With business operations becoming vastly digitalized, the demand for high-performing computing services, faster go-to-market for services without any digital disruption as well as cloud-native solutions have become immediate needs for businesses.

At the same time, large-scale and complex cloud deployments of mission-critical IT environments and workloads are fast becoming common. It’s imperative to ensure 100% service availability, else that would result in friction-filled customer experiences.

In order to drive a holistic approach to manage IT assets/environment on cloud and deliver non-disruptive experiences anywhere-anytime, migrating and modernizing on hyperscale cloud platforms such as Azure is business-critical.

But what about attaining increased security, high app availability, and continuous delivery of application updates in Azure? What about the required skills to make things happen? You probably need the right Azure Managed Services provider who supports from consulting and migration to the entire operations management on Azure effectively.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure

With Azure services, you can design, deploy, and manage apps - from any location with a preferred app, tool, or service, via a global network of data centers. These services connect on-premises and cloud with hybrid cloud capabilities to ensure maximum portability and value from existing investments.

Azure offers various advantages as an IaaS, PaaS platform along with hybrid cloud capabilities and integrated environments for businesses to seamlessly function online: test, build, and deliver apps or run operations end-to-end.

In addition, Azure has a vast native service ecosystem from where businesses can pool performance-intensive compute, storage, networking on-demand. They can scale mission-critical apps while improving performance. From building and deploying apps to scaling workloads, Azure operates and optimizes each element of the cloud environment regularly.

Unleashing Azure Managed Services Potential: 7 Benefits

  1. Cost-Effectiveness or Flexible Pay

    With pay as you go payment plan, Azure enables businesses to manage their IT budget by only paying for what they use. Azure doesn’t charge any physical server maintenance costs or hardware upgrades/replacements, resulting in better resource utilization.

    Moreover, enterprises can select the hybrid cloud environment which aids in maintaining their on-premise data centres while leveraging the flexibility of disaster recovery and backup in the Azure cloud.

  2. Best-in-class Data Security

    For decades, Microsoft invests heavily in the security of an Azure platform to safeguard organization's data and critical IT assets. With hundreds of certifications ranging from PCI to ISO27001 and global CSOC, Azure provides several security options such as link encryption and encrypted data at rest.

    With threat detection, DDoS protection, and integration with existing Active Directory sign-on, business security is not challenging anymore.

  3. Disaster Recovery

    As more as cybersecurity and risk management are becoming extremely critical to IT and businesses, Disaster recovery has turned out to be an integral part of cloud services. Azure has built-in disaster recovery options, reboot capabilities, and real-time monitoring making backups simple.

    Though it is very strenuous to acquire this level of disaster recovery in on-premise environments, but Azure serves this as standard.

  4. Availability and Scalability

    With Microsoft’s global presence, Azure provides high availability and redundancy. Azure offers the utmost service level agreements (SLA) that guarantee 99.95% uptime. Azure allows you to scale up or down resources in an easier way. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about IT infra all the time.

  5. Compliance

    The data stored in Azure complies with international regulations and privacy standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more. Azure has designed with security and data privacy in mind to reduce risk and errors.

  6. Automation

    Azure provides cloud-based automation and configuration services to manage your Azure and non-Azure environments consistently. This enables businesses to automate tedious, and error-prone cloud management tasks by diminishing errors, improving efficiency, and lowering operational costs.

  7. Seamless Cloud Storage

    Today, enterprises have a large customer base with lots of data in their repository. Given the vulnerability of traditional storage systems to outbreaks, managing data securely is no less than a burden. With Azure, enterprises can stockpile a large data pool for their clients.

    Azure also provides seamless data access irrespective of location, making it simple to manage IT for the large customer base. With high scalability, Azure offers pay-for-what-you-use, it’s convenient to scale down to save money or scale up to meet demand.

Chart Your Journey with Cloud4C Azure Managed Services

A journey to the cloud demands careful planning while establishing security, governance, and organizational safeguards for cost-effective cloud usage. Even if you have rich resources, best practices, and tools in hand to assess and get ready for cloud migration, attempting a cloud migration without certain expertise and skills in Azure can be perilous. This is where a reliable partner, like Cloud4C, can add value.

Cloud4C is an application-focused, Azure Managed Service Provider that deploys an industry-leading Azure Cloud Migration Factory framework. As an Azure Expert MSP with 11 Azure Advanced Specializations, we help enterprises to leverage the best, well-articulated migration strategy, backed by industry best practices, AIOps-driven managed solutions in a single SLA to application login, for a frictionless transformation on Azure.

We allow seamless deployment and integration of Azure-natives tools/solutions such as Azure Compute, Azure Site Recovery, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure Managed Storage, Azure Sentinel, and more to bolster computing, storage, networks, database, security, and operational excellence. Get everyday operational support for your entire IT landscape for ensured zero-gap disruptions and nil data loss. For more information, click here.

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Team Cloud4c

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