If you've just seen a movie in theatres or streamed one online, you've probably seen an IT professional do some sort of miracle within a tightly scripted time limit - whether solving a complex mystery, preventing a global conflict, or cracking a complex criminal's code. IT workers, however, know that their daily lives aren't nearly as simple or glamorous as the media portrays them to be. Think about how to keep your information safe.

Cloud security may have never been more complicated than now. It’s challenging with the ever-increasing mountains of data, and the complexity of moving workloads to the Cloud.

The Cybersecurity Mayhem: Current State of Security on Cloud

The accelerated pace of cloud adoption means enterprises frequently end up with a disparate set of security solutions across multiple clouds. While the cloud provides instant access to sophisticated capabilities, it also makes the company vulnerable to potential cyber threats, risks, and data theft.

Additionally, the drive towards digital transformation has added another layer of complexity. The cloud-native application deployment journey revolves around a plethora of cloud environments. Statistics say that 68% of business are concerned about misconfigured cloud resources, a common cause of proliferating cybersecurity risks.

To effectively manage cyber risk, enterprises need a comprehensive cloud security framework that mandates robust security policies and access control across their entire cloud ecosystem. Your business needs a straightforward, low-cost, and cutting-edge strategy to avoid Hollywood-level drama. Let’s dive into what this entails.

Cloud Security and You: A Shared Responsibility

In modern-day enterprises, managing infrastructure and scaling applications brings about a number of challenges. While the cloud eases IT-related tasks, transitioning workloads to the cloud can also brew up a storm of security issues. That’s where security architecture, disaster recovery, maintenance, patches and upgrades come in.

By default, cloud providers follow best cloud security practices and take preventive action when necessary. While they take responsibility for basic cloud infra security and maintenance, part of this falls on your organization too.

Cloud security is important, regardless of the size of your enterprise. With the proliferation of threats that target the cloud specifically, businesses are increasingly grappling with security and compliance failures. Regardless of how your organization operates, cloud security is a necessity to ensure business continuity. In essence, successful cloud adoption is dependent on putting in place adequate countermeasures to defend against modern-day cyberattacks.

How to Stay Secure on Any Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, and More

Enterprises need to secure their business operations from the ever-evolving threats. This is why public cloud providers offer cloud-native security tools. The out-of-the-box security capabilities include threat monitoring, detection, investigation, security analytics, and automated response.

As a managed cloud security solutions and services provider, Cloud4C enables enterprises to stay updated and responsive against risk without any disruption or data loss. Here’s a rundown of the security features of all the different cloud platforms.

AWS Cloud Security Solutions

Secure and manage your data, accounts, and workloads at scale. Monitor your cloud environment with automated compliance checks based on the AWS security best practices.

Identity and Access Management

Risk Detection Management

Infrastructure Security Management

AWS Identity and Access Management

Securely manage access to services and resources

AWS Security Hub

Unified security and compliance management portal

AWS Network Firewall

network security and firewalls management

AWS Single Sign-On

Cloud Single-sign-on service for easy signing in and out functionalities

Amazon GuardDuty

Managed threat detection solution

AWS Shield

Specialized tool for protection against DDoS attacks

Amazon Cognito

Identity administration across all applications and app workflows

Amazon Inspector

Analyze application and app workflows security

AWS Web Application Firewall

Protection from suspicious web traffic

AWS Resource Access Manager

Streamlined, secure solution to share AWS resources

AWS CloudTrail

Track user and workflow activity, API usage


AWS Organizations

Centralized administration and governance across all AWS accounts

AWS IoT Device Defender

Security Management for IoT devices and environments


Data Protection Management

Incident Response Management

Compliance Management

Amazon Macie

Discover and protect sensitive data

Amazon Detective

Deep investigation of security issues

AWS Artifact

No cost, self-service portal for on-demand access to AWS’ compliance reports

AWS Key Management Service

Key storage and management solution

Cloud Endure Disaster Recovery:

Fast, automated, and cost-effective disaster recovery solution suite

AWS Audit Manager

Continuously audit your AWS usage to simplify how you assess risk and compliance


Hardware-based key storage solution for compliance management


AWS Certificate Manager

Provision, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates


AWS Secrets Manager

Rotate, manage, and retrieve secret/sensitive information

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Solutions
  • Application Gateway: Develop secure, scalable, and highly available web front ends
  • Azure Active Directory: Sync all on-premise directories with ease and enable single sign-on services
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services: Manage Virtual Machines securely across domains
  • Azure Defender: Protect all Azure hybrid cloud workloads with ease
  • Azure DDoS Protection: Shield assets and applications from advanced DDoS attacks
  • Azure Dedicated HSM: Administer hardware security modules used on the cloud
  • Azure Front Door: Secure, fast, and reliable cloud CDN with intelligent threat protection
  • Azure Information Protection: Shield all sensitive information anytime, anywhere
  • Azure Sentinel: Advanced SIEM-SOAR solution to address threat detection, analysis, and response management end-to-end
  • Key Vault: Protect and manage keys and other secret information
  • Security Center: Consolidate security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads
  • VPN Gateway: Establish secure, cross-premises connectivity across required assets
  • Web Application Firewall: Powerful shield for web applications
  • Azure Defender for IoT: Monitor, detect, and respond to security threats across IoT environments
  • Microsoft Azure Attestation: Unified solution for remotely verifying the trustworthiness of a platform and the integrity of the binaries running inside it.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security Solutions

Maintain full control and gain visibility across data, systems, and networks. Deploy best-in-class security solutions in the cloud, and stop cyber threats that target your business. Ensure the continuity and resiliency of business, real-time.

  • Access Transparency: Seamless cloud assets visibility via near real-time logs
  • Assured Workloads: Compliance and security controls and management for sensitive/important workloads
  • Binary Authorization: Seamless deployment of trusted containers on the Kubernetes Engine
  • Chronicle: Extract signals from security telemetry and data to find instant threats
  • Cloud Asset Inventory: Overview, monitor, and analyze all Google Cloud and GCP Anthos assets
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention: Sensitive data inspection, classification, and redaction solution
  • Cloud Key Management: Manage encryption keys on the Google Cloud
  • Confidential Computing: Encrypt data and dataflows with confidential Virtual Machines
  • Firewalls: Global, flexible firewall solutions to protect all cloud resources
  • Secret Manager: Securely store and manage API keys, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data
  • Shielded VMs: Virtual Machines shielded with advanced security controls and defences
  • VPC Service Controls: Protect sensitive information in Google Cloud Services utilizing security parameters

Cloud Security Solutions and Services with Cloud4C

The cloud delivers next-level customer experience and convenience when it comes to service delivery. However, misconfiguration can lead to risks and cyber threats. Organizational security management is a shared responsibility. At Cloud4C, we work with you to ensure robust cloud security that can mitigate threats, real-time and this extends to any cloud platform and any model; be it multi-cloud, private, public, or hybrid.

As a managed cybersecurity provider, we track, monitor, and protect your entire mission-critical environment on the cloud, 24/7 from infra till the application level. Our advanced cybersecurity solutions go beyond the usual rule-based risk monitoring and threat recognition and ensure in-depth threat investigation, detection, and automated mitigation. We are your end-to-end, managed Security Operations Center. We incorporate 40+ security controls, advanced NOCs and dedicated SOCs to help you handle your security needs, 24*7. Get in touch with our experts to avail our world-class cloud security services.

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