Network Security

What’s the key to your network security?

Network Security is a major concern for all enterprises without which the critical and sensitive data of the enterprise will be at stake. Several studies have found out that enterprises are understanding the significance of the network security, and started investing in it. Cloud4C offers best-in-class network security to ensure fortify the workloads, and mitigate any attempts to break into the servers.


The Cloud4C Network Architecture Reviews will help you identify configuration and network topology issues through analysis of the design and configuration of the network.

Regardless of recent improvements in network performance and capacity, it is essential for network administrators to periodically assess the reliability of network technology and its ability to meet business needs.

  • The value of Network Security Review
  • Improves network security awareness
  • Assesses risk
  • Mitigates risk immediately
  • Reinforces the network security process
  • Assists in decision making processes
  • Validates the functioning of current security mechanisms
  • Compliance to various security standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, IT ACT 2000, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Methodology for Network Security

Goal Definition
  • Understanding the companies Network Infrastructure / Network Topology
  • Number of Branches and its location
  • Locations of Datacentre Inclusion / Exclusion
Segregation of Networks
  • Ensuring that the network has been designed as per RFC 1918 addressing.
Reviewing Information Flow
  • Understand critical business applications and their flow
  • Understanding the flow of information for critical business applications such as E-Mail, Internet to analyse the various risks the data and corresponding systems are exposed too.
Network Threat Assessment
  • Evaluating the network and the systems against current network threats.
  • Some of the threats that today’s network are subjected too include buffer overflow, IP spooflng, Identity spooflng.
  • The current network’s implementation shall be audited so as to analyse if it can effectively mitigate the network threats
Network Architecture Review
  • Checking the presence/ absence of key access control devices for a secure network architecture posture.
  • Firewalls are the most common form of access control devices and need to be suitably placed to protect all external and internal connections to the network
Network Device Configuration Audit
  • Auditing the network devices against industry best practices
Network Threat Assessment
  • Auditing the network process against industry best practices. The network process audit shall cover areas such as incident management, change management, backup, network monitoring, network documentation, security reviews


Organize Data/related results for Management Reporting

Consolidation of Information gathered

Analysis and Extraction of General conclusions.


The Network that’s got you covered

  • 40+ Security Controls
  • Global Presence in 25 Countries
  • Meet Global Regulatory Compliances
  • Single SLA upto Application Login Layer
  • More Than 3500 Enterprises
  • Managed 45 Banks
  • 12 Years of Profound Experience
  • Quality & Experience of Auditors
  • Ensuring all the ndings are reported to the Management
  • Conduct Periodic Auditing