologies along with expansions in terms of capabilities, territories, etc

Eager to streamline all cloud management issues once for all? Let us take the lead.

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Cloud4C SHOPTM Deep Dive: The One Solution to Any Cloud, Any Platform, Any Ecosystem, Any Scenario, Any Complexity

Accelerating Cloud4C’s journey to become the World’s Most Advanced Cloud Managed Services Provider

Simply put, Cloud4C SHOPTM is a low code platform that integrates different ecosystems (platforms, clouds, infra, tools, applications, workloads) including auto-remediation and self-healing necessary to deliver end-to-end cloud migration, modernization, and managed services to enterprises automatically at minimal human touch, till the application login layer. Hence, the term Self Healing Operations Platform.

SHOPTM, hence, addresses the entire IT management and operations lifecycle through a single pane of glass while providing customers with a holistic view of their environments. SHOPTM seamlessly automates complex processes touching multiple technology stacks and cloud, on-prem environments including actions to be taken on both network and compute components, owned by multiple business units or teams. The platform improves engineers’ efficiency while also allowing engineers with less experience, to handle more complex tasks.

icon for predictive and preventive healing in cloud operations and automation platform

Automated, Factory-approach to Cloud Migration, Modernization, and Managed Services

icon for predictive and preventive healing in cloud operations and automation platform

Predictive and Preventive Healing

icon for proactive discovery of problems in cloud operations automation  platform

Proactive discovery of problems, preventing issues before they occurred

icon for outage reduction in cloud operations automation platform

50% Outage reduction with 30% productivity improvements

icon for realtime automated response in cloud operations automation platform

Automate response to real-time

 icon fordelivery and service level optimization in cloud operations automation  platform

Consistent Delivery and Service Level Optimization

icon for reduction in mean time to repair in cloud operations automation  platform

Reduce or eliminate mean time to repair

Cloud4C SHOPTM Map and Key Benefits

Proactive Customer Maintenance Planner
Very Early Detection of Tickets and Issue Management
Highlighting delayed issues and expediting resolutions
Solutions implementations in cloud for proactively identified issues
Order processing
Workflow engine
Customer Portal
Hypercloud Management
4Eye: Always verified by second-in command to ensure service quality
Zero outage room to manage and prevent outages, incidents
Highlighting delayed issues and expediting resolutions
Special Situation Rapid Action against unforeseen situations or incidents

4 Functions that make SHOPTM Weave Magic

icon for predictive and preventive healing in cloud operations and automation platform

Predictive & Preventive

By using clustering and regression models, SHOPTM can predict any anomalies that might lead to outages in a system, making sure they are quickly dealt with even before they occur.

icon for collective knowledge in cloud operations and automation platform

Collective Knowledge

SHOPTM is also a full-stack infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution that enables a 360-degree view of all the data relevant to flagging early warnings and issues that might occur.

icon for situational awareness in cloud operations and automation platform

Situational Awareness

SHOPTM collects all contextual data at the time of the anomaly to present relevant root cause scenarios enabling coherent and complete responses.

icon for remeditation and autonomous ability in cloud operations and automation platform

Remedial & Autonomous

Our home-grown ML engine ensures the best possible remedial action suitable to the problem and the system.

The Secret Formula

Introducing the SHOPTM DNA

API Factory
Generates APIs on the fly to link to any platform, database, or solution with unprecedented ease
Template Factory
Generates custom templates without coding involvements to address tailored business use cases
UI Factory
Generates dynamic UI designs for any enterprise operational process, across multiple industries and scenarios
SOP Factory
Generates executable SOPs on a factory-based approach to address any Ops procedure or action, regardless of complexity

Innovation is key to evolution. With SHOPTM at the backend, cloud migration and modernization has never been more seamless.

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A Light into SHOPTM’s Advanced Abilities: Innovations on the Fly

Agility and flexibility to user environments have been key considerations while designing the SHOPTM platform. That was partly an inspiration behind the factory approach now consisting of an API factory, UI factory, template factory, SOP factory, and similar solutions.

While these cutting-edge frameworks allow end users and customers to dynamically customize their cloud environments and monitoring of the same based on independent needs and objectives, they also allow the development and deployment of innovative solutions/products right out of the SHOPTM ecosystem.

Below are two of our novel, home-grown intelligent platforms catering to smart managed services (UMSP) and multi-cloud management (UCP):

Universal Managed Services Platform (UMSP)
  • Custom use case tools and APIs for different customer scenarios
  • Configurable bots to automatically address management functions
  • Custom UIs and templates, SOPs for procedural management
  • Customer service management
  • Issues, alerts, and incident management
  • DevOps integration
  • Customer environment availability checks
  • On-prem and third-party platform integrations
  • Infra managed operations
Universal Cloud Platform (UCP)
  • Cost transparency and optimization
  • Capacity and Resource optimization
  • Cloud migration and DR
  • Security and Identity management
  • Service Level management
  • Continuous Configuration management
  • Service support and CRM
  • Provisioning, Automation and Orchestration
  • Governance and Policy
  • Service Request Management
  • Monitoring and Metering resources
  • Hyper cloud brokering

Let the cloud drive your enterprise future with agility, continuity, and intelligence. SHOPTM unlocks transformation in a box.

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SHOPTM Powers and Augments Cloud4C’s Enterprise and Advanced Managed Services Portfolio

More than 80% of Cloud4C’s current contracts consist of bundled managed services with 99.98% percent uptime till application login layer. Clients can choose public-private-hybrid-multi cloud architectures on AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, IBM, Cloud4C private cloud, and more with end-to-end management guaranteeing zero loss, hyper agility, and astonishingly high ROI.

SHOPTM makes this wonder possible.

Cloud4C Enterprise Managed Services
  • Cloud Consulting and Migration
  • Managed Security
  • BCP and DR as a service
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Infrastructure Managed Services
Cloud4C Advanced Managed Services
  • DevOps-as-a-Service
  • Hyperautomation
  • RPA-as-a-Service
  • App and Data Modernization
  • S/4HANA Conversion and Migration
  • Regulatory Compliance-as-a-Service
  • Multi-cloud CMP

Why Realize your Enterprise Cloud Transformation Vision with Cloud4C?

icon for one of most trusted managed services provider delivering cloud operations and automation platform

One of the most trusted Cloud Managed Service Providers in APAC and MEA for 12+ years

icon for automation focused high end managed services provider delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven Cloud Operations

icon for continuous support by cloud experts while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

24/7 Support backed by 2000+ cloud certified experts, 23 dedicated Centers of Excellence

icon for cloud migration model for apps, databases while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Zero Friction Cloud Migration Model via Factory-based approach, 25000+ Apps, and Databases migrated

icon for global enterprise customers using cloud operations and automation platform

4000+ enterprise customers including 60 of Fortune 500 companies

icon for global presence to deploy public, private, hybrid, multi cloud models while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Presence in 26 countries worldwide including successful deployment of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community Cloud platforms

icon for high availability cloud while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

High availability 99.95%, hyper-scalable workload performance

icon for SAP HANA on cloud expertise while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Proven SAP on cloud expertise managing 10,000+ SAP instances and 2300+ TB of HANA Database

icon for disaster recovery on cloud offerings while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Dedicated DR on cloud offerings for heterogeneous, complex environments with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover mechanisms

icon for smart cloud security offerings with security controls expertise while delivering cloud operations and automation platform   image file name

Smart Cloud Managed Security Services Expertise, 40+ Security Controls, dedicated SOCs

icon for self healing proprietary cloud operations and automation platform with RPA capability

Cloud4C proprietary automation solutions including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions

icon for flexible and cost effective payment model while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

icon for 1 billion hosting hours with 40000 virtual machines while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

1 billion+ Fail-safe Hosting Hours administering 40000+ VMs

icon for complaince to regulatory and data residency standards while delivering cloud operations and automation platform

Strict compliance to regulatory and in-country data residency standards

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