Hybrid Cloud

When an enterprise leverage multiple clouds for deploying their mission critical workloads, it’s said to be running on a hybrid cloud. The multiple capabilities can be unlocked through hybrid cloud - saving time and efforts of the enterprise besides ensuring greater agility. With Cloud4C hybrid cloud solution for Microsoft Azure is all set to unlock the unparalleled level of cloud capabilities for the organizations. We are here to accelerate the cloud solution of the enterprises.

Cloud4C Key Differentiators

  • Presence with hosting in more than 20 countries powers clients to handle data sovereignty challenges
  • Available Joint value proposition statements with detailed concepts for integrated Private/Public/OEM cloud offering

How does it work?

Agility and Speed

The hybrid cloud solution from Azure and Cloud4C ensure that enterprises accelerate the migration of the workloads by adopting the cutting edge tools, capabilities, and processes.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve the greater flexibility of cloud by opting hybrid cloud solutions on the Azure platform from Cloud4C. Enterprises can leverage their existing on premise-technology besides taking advantage of the cloud

Governance and Control

Azure is a world-class solution from Microsoft that has a wide range of acceptance across the globe and offers the same applications—that enterprises use on legacy infrastructure with ease

Innovation and Performance

Cloud4c hybrid cloud solutions mitigate the risks and complexities involved in migrating to the hybrid cloud for Azur


  • Get customized hybrid cloud capabilities in line with the goals and objectives of the enterprise
  • Roll out a hybrid managed service framework that is compliant across varied regions and with uncompromised security
  • Access certified Azure professionals deployed and monitor the operations 24x7 for smooth functioning
  • Design a cost-effective model and offers comprehensive managed services