Data Modernization

By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, according to Gartner, Inc.

Leading enterprises are doubling their data footprints many a time each year. As such, they are looking to simultaneously reduce costs, take advantages of newer forms of big data, and enjoy greater flexibility in analyzing data, with powerful AI and analytical algorithms. And all of these is possible by modernizing data, i.e. moving data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases.

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Cloud4C has a unique solution for every business & is truly a value for money. Their uniqueness lies in giving business-focused and efficiency-driven solutions, which is what we were looking for while outsourcing our database managed services. What makes them stand out against the competitors are their impeccable attention to detail and thorough dedication in understanding the client requirement, engaging the subject matter experts in order to provide quick & robust solutions. We have chosen Cloud4C as our trusted partner to host our mission critical data and we are extremely pleased that it is managed in the most professional manner by the ORACLE experts. We have been running our infrastructure with them now for more than 3+ years and it has been a stupendous success story for us.

We are extremely satisfied and will continue to have Cloud4C as our trusted partners for all our future technology endeavors.

Sushil Menon, Vice President, Information TechnologySatin Creditcare Network Limited

Get More From Your Data

A cloud-services partner of thousands of enterprises worldwide, Cloud4C brings in certified cloud experts and data scientists to deliver the right advice on data migration to cloud platforms and modernize it.

750+Certified Public Cloud Experts
2000+Cloud Experts

Mapping Modernization
On Public Clouds

Data Modernization Services ForOracle

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Data Modernization Services ForMicrosoft Azure

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Data Modernization Services ForAWS

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Data Modernization Services ForGoogle Cloud Platform

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Data Modernization Services ForSAP

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Cloud4C Capabilities In Data Modernization

Database Migration Services
  • Assessment and Plan
  • Cloud4C Migration factories - Faster migration
  • Database of Your Choice
  • Data security during migration
  • Complex & Large Scale Migrations
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Database Management Services
  • High Availability and Backup
  • Personalized and Customized approach
  • Database tuning, Database health checks, Disaster Recovery Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Proactive threat detection and prevention powered by AI and ML
  • Near zero management
  • Automated and Optimized- First time and every time
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Managed Advanced Data Analytics & BI
  • Data preparation – Single of source of truth, Data lakes, Data Marts
  • Data Visualization
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Why Data Modernization with Cloud4C?

  • Expertise and Experience on Public Cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, GCP, OCI and more).
  • Cloud4C Migration Factory enabling highly secure, automated, and cost-efficient migration.
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous database migration - any source to any target.
  • Migration powered by extensive assessment and robust roadmap to open source platforms.
  • Data sovereignty powered by AI
  • Zero RTO and RPO - Disaster Recovery with total ownership from replication, managing DR site up to primary site restoration with RPTO SLA implemented.
  • Military-grade security ensuring safer data transfer, storage, and backup with tools, data encryption, testing plans, and access control.
  • Large scale migrations handled swiftly for BFSI, Govt. Organizations, Ecommerce, Healthcare, etc.
  • Zero downtime migration with high performance to the tune of no-failure 500,000 transactions/hour.
  • Automated and quicker migrations, making modernization cost-efficient for any enterprise.
  • High Availability and Backup enabled with a 24/7 available support infrastructure.
  • Managed Data Analytics and Reporting ensuring a single source of truth and synchronized data. The same tools manage structured and semi-structured data, shortening the data preparation cycle.
  • Data Integrity is ensured with Cloud4C’s Three Pronged migration approach – Validations done along with the help of Applications and Infra team done at Test phase, Pre-production and Production phase to have a seamless migration with stringent timelines and no surprises.


Data Migration

Showcasing The Complete Scope

Assessment & Plan

A discovery workshop to gather stakeholder opinions, assess data warehouse readiness, collect server and application information. Subsequently, scenario and workloads identification for migration and customized planning for a successful migration without any disruption to operations.

Cloud4C Migration Factory

A proven, cost-effective, industrialized, and fully packaged service for organizations to realize greater certainty in migration. It's a highly automated “migration factory” approach with a low-cost workforce and tried and tested tools, eliminating delays and delivering quality results, on time, every time.

Database Of Your Choice

Streamlined homogeneous migrations such as from Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora.

Data Security During Migration

A highly-secured data migration with complete backup before the process, encrypted data transfer and controlled access during the entire process - all the while maintaining integrity of your data.

Complex & Large Scale Migrations

Automated administrative solutions facilitate database auditing to capacity management to platform-supported disruption management, upgrading, and patching - easing complex and voluminous migrations without data loss and downtime.

High Availability & Backup

Enabling continuous replication of enterprise data (Asynchronous and synchronous data replication, commvault replication etc.) with high availability (99.9%) and consolidate databases into a petabyte-scale data warehouse.

Personalized & Customized Approach

Customized scalable architecture for planned and managed database configuration, custom rule-based policies for users/ queries, and automated Scripts for efficient database management, - personalizing managed services.

Database Managed services

Showcasing The Complete Scope

Delivering High Performance

Proactive tuning changes to your database, server or instance simultaneously. Automated health checks identifying performance bottlenecks, root cause, and remediation steps. Disaster Recovery to effectively assess and mirror enterprise databases, ensuring continuous cloud backup and speedy recovery.

ML & AI Powered Threat Detection

Detect any potential threats/vulnerabilities, take corrective measures, and make the system more robust. It's made possible with security tools native to leading cloud platforms and third-party applications, helping in combating foreseen and unforeseen cyber-attacks.

Near Zero Management

Eliminate the administration and management demands of traditional platforms and big data solutions. With built-in performance, there’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn.

Managed Advanced Data Analytics & BIActivate Your Data Lake For ML & AI

To bring predictive power to your business and do a deeper analysis of your data, certified data scientists at Cloud4C can help your organization get ahead of the curve when it comes to

Data Preparation- Single Source Of Truth

Single Source of Truth, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, leading into Data Marts that power Visualization dashboards, and the ability to process data on the go.

Data Visualization

Support of intuitive and interactive dashboards equipped with data analytics, to make smart decisions through real-time monitoring and visual exploration.

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Quantifiable Success Metrics

1000+Customers DB Managed
10 of 25op Global Banks
Databases Managed
3000+Database Instances
80TBManaged Database Of A Single Customer
100+Multi-Cloud DB Certified Professionals
Near ZeroArchitecture
On Multi-Cloud
10,000tbManaged Databases
200+Compliance and
Regulatory Audits Annually
200+Annual DR Drills

The Power Of Database Modernization At Your Fingertips

Cloud is more than a destination, a journey or a technology. To us, the cloud opens up opportunities and fosters innovation. At Cloud4C, we combine business acumen, integrated technology services, our proprietary tools, cloud-native tools and a creative, cloud-expertise, people-first approach to enable enterprise transformation. Not only can you realise what is possible, but achieve and reinvent it, perpetually.