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Did you know - 94% of enterprises were reported to have adopted cloud services by the end of 2028

With data explosion alongside rapid digitization of operations, enterprises are fast moving their IT infrastructure to the Cloud to secure and optimize their prevailing business IT operations. Indeed, the old way of doing business does not enable enterprises with the flexibility to compete in the digital age. Periodic patch-ups are not adequate anymore. Legacy IT management tools are no longer flexible enough to deliver the scalability and agility businesses require today to grow or compete.

The average person uses 36 cloud-based services every single day
Cloud-based systems now constitute 67% of enterprise infrastructure

Moreover, the proliferation of data created by the new digital market is pushing the cost and complexity of data center storage to new levels. Businesses that continue to use legacy systems and data-management solutions put extreme strain on their existing capabilities, making it harder to extract value from data. For this reason, the cloud is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses, with many organizations looking to shift applications and the databases they rely on, out of the data center.

The Oracle Cloud Migration: A benchmark for truly successful and sustainable digital transformations

Oracle Cloud Migration from Cloud4C is a fully-managed service that provides enterprises high performing, self-service experience for migrating databases to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle automated tools along with Cloud4C proprietary tools make the process of moving a company’s on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud seamless and efficient, with virtually no downtime. The Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)-approved tools as well as Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) ensure seamless migrations.

Identify challenges, determine action, and begin your cloud journey with Oracle CAF Approach.

Migrate to Oracle Cloud with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

The full value of cloud is appreciated by approaching it as an integral component of a holistic strategy in digital transformation. The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a well-considered compilation of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools under the expert leadership of Cloud service providers like Oracle, intuitively designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

There are six stages of the Cloud Adoption Framework:

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Start by understanding your unique business objectives to identify how Oracle can support you.

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Start aligning your people, stakeholders, processes, and technology to chalk out your cloud adoption plan.

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This is where you prepare your environment using Oracle. Once you are prepared, begin to deploy the basic building blocks of migration.

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This stage has two parts – migrate and innovate. You can simply migrate your on-prem environment to the cloud or innovate to take optimal advantage of cloud-native technologies to modernize your digital state.

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Create smart benchmarks and monitor your Cloud environment through data collection and alerts.

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Make sure to follow the best practices to track your performance and create resilience to recover from any issues.

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Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework Powered by Cloud4C - What Benefits You Can Expect

As the world’s leading application-focused Cloud MSP and a certified Oracle Cloud Reseller, Cloud4C takes complete ownership of managing and optimizing Oracle workloads.The managed services powered by AIOps ensures that the platform is resilient, highly available, and recovers from failures with minimal downtime and zero data loss. Our team of migration experts focuses on developing a detailed migration blueprint that covers the key aspects like migration strategy, methodology and project milestones. We prepare the landing zone design, covering network, security, compute, storage, security controls, cloud platform operations and governance policies. Our Cloud Adoption strategies for Oracle have a few unique USPs that have benefitted several companies, making us one of the top names in the industry.

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Accelerated Cloud Decisions

Reap the advantages of a unique factory-based approach for cloud deployment to speed up your personalized cloud migration journey.

Cloud4C identifies the right set of tools and services to deliver successful cloud migration under strict timelines by establishing the right business case and migration strategy.

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Dependency, Discovery, & Planning

Cloud4C performs critical pre-migration functions like technical assessments, hardware/software evaluations, and application dependency mapping to improve the prospects of smooth and seamless cloud migration. It optimizes Oracle CAF to enhance the on-cloud readiness of an enterprise’s application data and infrastructure with the best results.

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Cost, Clarity and Control

Leverage Oracle Cloud Migration Framework for a cost-effective solution to cut down unnecessary expenses without compromising quality and security.

Implement accurate workload rightsizing, reduce overprovisioning of resources, and deploy smart infra monitoring to get the best outcomes on Oracle Cloud with Cloud4C’s expert-accredited cloud solution.

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With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enterprises onboard high-fidelity security by design protection, such as customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and highly automated threat remediation. Also, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure segregates the code, data, and resources from management machines, so that attackers cannot steal or manipulate the data in the cloud.

Augment your IT security further with Cloud4C’s world-class cybersecurity solutions and services viz. Advanced MDR and XDR, SIEM-SOAR, ATP, Self-Healing, Threat Intelligence, and more across organizational perimeters, offices, and endpoints.

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Stages of Oracle CAF: Implemented and Managed by Cloud4C

Companies that are unaware of the mistakes made in their cloud adoption will overspend by 20% to 50%. (Gartner)

Let us walk you through the successive stages of our cloud migration process.

  • Stage 1: Define and Design the Correct Strategy


    This is the first stage and very crucial according to us. It includes understanding your business closely and what its key success factors are. Here are the steps we follow in this stage:

    Step 1: Understand Business Motivation

    Cloud4C migration experts assess the current landscapes, applications and workloads. We guide business leaders and managers to move to the cloud with End of Support (EoS) of mission-critical technologies and regulatory compliance changes.

    Step 2: Identify Business Outcomes

    We design a DB migration plan based on the scope, blueprint, strategy and assessment analysis. We develop a data migration summary report with the result of migration verification, deviation and acceptance criteria.

    fiscal icon in oracle cloud adoption framework outcomes


    • Increased Revenue
    • Optimized Costs
    agility icon in oracle cloud adoption framework outcomes


    • Faster Time-to-Market
    • Swift response to change
    performance icon in oracle cloud adoption framework outcomes


    • High Availability
    • Zero data loss and minimal disruptions to business
    security icon in oracle cloud adoption framework outcomes


    • Continuous Compliance
    • Strict adherence to regional and industry specific regulations
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    • Global access Compliance to Data Sovereignty laws/rules
    • Faster time to meet customer stated/unstated needs

    Step 3: Build the Business case

    Moving to the cloud provides enterprises with stronger fiscal health and benefits including physical asset recovery, operation cost reduction, cost avoidance, soft-cost reduction, headcount reductions and capital expense reductions. With in-depth understanding and expertise in migrations, our expert team at Cloud4C lays out all the necessary plans to build the business case for cloud.

    Step 4: Formulate Vision, Cloud strategy and Adoption plan

    As part of the Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework, Cloud4C experts provide enterprises with a clear and defined cloud strategy developed in line with the vision. The adoption plan is then crafted to achieve the desired business outcomes.

  • Stage 2: Plan the Journey


    The key role that cloud adoption plays is to transform the cloud adoption strategy into a reality for enterprises. With the help of the cloud adoption plan, Cloud4C’s team of experts helps enterprises perform the technical tasks in tandem with desired business results.

    Step 1: A detailed picture of current IT landscape

    As part of the Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework, Cloud4C experts prepare a detailed analysis of the current IT landscape which covers Network, Security, Applications, OS, and Databases. This analysis also includes complete dependency mapping details to identify the points of failure, and provide the fastest path to recovery.

    Step 2: Migration blueprint

    Our team of migration experts focuses on developing a detailed migration blueprint that covers migration strategy, methodology and project milestones.

  • Stage 3: Getting Ready for the Migration


    Step 1: Building the environment

    Cloud4C team prepares the landing zone design, covering network, security, compute, storage, security controls, cloud platform operations and governance policies. The blueprint focuses on the organization’s standard operating procedures with respect to security and governance.

  • Stage 4: Adopt the Right Migration Strategy


    Step 1: Intuitive selection and innovation with the 6Rs

    Several cloud-native benefits can prove to be useful to older apps as the solution is modernized to their advantage. Cloud4C makes it easy to decide among the famous 6Rs. What are they?



    The enterprise drops the existing on-prem license of the software and moves on to the cloud-based version of the same software, essentially repurchasing the license.



    This is to identify the applications and existing workloads to be migrated and lift and shift them to the cloud ecosystem.



    This process involves the same methodology as that of rehosting platforms and applications. However, some customizations are made here to ensure that the platforms run optimally on the cloud.



    This phase or approach involves the most effort and expenses as the existing on-prem applications, databases, and workloads are significantly overhauled, often at the codebase levels, to move them to the cloud.



    This involves the recognition of applications or platforms that are redundant and causing unnecessary load and shooting up operational costs. They may be retired and replaced with a cloud-friendlier version.



    Businesses might opt to retain some legacy, on-prem applications as they are delivering high performances and are linked to critical projects.

  • Stage 5: Robust Governance for End to End Ownership


    The Oracle governance assessment maps the entire customer network, systems, and applications on OCI, to ensure scalability, high performance and resilience, alongside compliance. Cloud4C offers proactive optimization of Oracle governance tools to establish robust governance processes as per organizations’ operating procedure, to ensure continuity, compliances, cost efficiency, and scalability of operations.

    OCI Costs

    O365 Security and Policy Check

    Management Dynamic Group, Accounts

    Containers / Tenancy

    Resource Naming Standards and Tags

    Resource Locks

    CAF Governance Assessment

    OCI IAM/Policy access control

    OCI Security & Compliance Control Mapping

    OCI Governance Plicy

    OCI Blueprints for compliance automation

    OCI Automation Policy

Security and Continuity while Migrating to Oracle Cloud

Cloud4C, the world’s largest application-focused cloud managed services provider and one of the leading managed cybersecurity companies, has dedicated years of time and resources to develop a stack of futuristic, highly intelligent end-to-end managed security services and solutions. Our engineers would leverage OCI’s custom cloud solutions to deliver industry-best uptime, high availability, and world-class intelligent risk management. We achieve this through the following features:

universal monitoring icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Universal Monitoring and Visibility

ecosystem complexities icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Minimal Ecosystem Complexities

cloud cost optimization icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Optimization and Cost Management

cloud cost optimization icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Incident and Access Management

policies and compliance management icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Policies and Compliance Management

We employ full-time Quality Management & Security Teams whose main responsibility is to ensure that our solutions comply with the many standards, certifications, and accreditation we adhere to and ensure all our customer deployments are managed appropriately. Our security framework governed by 40+ Security Control objectives makes it instantly compliant with the following standards. Also, today, we offer Compliance as a Service which ensures that you spend a fraction of cost to ensure continuous compliances enabled by our automation platform, SHOP.

For secure, efficient and intuitive migration strategies


Our Key Differentiators: The Cloud4C Advantage

certified cloud experts icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

2000+ certified cloud experts worldwide with local presence in 26 countries

dedicated oracle cloud managed services in oracle cloud adoption framework outcomes

Dedicated Oracle Cloud Managed Services as Certified Oracle Cloud Reseller

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Migrated and managing 40000+ VMs

AIOps drive automation icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

AIOps driven automation in Cloud Operations

high availability and uptime icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

High availability and application uptime of 99.94%

enterprise customers icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

4000+ Global Enterprise customers

zero friction business model icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Zero friction business delivery model

expert level support icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

24x7 Expert level support

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Supporting hybrid infrastructures

cloud and managed services expertise icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

12 years of rich experience in Cloud and Managed Services

certified experts icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Certified experts on ITIL, COBIT, CDCP, CISA, CISSP, CISM, Six Sigma, PMP, CCIE, MCP, CEH and more

comprehensive DR and BCP icon in oracle cloud adoption framework

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery and BCP portfolio with presence in 52 global locations

FAQs - Oracle CAF

  • Why does my company need a Cloud Adoption Framework?


    Cloud Adoption Framework helps companies align their business and technology agendas, allowing them to choose the right way forward, and minimize risks before, during, and after migration to the cloud.

    To that end, it consists of several stages, including planning, readiness, migration, governance, etc.

  • Why should I choose Oracle CAF?


    The Oracle CAF makes modernizing legacy systems seamless, fast and cost-efficient, with the additional advantage of multi service capabilities in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

  • How can Cloud4C support my journey with Oracle CAF?


    IT leaders and experts agree that availing the help of managed IT services enables enterprises to adopt the best practices and align Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions closely with business-specific governance use cases.

    For enterprise customers, this means having better control over usage costs across multiple business units and better output.

    As a leading managed service provider, Cloud4C has served 4000+ global enterprise customers and was named a Visionary in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services.

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