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Cloud4C intends to bring the concept of scalable private clouds to the CIO, which would help him addressrequirements as brought out by the following statements

With 12 years of proven experience in this vertical, Cloud4Cis a pioneer in end-to-end migration of mission criticalinstances on to a private cloud environment.

We develop security and compliance ready framework tohelp enterprises to deploy and migrate you existing workloadin private environment from our in-country cloud PODspresent across 25 countries and 40 locations and are Gartnerrecognized service provider

Managed Private Cloud Service Provider




Private cloud Steps




Cloud4C Differentiators

We offer you the ability to scale and also to be agile, with higher levels of security and with a single-SLA up to application level.

  • Geographical Reach

    We now have presence across 25+ Countries and 45 locationsto help accelerate your globalaspirations

  • Custom hardware

    We provide customized IAASto cater to the enterprise needssupporting RISC, CISC, P-Series,HP-UX, HP-AIX, Sun Solaris,Petabyte Storage, Hexadata,Safenet GSLV, IBM Power, Solaris

  • Security

    We have 26 security tools providing you with 40+ security controls ensuring your data issafe and secure anytime andanywhere

  • Compliance

    We offer industry and regulatorycompliance with in- country dataregulations and norms acrossvarious geographies such as GXP, HIPAA, FedRAMP, MAS,NESA, IRAP, RBI, GDPR

  • Instances

    We support and maintain 50000+Instances and 250+ Private cloud Setup for enterprises globally tohelp accelerating their businessambitions

  • Deployments

    We provide faster deploymentfor enterprises within 2-4 weeksand can scale as per the businessdemands since we are agile

Innovative Process

We innovated and created additional process over ITILand COBIT which results in delivering high uptime for ourcustomers which is as below

  • SSRA (Special situation Rapid Action) - Ensuredeviations from the given services are addressed inless than 24 hours there by improving customersatisfactionAdopting and adapting to digitalpayments

  • VESDA (Very Early Service Disruption Alert) –Proactive alert mechanism to minimize incidents

  • Redflag & Delay – Technical and Process resolution

  • SIP& SIT – Service Improvement Program andSolution implementation team - to identify, anlayse,govern and execute with resolutions for issuesleading to total incident reduction

A plan to keep your cloud. Safe and sound.

Cloud4C’s private cloud solutions are designed tosupport range of cloud maturity levels and span theentire deployment lifecycle, from strategic planningand assessment to implementation and management.Whether you are looking to start the transition toprivate cloud, expand existing capabilities orcloud-enable your data center, Cloud4C services andexperience can help you harness the benefits ofprivate cloud quickly and effectively.

Cloud4C’s certified cloud experts strategize anentire private cloud plan. We analyze thecomplexities and various challenges in setting up aprivate cloud.

We manage cyber security services on the cloud withour holistic security solutions and expertise.Whether it is protecting every nook and cranny ofyour IT infrastructure, cloud and mobile data, theadvanced Security Operation Centre (SOC) remainsvigilant for all threats. Inside-out and from scratch tofinish. 24X7.

Our Expertise, Your Edge

We provide total ownership by taking end-to-endresponsibility of managed services across all theleading private cloud platforms and technologies soyou can focus on your core business.


  • 2000+ Skilled

  • Agility and

  • Choice and

  • Performance and


  • Unshared Hardware

  • Worry – Free Control

  • Security and Conformity

  • Hardware on Demand

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Words that you can bank on

We subscribed for cloud services to support our critical applications with Cloud4C and right from the word go, they delivered services surpassing our expectations.We would summarize our total experience with Cloud4C as Exemplary.

Harmandeep Singh
Group Head - IT at Rainbow Group of Hospitals