The Global Cloud Migration Services Market is expected to grow to USD 8,616.30 Million by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.83%.

Source: Globe Newswire

Infrastructure Modernization Services from Cloud4C

Striking a healthy balance between ever-evolving infrastructure demands and optimized IT spend is tough for enterprises. An innovative way to combat this is to migrate workloads to cloud and opt for cloud-native platforms. Cloud4C’s Cloud Adoption Frameworks (CAF) is aligned to Azure best practices, and helps to prepare a customised and detailed mission critical workloads plan to select and execute the right migration strategy. We help enterprises move to Azure and simplify their infrastructure to improve availability, scalability and compliance.

Cloud Migration Advisory and Best practices

Our Cloud Architects and Security Consultants will work with an enterprise team to design highly available, scalable, secure and cost optimized design for their workloads (infra, application, data and workplace). With scalability, sustainability, security, reproducibility and ROI sensitivity as primary focus, Cloud4C helps enterprises design the right cloud strategy and implement it. Powered by Azure CAF, Cloud4C is adept in Cloud Migrations as well as Hybrid and Multi Cloud Operations.

Cloud Infra Setup and Management – Secure and Automated infra setup is our strength. On-click infra set up and tear down, automated on demand new environment creation are facilitated by Cloud4C Unified Cloud Management Portal backed by Third party tools and Azure native tools such as and Azure Resource Manager(ARM). As part of the IT Modernization exercise, we offers the following services with a team of more than 600 certified Azure experts at Cloud4C and Microsoft Azure teams across the world.

Workload Migration to Azure

Cross region migration for compliance or higher throughput, bare metal to Cloud or Cloud to Bare Metal - we have done it all. We can help devise the best migration strategy and implement it with zero down time, zero risks, zero errors and minimum effort.

CAF Based Workload Assessment & Migration Blueprint

(Includes Landing Zone Readiness if only a certain percentage of workload is migrated to cloud)

Aligned to Azure best practices, Cloud Adoption Frameworks (CAF) from Cloud4C help to prepare a customised and detailed infrastructure, application and data migration assessment report. Cloud4C Migration factory approach along with Cloud4C proprietary accelerators and tools helps enterprise to have the right strategy to modernize and migrate complex and mission critical workloads to Azure. This includes re-host, re-platform, re-architect and re-build options using Azure services. Cloud4C, today, manages more than 40,000 VMs on public cloud infrastructure. Cloud4C Migration factories use the highly efficient assembly line approach with clearly defined steps to make the migration and transformation safe, secure and needless to say fail-proof. Some of the key steps we take care during this phase:

  • Assessment Report
  • Migration Strategy, Approach & Timelines
  • Security Tools Mapping
  • Gap Mitigation Plan
  • Azure Estimates
  • Migration Estimates
  • Azure Landing Zone Readiness & Migration of Workload (Lift and Shift)

Cloud4C Assessment Services – Engagement and Deliverables

  • Infrastructure As-is analysis report
  • Datacenter modernization and consolidation plan with TCO Comparison
  • Building Blocks and Estimates
  • Migration Approach and Plan
  • Security and Compliance gap analysis and re-mapping for to be state
  • Business continuity and Business Process gap analysis and mitigation plan (IT Infra related only)
  • Proof of Concept on Azure (PoC)
  • Infrastructure and security services - Deployment Plan
  • Zero Friction Managed Service SOW and SOP document (including commercials)
  • Project Management and Governance
  • IT Staff Training

CAF Based SAP Workload Assessment & Migration Blueprint

Many large enterprises and even SMBs rely on SAP applications to drive the core functions of their business, and they support these applications on costly, dedicated resources that are not even agile. This makes it hard for them to take advantage of cool features in newer SAP solutions, such as S/4HANA. Migrating to the cloud delivers efficiency and flexibility with no downtime. Here are the list of deliverables Cloud4C helps with in their journey of migrating their SAP workloads to Azure.

  • SAP Landscape Assessment Report
  • SAP to be landscape on Azure blueprint
  • SAP landscape migration strategy, approach and timelines
  • GAP Mitigation Plan
  • Security Tool Mapping
  • Azure Estimates
  • SAP Landscape Migration Estimates
  • Azure Landing Zone Readiness Plan

Application Modernization Services

Enterprises have been dependent on traditional data warehouses to ingest, model, and store data for ages. In a typical IT environment, conventional data warehouses would extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs to process data in batches. However, handling millions of queries per month comes at a considerable cost. Blending exabytes of data from various historical and streaming sources such as internal data across spreadsheets, third-party data, and big data stores also makes business analysis difficult and time-consuming.

As businesses explore options to shift from traditional data warehouses to meet their demands and scale business operations, cloud platforms have gained popularity. Whether it is public, private, or hybrid, enterprises are continuing to move their workloads and applications to the cloud infrastructure. Gartner predicts that more than 50 percent of organizations using the cloud today will have all their workloads in the cloud by 2021.

Enterprises will no longer lift-and-shift into the cloud but will instead refactor and rebuild directly in the cloud. While enterprises might retain some mission-critical workloads on-premise, most enterprise data will be in the cloud. At Cloud4C, automated administrative solutions facilitate database auditing to capacity management to platform-supported disruption management, upgrading, and patching - easing complex and voluminous migrations without data loss and downtime.

Cloud4C: A Trusted Partner in the Application Transformation and Migration Journey

Cloud4C Application Modernization helps enterprises in maintaining, extending, deploying and managing their applications so that they meet the current and future business needs. This depends on their situation which will be driven by factors such as strategic business initiatives, application architecture, time, cost and available skills Various approaches and techniques for Application Modernization that Cloud4C supports.


“Rehost,” also known as “Lift & Shift,” is a common approach to migrating applications to the Cloud. We simply would move the application to Azure with minimal adjustments to the infrastructure as a whole.

This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables enterprises to immediately reduce operational costs, free up space in their data center, and considerably accelerate any follow-up to their migration process.


“Refactor” is about customizing an application, so that it fexibility that they offer. Essentially, we would be switching to a PaaS model. is better aligned with the Cloud environment. This often includes modifying the application itself and part of the code to make more use of Cloud-native functions and the

With Refactoring, developers can re-use languages, containers, and the framework in which they’ve invested.


Some obsolete applications aren’t compatible with the Cloud due to architectural decisions made while building the app. In this case, it would be wise to consider “Rearchitecting.”

This allows us to divide the application into several functional components that can be individually adapted and further developed. The individual components, or “microservices,” can be individually transferred to the Cloud.


A “Rebuild” migration strategy means that we completely redevelop the application on a PaaS infrastructure – application. It involves removing existing code and unlike with Rearchitect, where we only modify parts of the redesigning the application in the Cloud, after which we can utilize innovative features on the Cloud provider’s platform. A Cloud-native application is cheap to use and highly scalable.


existing application with SaaS. When an existing SaaS application can provide all the necessary functionalities, Replace is an excellent option to save costs related to IT development. A “Replace” migration strategy completely replaces an

Cloud4C Application Modernization

Robust | Compliant | Fail-safe | Adhering to Business Objectives

Data Modernization Experience of Cloud4C

Leading enterprises are doubling their data footprints many a time each year. As such, they are looking to simultaneously reduce costs, take advantages of newer forms of big data, and enjoy greater fexibility in analyzing data, with powerful AI and analytical algorithms. And all of these is possible by modernizing data, i.e. moving data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases. A s a cloud-services partner of thousands of enterprises worldwide, Cloud4C brings in certifed cloud experts and data scientists to deliver the right advice on data migration to cloud platforms and modernize it.

  • 1000 + Customers DB Managed
  • 10 out of 25 Top Global banks’ Databases managed
  • 3000+ Database Instances handled
  • 80 TB Managed database of a Single customer
  • 100+ Multi-Cloud DB certifed professionals
  • Near-Zero architecture on Multi-Cloud
  • 10,000 TB Managed databases
  • 200+ Compliance and Regulatory Audits Annually
  • 200+ Annual DR Drills

Our end-to-end Data Modernization services include:

Database Migration Services

  • Database Assessment and Plan
  • Cloud4C Migration factories - Faster migration
  • Database of Your Choice
  • Data security during migration
  • Migration Strategy, Approach & Timelines
  • Security Tools Mapping
  • GAP Mitigation Plan
  • Azure Estimates
  • Migration Estimates
  • Azure Landing Zone Readiness & Migration of Workload (Lift and Shift)
  • Complex & Large Scale Migrations

Database Management Services

  • High Availability and Backup
  • Personalized and Customized approach
  • Database tuning, Database health checks, Disaster Recovery Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Proactive threat detection and prevention powered by AI and ML
  • Near zero management
  • Automated and Optimized- First time and every time

Managed Advanced Data Analytics & BI

  • Data preparation – Single of source of truth, Data lakes, Data Marts
  • Data Visualization

Application Transformation - Microservices and Containers

In order to leverage the full potential of moving to cloud, companies such as Amazon and Netflix have re-architected their monolithic applications to microservices-based applications. By adopting microservices and containers, development teams can follow a ‘cloud-native’ approach, evolving and modernising their workflows for higher efficiency and quality.

Microservices Approach Consulting

  • Scale is driving the internet-based ecosystem to Microservices, this paradigm shift requires completely different DevOps Strategy and Implementation.
  • Our experts can help an enterprise arrive at the right Application Architecture Strategy, coupled with right DevOps tooling and support to ensure that the Microservice Management can be simplified.
  • Microservice based architecture – Deploy istio based applications using Rancher and AKS
  • Calico – Pod Security, Network Security – istio control pane

Cloud4C delivers scalable and cost optimized Infra as well as DevOps processes for Micro Services based applications via next generation Containerization and Management. We eliminate the risk and uncertainty associated with Microservices management

  • Define DevOps Strategy for Microservices based Apps
  • Managed Container Orchestration
  • Scalable and Cost Optimized Infra
  • Hybrid Cloud/Cloud Agnostic Setup

Intelligent Managed Services for Azure

Once enterprises opt to run workloads on Azure, they have to address various challenges in managing them. Managing infrastructure in the cloud needs significant attention demanding business' time, energy and resources. Cloud4C can help and take this load off an organization’s shoulders. As an Azure Expert MSP, Cloud4C enables businesses to realize the benefits of Azure cloud hosting through a complete range of managed services.

Our Enterprise Grade Managed services from our Azure Center of Excellence help enterprises meet heterogeneous and complex technology environments through an robust service delivery model built on ITIL, ITSM, COBIT process frameworks coupled with our best practices we gathered handling over thousands of IT Modernization projects.

We determine workload needs, transform and migrate applications without disruption, furnishing a secure and stable infrastructure. Our team of Azure certified cloud experts can manage all your Azure related databases and infrastructure along with application deployment on Azure.

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in Azure ecosystem. We can help enterprises and web application deployments to make the best use of Azure services and tools such as Active Directory, Monitor, ARM templates, RBAC, ATP, Sentinel and more.

Single SLA - Azure Cloud to Application Layer

Cloud4C offers enterprises a single SLA at Application login with end-end responsibility of IT management including security (a robust security framework with 40+ information controls complying with global regulations and standards such as GDPR, IRAP, FedRAMP, OJK, MAS, RBI, etc.)

Workload Monitoring and Automation

The strategic use of automation enables us to protect our customers from harm. The automation of managed services directly affects the Top-line and Bottom-line. No downtime, always secure data and infra translates to cost savings. Automating any repeatable and routine tasks allows enterprises to save on resources. At Cloud4C, we have automated some of the key functions of managed services.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

This enables the tracking of important IT functions such as diagnostic alerts and performance reviews so that the team is aware of the issues with the infra. It reduces risk of failure or on-site visits for correcting the issues.

Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Administrative tasks, billing and customer account management is automated so that enterprises can focus more on their business instead of such routine tasks.

Auto Application Start

This automation reduces the Application Start within 2 Minutes of the VM being up post a VM Reboot; The total VM outage has been reduced from 30 minutes to less than 3 minutes in total per SID (in case of SAP deployments).

Auto resolution

Auto Resolution kicks in when the conditions mentioned in the logic are met and performs the deletion action.

Health checks, Log Compilation and Alerting

Health checks, Log Compilation and Alerting of Databases and Applications are automated. This helps in proactively identifying the Error/Alerts symptoms by constantly monitoring them. Also helps in identifying the Error patterns ahead and reducing the outages proactively.

Replication status checks

Automating this function helps in maintaining the DB Replication and alerts if the replication fails.

Virtual Patching

Automated Patch deployment at Cloud4C enables enterprises to focus on their priorities while being assured of the mitigation of threats arising due to vulnerabilities. It also accelerates the vulnerability remediation for enterprises across hybrid environments.

Secure and Cost Optimized CloudOps

We can help harness the real power of cloud with automated and secure managed services.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Automated Infra Setup
  • Automated Build and Deploy Topology
  • Instrumentation for Observability

Automated Backup and Recovery

Cloud4C enables customers to manage and monitor the application recovery with automated switchovers and DR drills. Organizations can monitor MPO, data lag and recovery time while automating end-to-end application recovery in case of DR, in a single click.

Managed Service with AIOps

Cloud Security and Audits

Centralized Azure Security Monitoring

Cloud4C with the help of Cloud4C proprietary frameworks with 40+ security control objectives and 26 security tools, automatically collects and alerts on security data from critical Azure services such as Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, Azure Sentinel, centralizing and simplifying Azure security monitoring. The service includes Security management, including Active Directory, firewall, endpoint protection, virtual network and antivirus which eliminates blind spots and ensures continuous threat coverage.

We offer Security first design coupled with 24/7 security monitoring instrumentation and assisted by periodical audits is the security strategy we follow. We can help ensure fault tolerant security setup which helps Prevent, Detect, Protect and Evolve.

CAF Based Security and Industry Standard Compliance Assessment

  • Azure Native Tool Mapping
  • Recommended Security Tools confguration
  • Azure Security and Governance Policy using Azure Policy and Blueprints
  • Azure Landing zone recommendation
  • Azure Sentinel Demo

CAF Based Azure Governance Assessment

  • Azure Platform Break fix
  • Azure Governance MVP (Minimal Viable product) to act as a Governance foundation for current and future workloads
  • Azure Policies & Blueprint recommendation (Standard and Custom)