Data Modernization on the Oracle Cloud: Transformation and Intelligence at its Roots

Transitioning dataflows to the cloud is just the first step to truly attaining a data intelligent enterprise status. Traditional lift and shift migrations have proven to deliver stunted outcomes without advanced database management on the cloud: optimization, cleansing, extraction, duplication, rewriting and modifying databases and applications, replacement of legacy assets, integration of cloud-powered analytics tools, etc. More often than not, enterprises are opting for a complete overhaul of their data structures and databases on the cloud via seamless data pools or data lakes. Acting as a universal source for any data type, this allows businesses the flexibility to store, call, and deploy data at will across remote locations, private ecosystems, third-party solutions, end-points, and more. In addition, such a refined architecture makes deployment of cutting-edge analytics streamlined, thereby transforming enterprise workflows at its roots and laying the groundwork for a truly data-intelligent enterprise.

Only 32% of companies reported realizing tangible and measurable value from data

67% of enterprise leaders say organizational culture is the biggest barrier to becoming a data-oriented company

Experience the Next Level of Agility with Databases Modernized on the Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud has been a market leader for years when it comes to database management and enterprise application solutions. As the world’s leading application-focused Cloud MSP, Cloud4C enables businesses to make the shift to Oracle cloud at ease while securing their databases on the cloud platform. Migrate, modernize, and manage databases, datacenters, workloads seamlessly for the entire IT stack on the Oracle Cloud. Embrace breakthrough workload performance, business agility, and capitalize the cloud at its best. Bid farewell to all cloud migration related hassles with Cloud4C’s unique Migration Factory Approach, Automation-driven AIOps-powered Managed Services, and real-time data analytics amplified by Machine Learning and universal dashboards.

Key Talking Points

Truncate operational costs upto 90%
Intelligent guard against data threats with cutting-edge discovery, analysis, and prevention solutions
Bid farewell to data complexity via a single autonomous database for all data types
Runs 3X faster for any application and on any ecosystem
Flexible to deploy and leverage the cloud database anywhere, anytime: remote offices, other ecosystems, private datacenters, hybrid landscapes, edge environments, etc

The Benefits: Why Move and Modernize Enterprise Databases on the Oracle Cloud?

Minimize Security Vulnerabilities
Minimize Security Vulnerabilities
Cost-Effective Data Outcomes
Better Compatibility
Built on Proven Industry Standards
Ease of Integration
Scalability by Design
End-to-end Data Management from a Single Source
Automation and Innovative Outcomes
depiction of security advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Irrespective of enterprises deciding to go for a flexible IT ecosystem, continuing with legacy systems can pose a threat to your data. The lack of updates and maintenance can make it even riskier. Even at enterprises with full-fledged IT teams in place, system health checks are missed, which make systems outdated and more vulnerable.

depiction of data outcomes advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

To continue with legacy systems is a big fallacy and migration of databases to the Oracle cloud is just the first step. With Cloud4C’s end-to-end database managed services, modify and optimize existing databases and workloads to leverage the cloud’s in-built agility and scalability while reducing over-provisioning of storage, DB management resources. Replace underlying data structures, languages, platforms, APIs with modernized solutions natively deployed from cloud. Gain complete visibility of data workloads from a single source of truth and power to run cloud databases across any ecosystem, edge network, third-party environment with ease. Deploy cutting-edge analytics, visualization charts, dashboards to leverage the best out of your data and hence, maximizing overall ROI.

depiction of comptability with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Legacy data assets come with a lot of challenges due to the compatibility issues and end-user preferences. They create a wide gap between meeting the customer demands and enterprise goals. Enterprises that continue to work with legacy systems often experience the challenge of coming up with solutions that can address simple demands but not add to work complexity.

depiction of industry best practises with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Cloud4C with its Data Modernization for Oracle offers better, protected outcomes at every layer for enterprises. With databases safely migrated and managed on the Oracle Cloud, physical safety and security of data centres are duly addressed without additional intervention from the enterprise end. With Data Modernization for Oracle, Cloud4C offers network segregation, firewalls, monitoring of traffic, and immediate detection of any intrusion. Enterprises also get cloud service connectivity and advanced data encryption services for static and in-transit/dynamic dataflows across the entire operational ecosystem. With Cloud4C, the above are duly implemented without any disruption.

depiction of secure integration advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

With Cloud4C Data Modernization for Oracle, we help enterprises safely migrate databases, underlying platforms, libraries, DB management applications and workloads to the cloud, optimized or modernized for best outcomes. Further, smart cloud-native database management tools including analytics solutions are integrated to enable enterprises leverage the best out of their data banks. The architecture is designed to ensure always-on availability at zero data disruption. With Cloud4C as a partner, enterprises can focus on other pivotal initiatives instead of having to worry about hardware maintenance.

depiction of scalability advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Cloud4C with its Data Modernization services for Oracle provides enterprises with the capability to offer compute and storage as per requirement. As part of the Data Modernization for Oracle, Cloud4C helps enterprises reduce operations costs by providing the flexibility to scale down, so that enterprises pay only for the power they need to use. The flexibility works the other way too, if enterprises need to add innovative applications, scale up data capabilities or start new processes.

depiction of data management advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Firms have to surf through gargantuan proportions of dataflows, static or dynamic. Many of them are unstructured or of different data types. With databases all migrated to the cloud or modernized via centralized data pools, businesses can seamlessly pull, extract, deploy, or analyze data flows across multiple environments, endpoints, edge networks, remote locations, third-party landscapes, and private ecosystems with ease. This makes data management seamless and effective.

depiction of automation advantage with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Automate database management workflows and security administration to fast-track into becoming a data-intelligent enterprise. Leverage Machine Learning, Deep Learning models, data visualization charts, data engineering, process analytics, RPA, data analytics dashboards to churn out meaningful insights, regardless of where it is coming from. Leverage advanced solutions to process, analyze, and generate insights with ease.

Cloud4C Achieves Oracle Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise

2021 witnesses a momentum towards Oracle Cloud as enterprises switch to new-age ERP for its significant competitive advantage and enhanced experience. To ensure a seamless transformation for enterprises through the right partnership, Oracle recognizes partners who demonstrate the specific expertise required to succeed.

Cloud4C, with its full stack Oracle transformation suite and proven delivery excellence, has earned the prestigious Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise and become a trusted global Oracle Cloud Transformation Partner recognized by Oracle.

Read on to learn how Cloud4C earned its Oracle Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise

Oracle Partner

Cloud4C Map of Offerings: Making Data Modernization Streamlined On the Oracle Cloud

Cloud4C and Oracle have been working together to deliver value to clients for more than a decade now. Oracle’s extensive data modernization technologies, coupled with Cloud4C’s deep industry experience and certified cloud experts, help you to streamline business processes, improve decision making, and accelerate data modernization. Cloud4C brings in certified cloud experts and data scientists to deliver the right advice on data migration to cloud platforms and modernize it. We provide customized migration blueprints, documentation for DevOps, robust APIs and automated database migration factories.

Our expert teams share insights on migrating workloads seamlessly, automating functions such as database monitoring, optimizing database health, and modernizing databases for innovating disruptive product/service offerings.

Database Migration Services
  • Assessment and Plan
  • Cloud4C Migration Factories for Faster Migration
  • Database of your Choice
  • Data Security during Migration
  • Complex & Large Scale Migrations
Database Managed Services
  • High Availability and Backup
  • Personalized and Customized Approach
  • Delivering High Performance - Proactive Database Tuning, Database Health Checks, Disaster Recovery Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Proactive Threat Detection and Prevention powered by AI and ML
Managed Advanced Data
  • Data Preparation – Single Source of Truth
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Visualization

Stages of Data Migration and Modernization on the Oracle Cloud


Data Analysis

We perform entity mapping, where map source entity attributes are sourced to target entity attributes. We help identify any unmapped attributes which may result in data loss. Cloud4C develops a migration strategy and design which mentions the downtime required due to migration, required staging storage/ hardware, migration impact on target database size, and tracking updates to source during migration. We follow the proof of concepts as defined in the migration strategy document. We also help enterprises classify data of standards and analyse the ease of maintainability based on the analysis report.



As part of the pre-migration, Cloud4C checks on the data inconsistency that highlights the possible inconsistency of an entity against predefined standards. We also take care of the Data redundancy, data stability, data type, data length, data cleansing and more. With the pre-migration process, we keep track of the amount of redundant data present in legacy databases. Cloud4C performs data cleansing based on the findings of the inconsistency check and stability check.


Transform & Migrate

As part of transform and migrate, we perform the data transformation based on the transformation rules. Along with it, we also migrate the data from source to target. We help report and resolve the log and report errors during migration and log and report status of migration.


Continuous Migration and Modernization

As part of the continuous migration, we capture all the changes in the source system. We also propagate the changes to the target system. We help with the redesigning of the workloads from proprietary ETL (Infa, etc.) to native cloud/open source ETL (e.g., Spark/Lambda/Glue). We take care of moving warehouse layer storage to cloud, error-handling during migration, moving Data marts to new platform, reporting from new platform, On-board other LOBs and On-board Analytical use cases. We ensure that the changes are applied to the target system.


Post Transformation

As part of the post migration process, we provide data reconciliation and assurance. We take care of advanced analytics, and build search capability and complete data & analytics on the new platform. Gain 24/7/365 support from our data modernization experts.

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Oracle Cloud-native Solutions for Database Services

oralce data bases in oracle cloud oci data modernization solutions

Autonomously Managed Oracle Databases

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous JSON Database
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Oracle APEX Application Development
performance data computing icon in oracle cloud oci data modernization

Performance-packed Data computing

  • Autonomous Database
  • Exadata Cloud Service
  • Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Exadata X9M
data sovereignity and data residency icon in oracle cloud oci data modernization

Data Sovereignty and Ultra-low Latency

  • Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Exadata X9M
  • Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Oracle Database 19c
icon for application specific data bases with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Application-specific Cloud Databases

  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Autonomous JSON Database
  • Oracle Database 19c
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
icon for MySQL in oracle cloud oci data modernization

MySQL Database Services

  • Oracle MySQL Database service
  • Heatwave
depiction of database support with oracle cloud oci data modernization

Key value Database Support

  • Oracle NoSQL Database

Secure by Design: Intelligent Data Protection and Threat Management on the Oracle Cloud

As a leading Cloud MSP, Cloud4C invests extensive time and resources into bolstering its industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and services. Cloud4C ensures military-grade data security during migration with end-to-end pre-backup, secure data transport, end-to-end encryption, data integrity management, thorough testing, and vulnerability assessment, and proper access management functionalities.

With numerous cloud-native tools, 40+ Security Controls, dedicated Security Operations Center managed services, and cybersecurity experts, gain end-to-end protection of all your data assets on cloud end-to-end: networks, servers, management systems, applications, databases, virtual platforms, and more. Leverage the advanced Managed Detection and Response platform for automated threat, malware management.

Lower Mean Time to Detect and Response across all touchpoints, avail complete end-point security and utilize advanced data analytics to gain unique security management insights. Avail 24/7 Monitoring, Identity, and Access Management with dedicated cloud-native tools. With threat intelligence, move the need further and predict, avoid risks even before they occur. Embrace game-changing preventive maintenance capabilities (Self-Healing Operations).

Learn more on Cloud4C’s World-class Security Capabilities on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Why Trust Cloud4C: An Impact with Difference

icon for cloud managed service provider while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

12+ years of expertise as trusted Oracle MSP across EMEA, APAC, Americas

enterprise clients icon using cloud oci data modernization services

4000+ transformation stories across 26 nations, 10 of Top 25 global banks’ databases managed

icon for zero friction cloud migration while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Zero downtime migration with high performance to the tune of no-failure 500,000 transactions/hour.

icon for AI powered managed operatoins while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

AIOps-powered Managed Operations, 10,000 TB+ managed Databases

icon for cloud migration factory while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Cloud4C Migration Factory enabling highly secure, automated, and cost-efficient migration.

icon for automated and quick migrationsm while using oud oci data modernization

Automated and quicker migrations, making modernization cost-efficient for any enterprise.

icon for data migration  while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Homogeneous and heterogeneous database migration - any source to any target.

icon for high availability provider while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

High Availability and Backup enabled with a 24/7 available support infrastructure.

icon for cloud assessment toadmap wile delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Migration powered by extensive assessment and robust roadmap to open source platforms.

icon for analytics and reporting provider while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Managed Data Analytics and Reporting ensuring a single source of truth and synchronized data. The same tools manage structured and semi-structured data, shortening the data preparation cycle.

icon for AI powered data residency while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Data sovereignty and residency powered by AI

icon for disaster recovery while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Zero RTO and RPO - Disaster Recovery with total ownership from replication, managing DR site up to primary site restoration with RPTO SLA implemented.

icon for cloud migration approach for cloud managed service provider while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Data Integrity is ensured with Cloud4C’s Three Pronged migration approach - Test phase, Pre-production and Production phase to have a seamless migration with stringent timelines and no surprises.

icon for robust security while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Military-grade security ensures safer data transfer, storage, and backup with tools, data encryption, testing plans, and access control.

 icon for large scale cloud migraions while delivering oracle cloud oci data modernization

Large scale migrations handled swiftly for BFSI, Govt. Organizations, Ecommerce, Healthcare, etc.

Success Stories

Middl east based port management authority gains business continuity by leveraging oracle clou migration


AIOps Managed Services and DRaaS along with Oracle cloud migration equips one of World's largest port management and 3PL logistics firm with streamlined Business Continuity.

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European player achieves digital transformation with leveraging oracle clou migration

Large European Telecom Player:

British Telecom giant streamlines digital infrastructure and operations cost through SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and Oracle data migration.

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Large Railways operation achives cloud transformation with oracle cloud oci data modernization services migration

Large Railways Network Operator:

UAE's large railways network operator achieves uniform Cloud ERP Management for its vast, multi-faceted daily operations along with seamless data management on Oracle Cloud.

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Oracle Security - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the difference between data migration and data modernization?


    Data migration implies shifting of an enterprise’s databases, workloads to the cloud.

    Whereas, modernization implies modifications of those databases, creating developed structures to leverage the cloud best in addition to end-to-end managed services and analytics.

  • What is data migration?


    Data Migration is a way to move data, from either different locations, formats or applications

    Usually, enterprises go for data migration when they are introducing a new system or location for the data.

    The key for data migration is related to either application migration or consolidation in which the legacy systems are modernized.

    Nowadays, as part of the digital transformation journey, enterprises are opting for data migration to move their on-premises infrastructure and application to cloud-based storage.

  • What are the types of database migration offered by Cloud4C?


    • Offline Migrations: RMAN backup/logical export is taken as per customer requirement. The backup will then be restored in the off-premise environment.
    • Online Migrations: A robust DR is built in a specific region. Live data is shipped and cutover for database on-premise is planned, before switching services to OCI.
    • Homogeneous Migrations: Migration completed using RMAN/export options to a homogeneous environment.
    • Heterogeneous Migrations: Deployment via multiple approaches: SQL developer – CSV, Golden Gate
    • Complex and Large Migrations: Estimates and deliverables to be identified prior to the migration. Suite of Oracle technologies to be incorporated as per requirement.
  • What are the OCI Migration Connectivity Options offered by Cloud4C?


    FastConnect - Secure connection between the existing network and virtual cloud network (VCN) over a private physical network instead of the internet.

    IPSec VPN - Secure connection between a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) and customer-premise equipment (CPE), consisting of multiple IPSec tunnels. The IPSec connection is one of the components for site-to-site VPN between a VCN and on-premises network.

    Internet gateway - Provides a path for network traffic between VCN and the internet

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