Oracle Data Modernization

Experience Database Agility
In Cloud Environment

Consolidating databases and migrating to the cloud can help enterprises increase business agility, and capitalize on all of the features and benefits of cloud deployment, while preserving their investments in Oracle applications if they have made any. Cloud4C helps enterprises tackle the challenges associated with cloud migration.

We further ensure that your database is a high performing, always available, and modernized to run different types of analytics – from the dashboard, real-time analytics, and machine learning to guide better decisions.

A Proven Oracle
Partnership With Cloud4C

The team at Cloud4C and Oracle have been working together to deliver value to clients for more than a decade now. Oracle’s extensive data modernization technologies, coupled with Cloud4C’s deep industry experience and certified cloud experts, help you to streamline business processes, improve decision making, and accelerate data modernization. 

We offer:

  • A global Oracle partner prowess with a deep understanding of both management and implementation of Oracle technology and applications
  • Access to Cloud4C’s dedicated Oracle practice center at India
  • An extensive set of service offerings around Oracle making your migration to or migration from Oracle platforms meet your business objectives

Making Modernization
Streamlined On Oracle

Database Migration services

  • Assessment and Plan
  • Cloud4C Migration Factories for Faster Migration
  • Database of your Choice
  • Data Security during Migration
  • Complex & Large Scale Migrations

Database Managed Services

  • High Availability and Backup
  • Personalized and Customized Approach
  • Delivering High Performance - Proactive Database Tuning, Database Health Checks, Disaster Recovery Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Proactive Threat Detection and Prevention powered by AI and ML

Managed Advanced Data Analytics & BI

  • Data Preparation – Single Source of Truth
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Visualization

Migration Footsteps - Managed In Oracle Environment

Cloud4C has played a key role in the successful migrations for the following types involving Oracle technologies and applications

  • On-premises Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service
  • On-premises Oracle Database to database on any Public cloud platform (Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, SAP, Ali Cloud etc.)
  • On-premises any Open source database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service to database on any Public cloud platform (Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, SAP, Ali Cloud etc.)
  • On-cloud database on any Public cloud platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service

For deeper insights, talk to our Experts @ Cloud4C Oracle Practice Center

Mapping Our Capabilities In
The Oracle Universe

Cloud4C Migration factory

Data Migration to cloud by Cloud4C is a proven, cost-effective, industrialized and fully packaged service for organizations to realize greater certainty in migration. It’s a highly automated “migration factory” approach with an experienced workforce and tried and tested tools, eliminating delays and delivering results, on time, every time.

Cloud4C has built a specialist migration team that is essentially a pool of resources having diverse expertise on leading public cloud platforms. Businesses get access to resources that have worked extensively on different cloud migration projects and receive continued support.

Discovery workshop explaining CAF based assessment, data risk, impact, and mitigation

Data Migration Plan

  • Approach, Scope, and Migration blueprint
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Migration & Verification Strategy
  • Migration Tools & Deliverables
  • Data Risk Impact Assessment
  • Identify Data to be Migrated
  • Sampling Strategy
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Deviation Handling

Migration Protocol

  • Purpose & Scope
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Data Sampling Approach Strategy
  • Migration Verification Tools & Strategy
  • Deviations
  • Acceptance Criteria

Summary Reports

  • Purpose & Scope
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Verification Summary & Results
  • Deviation Summary
  • Acceptance Criteria Summary

Data Security During Migration

Backup Before Migration

Secure Data Transport

Data Encryption

Data Integrity

Access Management

Start Your Optimized
Oracle Cloud Journey

Cloud4C brings in certified cloud experts and data scientists to deliver the right advice on data migration to cloud platforms and modernize it. We provide customized migration blueprints, documentation for DevOps, robust APIs and automated database migration factories.

Our expert teams share insights on migrating workloads seamlessly, automating functions such as database monitoring, optimizing database health, and modernizing databases for innovating disruptive product/service offerings.



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