Cloud4C, being an Azure Expert MSP, has deep expertise in handling mission critical, complex and large SAP landscapes of enterprises on Azure.

With experience in migrating and managing the entire suite of SAP applications and best-in-class support on Microsoft Azure, we enable the enterprises to take the most efficient and cost-optimized migration route.

Give your SAP workloads a serious upgrade as Cloud4C blueprints a strategy for the entire workload assessment of your enterprise and offers a practical migration plan of all your SAP workloads on Azure.


I am pleased and honored to recognize and congratulate Cloud4C as the recipient of the SAP Partner Excellence Award 2018 for HANA Enterprise Cloud. We look forward to continuing to work closely together with Cloud4C to realize even greater success in 2018

Rodolpho Cardenuto, President Global Partner Organization, SAP

Cloud4C SAP on Azure Expertise

Azure Expert MSP with 600+ certified Azure experts

Largest global premium suppliers for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

  • Leaders in managing SAP HANA workloads
  • Managing SAP HANA production workloads - Scale up nodes up-to 20 TB and Scale out nodes up-to 64 TB
  • Supporting complete portfolio of SAP Applications and Data bases 
  • Managing 10000+ SAP Instances and 2300+ TB of HANA Database
  • 250+ SAP Basis Consultants
  • 550 successful SAP deployments across 30 countries
  • Comprehensive compliance across Industry and geographies
  • 2000+ certified cloud experts
  • 600+ certified Azure experts
  • Serving 3500+ enterprises globally

Making SAP Work for Enterprises

Intelligent Cloud4C Migration Factory approach for SAP ECC to S4 HANA

Managing SAP HANA workloads with 20TB scale up and 64TB scale out

Premium Supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Single SLA up-to Application Layer


Leveraging Power of In-Memory Computing

Compute and Storage
  • SAP Certified Azure Virtual
    Instances and HLI
  • Capability to Support 20 TB
    Scale up & 64 TB Scale out
  • Managed Premium Disk
    Meeting SAP Performance
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection
  • VPN/ExpressRoute
  • Azure Virtual Network (VNet)
  • Azure Application Gateway / Web Application Firewall
Business Continuity
  • Backup with cross region availability
  • Disaster Recovery - Near Zero RPTO
  • Live DR Drills and DR Runbooks
  • HANA, Sybase
  • Oracle, MaxDB
  • Cloud4C Security Frameworks for SAP Apps and DB
  • Azure GuardDuty and Azure Inspector
  • Azure IAM and Directory Services
  • Key Management and HSM
24x7 Operations and Maintenance
  • Migration Services
  • Automated Health Checks
  • Performance Tuning
  • SolMan/FRUN, Early Watch Alert (EWA)
Automated Deployments
  • SAP Apps and DB
  • Terraform, Ansible, FRUN
  • ARM Templates

Services Overview

Cloud4C's SAP on Azure service portfolio encompasses the full spectrum of services starting from design, migrate, build, run and operations with SAP Basis technical layer to providing assurance with SLA up-to Application login layer.

Migrations and Advisory Services
  • Environment Discovery
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Migration and On-boarding
  • Proof of concept
Right size-Right fit
  • SAP certified systems
  • Configuration in sync with expected performance
  • Architecture delivering Security, Backup and Resilience
Managed Services
  • SAP and Azure certified resources
  • Round the clock support service
  • Managed services up-to SAP Basis technical layer
  • SLA up-to Application Login layer
  • Complex and Third party Application support (Opentext, GKPOS, Hybris)
Security and Governance
  • Strong governance with Role-Based Access Control
  • Enhanced SAP security with integration of applicable geographical and vertical specific compliance controls (GDPR, IRAP, PCIDSS, NESA, SAMA etc.)
  • 24*7 Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Security Monitoring and Correlation in real-time
  • Application and DB Security audits
Backup and Disaster Recovery services
  • Protection and Recovery for mission critical applications and data
  • Increase site resiliency by designing Disaster Recovery on Azure
  • Zero RPO and RTO SLAs
  • Automated Disaster Recovery as a Service

Benefits assured with Microsoft Azure

  • Flawless Architecture

    Specifically carved out for the enterprises that are leaning on traditional SAP on premise infrastructure, SAP on Azure is bundled with the features that offer a complete transformation solution to the enterprises.

  • 360-Degree View

    Experience higher transparency in terms of managing SAP applications with a holistic view of all your crucial applications.

  • Scalability

    Scaling up or down the infrastructure? Rising on premise demands? Microsoft Azure offers you more elastic solutions for your business needs.

  • Endless Support

    Unlike other cloud service providers of SAP HANA that support only in specified regions, SAP on Azure has comprehensive best-in-class support so that you can carry out the complex operations seamlessly from any part of the globe.

  • Comprehensive Security

    Azure has robust security support that has zero scope for data theft whether internal or external. The enterprise-level single SLAs ensure unparalleled and embedded security support.

  • Wide Range of SAP Applications

    Cloud4C supports a wide range of SAP workloads on Azure through which companies can unleash the full potential of SAP applications on the cloud platform.

To know more, download our whitepaper “Transform your business with SAP on Azure”

Why Cloud4C for SAP on Azure?

  • Dedicated & Integrated "SAP on Azure" Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  • Offers Intelligent Managed services powered by AIOps
  • Ready to use & proven frameworks, designed to deliver SLA up to Application login layer
  • Thought through, tested & delivered optimized architectures like Multiple Components One System (MCOS), Multiple Components in One Database (MCOD), Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) etc.
  • Geography and Industry vertical specific compliance services delivered using Azure Native tools & Cloud4C Managed Security Services offerings
  • Zero Friction based Cloud4C’s On-boarding, Migration and Service Delivery frameworks

Cloud4C offers you setup with High Availability + Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Standard SAP workload deployment
  • Secured Environment: Continued Vulnerability Assessment, Host-based security suite, Application Delivery Controller (ADC), Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protected, Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection, Penetration Testing, and Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Business Continuity: Backup + DR (offered as a service as well)
  • Application Engine: in High Availability (Native)
  • HANA DB: HANA System Replication with pre-loaded configuration
  • SQL/ASE DB: Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for complete instance snapshot
  • Instances: ASR service for instance level synchronous replication to a secondary site
  • Recreation of Resources using Azure Site Recovery test failover creation: Instance(s) of SAP Router, SAP SolMan, HANA Studio, Application Engine & Common services, Host Based Security System (HBSS) and Hardening, Vulnerability Assessment and Backup.