SIEM Services


Cloud4C provides services in identifying, monitoring, recording and analyzing security events or incidents within a real-time IT environment. We provide a comprehensive and centralized view of the security scenario of an IT infrastructure.

How Does it Work?

Cloud4C offers Security Incident & Event Management Services on per EPS basis which can help client:

Provides real-time visibility to the entire IT infrastructure for threat detection and prioritization.

Reduces and prioritizes alerts to focus security an alyst investigations on anactionable list of suspected, high probability incidents.

Enables more effective threat management while producing detailed data access and user activity reports.

Operates across cloud environments.

Produces detailed data access and user activity reports to help manage compliance.

Offers master console to provide security intelligence solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-Time Log & Data Collection

    A robust tool that collects all the logs and critical data for Real-time analysis.

  • Event Correlation

    Performes Event , Risk, Anamoly, Historical Multi device based event correlation in order to discover any security threats.

  • Log management

    To meet compliance and Audit requirements.

  • Compliance

    Regulatory compliances ensure that the system is meeting the regulations and legislations set out by the local governments and banks.

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds

    Threat intelligence feeds are a continuous stream of threat data such as the IOCs. As the name suggests, these feeds are to be fed to technologies like SIEM

  • Real-Time Notification & Alerting

    IAny event matching to Correlation, administrator and monitoring teams get the real-time notifications, and alerts as to what should be done to mitigate the cyber threats.

  • Prioritization

    Helps in prioritizing critical, high , medium, low events based on the logs collected.

  • Analytics & AI, Reporting & Dashboards

    Leverages artificial intelligence to provide holistic view of the logs and analytics on dashboards and facilitates for reporting.

  • User Behaviour analytics

    Also called as UBA, it helps in detecting the inside threats, financial fraud and attacks.

  • Security Orchestration and Automation Response(SOAR)

    Enterprises can collect the data from multiple sources in order to prevent cyber attacks Asset Profiling: This is a first step of threat risk assessment. A complete set of information security requirements would be set up for every asset.

  • Historical correlation

    With the help of the historical correlation, enterprises can analyze the logs and data of the past events.

  • Automated Response

    It’s predesigned program by the software to provide an automatic response for all the incoming messages that minimizes human intervention.

  • Advanced analytics

    Provides big data security with the help of user behavior and user analytics that will help enterprises to detect the threats both internally and externally.

  • Data Examination

    Enterprises can now examine the data more diligently with the help of SIEM security to ensure military grade security around their workloads.

  • Data Obfuscation

    With data obfuscation profile, all the data would be masked by the system so that no one else can see the data.

  • Risk manager

    It will help the enterprises to configure the firewalls, switches, routers, and third-party sources that will be helpful in identifying security and compliance risks.

  • Incident Forensics

    It helps to trace back to the attacks through a systematic step-by-step process within a short span of time.

  • Data Retention for Compliance Requirements

    Enterprise can decide as to how long the data can be retained in the system, which is crucial in forensics.

  • Opensource & inhouse application log integration

    Log data can be collected and integrated from various opensource application that will help enterprises to have single -pane of dashboard for monitoring and alerting.

Cloud4C SIEM collector is part of the SIEM services layers which manage for :

  • Extends the MSSP Multi-tenancy support to SIEM components of the Security Intelligence Platform.

  • Provides the ability to add, remove, and manage deployment from a non-java based user interface

  • Provides patch management with the ability for users to rollback a patch should it fail due to an error

  • Provides correlation support for historical event and flow data.

  • Provides the ability to specify multiple LDAP repositories for authentication.

  • Extends existing LDAP integration to support group-based authorization capabilities.

  • Supports authenticated bind for LDAP integration.

  • Reports on assets based on custom asset search criteria.

  • Provides the ability to share groups of reports among QRadar users

  • Enhanced reporting supports page number definition and customization and definition of header and footer message for document classification

  • Provides patch management enhancement that helps minimize patch failure by evaluating success of patches based on current system state.

Business Benefits

Cloud4C's Cutting Edge SIEM Offers Immediate Benefits include

  • Increased Visibility

    Enhance your incident reports and improve your investigations using security and non-security data collected from across your organizational infrastructure.

  • Greater Context

    Cloud4C’s SIEM collects and prioritizes threat intelligence from multiple data points to help with security investigations.

  • Higher Efficiency

    Cloud4C’s SIEM collects and prioritizes threat intelligence from multiple data points to help with Improve security operations and streamline investigations by using ad-hoc searches in addition to static, dynamic and visual correlations.

Cloud4C Credentials

  • SOC-1, SOC-2
    Organization-wide process
  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27018
    Ensuring Data and Cloud Information Security and Safety
  • ISO 2000-1
    Efficient Timely Service Delivery
  • ISO 22301
    Ensuring Business Continuity

Awards and Recognitions

Aegis Graham bell award, “Innovation in Cloud Cyber Security, Cloud”
IDC Digital Award Cloud Services