Cloud4C Delivers Unmatched Cloud Advantage as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Cloud is where all businesses are headed; almost all, 84% to be precise. As our digital presence increases, virtual transactions become mainstream and remote working becomes the norm, the rush to cloud intensifies. Cloud is the stepping stone for the digital transformation journey for every business, and the current uncertainties in the wake of COVID pandemic has made it an absolute necessity. The workspace, IT and application modernization efforts that enterprises are undertaking require the support of an able and experienced partner. It makes sense to choose the partner who is capable of not just successful migration but is well placed to offer end-to-end managed services with complete ownership.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partnership (ACP)

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner program is meant to provide the businesses the right choice of partners to chart their digital transformation journey. Cloud4C, with the proven expertise in cloud migration and managed services, brings in advanced technology CoEs and global best practices in private and public cloud migration, with distinct capabilities in AWS cloud services. As an AWS ACP, Cloud4C is uniquely placed to offer its customers the latest tools and services with a cost advantage. Our competencies in Big Data, Analytics, Security and Compliance are enhanced with ready tools, APIs and frameworks available on AWS.

Consultative Managed Services

Our consultative approach to managed services enables businesses to get customized cloud solutions, aligned to their priorities. Our 2,000+ certified experts take complete ownership of the IT infrastructure on cloud right from design, architecture, build, migration, and management. As AWS ACP, we are the first to access the latest in key operational functionalities such as monitoring, incident, change, and release.

IT Modernization with AWS

Remote working requirements and the rising scale of virtual interactions have forced the enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The legacy infrastructures need upgrades and updates. The existing IT landscape gets the advantage of PaaS with AWS migration. Additionally, AWS Workspace prepares the organizations to quickly revamp their remote working capability with ready tools and managed services such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). The virtual desktops allow employees to access their systems from anywhere, with complete security and access protection.


Cloud4C has one of the most advanced SAP practices across the globe. With more than 550+ SAP on cloud deployments, we are one of the premiere partners to bring the host of SAP services on AWS. Our well-knit managed services cover end-to-end management of SAP workloads, including virtual instances for HANA and Net Weaver, managed premium disk as per SAP KPIs, backups and DR. With near zero RPTO, the enterprises get fail proof business continuity in the case of any exigency. Automated deployments including SAP apps, Terra form, Ansible, FRUN and ARM templates along with health checks and performance tuning ensure optimal productivity for complete IT infrastructure.

AWS Outpost

Designed to serve enterprises that need low latency access to on-premises systems or are bound by compliance regulation to host their servers in local data centres, AWS Outpost provides for a consistent hybrid experience. This recently launched capability provides for fully managed and configurable racks of AWS-designed hardware, allowing businesses to connect their on-premises workloads with the AWS services in the cloud. However, many enterprises find the transition challenging given the novelty of the solution. Cloud4C as AWS ACP brings in a vast experience and focused expertise to ensure risk-free, frictionless transition to AWS Outposts.

Security Architecture and Design

AWS public cloud comes with advanced security tools and procedures with integrated and automated patch management across multiple operating systems and platforms to keep the IT infrastructure preforming at its peak with no disruption. The security apparatus is well suited to design a zero-trust architecture to secure the organizations against increased incidents of cybersecurity breach. The rise in ransomware incidents and data theft has made businesses vulnerable. Their networks, servers and systems demand advanced threat protection with the ability to apprehend, analyse and mitigate any risk in real-time. As AWS ACP, Cloud4C brings in a definite edge in providing the best of the breed security infrastructure to the business across industries. With an advanced and dedicated cybersecurity CoE, engaged in continuous research, developing new frameworks to improve security posture, partner businesses are assured of maximum security with minimum dependence of their internal IT teams.

As AWS ACP, we are uniquely placed to aid your migration to cloud with frictionless migration, zero disruption infrastructure and application level uptime under single SLA.

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AWS Advanced Consulting Partnership Advantage

AWS Advanced Consulting Partnership Advantage

Want frictionless migration, zero disruption infrastructure and application level uptime under a single SLA? Contact Us.

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Team Cloud4c
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Team Cloud4c

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