At Cloud4C, we are committed to upholding a thriving culture of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion that we have built carefully over the years. We engage, retain and invest in the professional growth of our diverse people. We embed inclusive behaviors in our everyday business to create pathways for interesting, mind-opening conversations.

To this end, we acknowledge diversity, be it gender, language, ethnicity, abilities, sexual orientation, culture or religious beliefs. This has helped us celebrate people with diversity, and the varied educational backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, personalities, marital status, and therefore the different life experiences they come with. We celebrate the fact that each of them brings a new and different perspective to the table, which helps all to grow and succeed together.

Great Place to Work

Cloud4C has been awarded among the ‘100 Great Places To Work’ in 2020 for its great culture of workplace diversity and inclusion and one of India’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2021.

Here’s how we go about it:

1. Diversity training

With a global presence in 26 countries and 52 locations worldwide (right from the Americas to Japan), Cloud4C engages professionally with clients hailing from varied cultures and languages, day in, day out.

With diversity being an in-built element of our business culture, we equip our workforce to cope with such diversity successfully by taking them through a comprehensive diversity training program. This includes, but is not limited to, providing cultural insights training through mentorship, socialization, language training, sending employees on overseas assignments to know and understand new cultures, language and traditions, local emotions and expectations, and learn from these experiences to grow.

To give a brief peek into the ROI of our diversity training program, we have successfully retained 90% of all key employees who were trained and skilled in such programs. This has helped us enhance our top-line by 5% and customer satisfaction by a whopping 40% as they conducted themselves in the most desired manner to our global customers.

2. Fairness and Equality

We ensure all employees are treated fairly, with utmost respect and compassion, through a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or violence. We level out the playing field and provide fair opportunities for each employee. There is zero pay gap between male and female employees. We leverage technology and analytics to identify which employees are underpaid for similar roles or responsibilities and uphold our policy of pay equity.

3. Flexibility

Providing flexibility in working hours has fetched us key dividends in promoting diversity, keeping employees motivated and reaping impressive performance and output across the organization. We are flexible when it comes to permitting work from home or tele-working options to those who have to address urgent personal issues or familial requirements like child-care, care for aging parents or any health issues which can be managed effectively through WFH without disrupting work continuity. We don’t hesitate to go the extra mile because our people are our biggest assets and the peace and happiness of our employees is foremost.

4. Inclusion initiatives

We have built a culture of inclusion such that everyone feels empowered enough to speak up and get heard. This begins right from recruitment, hiring, welcoming, and on-boarding of new employees. We acknowledge holidays of all cultures because there’s something to learn from every culture and so provide rooms for prayer and devotion to respect different religious and cultural beliefs. We ensure that all our training, office set-up, team building activities, career progression initiatives are all conducive to people who are differently abled, as well.

Our Women Employee Satisfaction Score is at 4.95/5.00 and by 2022, we plan to reach 30% ratio of Women in Leadership from the current 21%.

SF Wong Receiving Award

5. Constant development

While we have been putting diversity, equity, and inclusion into greater focus, we believe it’s an evolving process and there is always room for improvement. That’s why we follow a continuous process of taking feedback, rooting out unconscious biases and addressing complaints, if any. We conduct regular surveys to ensure that everyone feels included and empowered. This is to track our progress in DEI and assess or update our policies accordingly.

In lieu of conclusion

Diverse teams bring on better problem-solving abilities to the table as their varied perspectives inform new ways of addressing evolving business challenges. What’s more, it also leads to visible improvement in employee engagement and productivity. So we are constantly trying to improve our culture of DEI; it’s an ongoing process to build on our existing efforts.

The world of work is ever changing and we are doing our part to nurture the culture of growing together by empowering one another. We would love to know how you are doing it in your organization. It would be great to learn from you all. Do share your thoughts with us.

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Team Cloud4c
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Team Cloud4c

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