The cloud computing industry is maturing rapidly. It is estimated that over 90% of global enterprises will be relying on some type of hybrid cloud by the end of 2022.

Although the hi-tech and startup world is fast becoming aware of modernization on the cloud, some conventional industries are still not there yet. There are many companies having lesser clarity on how cloud platforms such as AWS and migration of their core assets to cloud could favour the business immediately and in the long run.

To be fair, that’s okay, because the decision to move to the cloud is a major one, that involves significant organizational change and investment. That said, there's no denying that migrating current apps and IT assets to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud provides a chance to improve an organization’s business practices, workflows, security, and agility dramatically. It is an iterative process in which organizations develop new skills, procedures, tools, and capabilities.

Take a look at the key business benefits of AWS cloud migration that can help your business.

  • Cost reduction

    Develop a customized Azure architecture for your enterprise with Cloud4C’s advanced capabilities. Attend special cloud readiness and discovery workshops to pinpoint the benefits, identify the tools and solutions required on the cloud, and realize the effective costs and timelines. Lay the foundation for a future in Cloud and gain world-class computing resources, storage, and enterprise intelligence prowess.

  • Productivity and agility

    Due to modern approaches to software engineering, there is improved efficiency on a task-by-task basis and significant increase in staff productivity. In addition to that, there is increased agility and 3x more features delivered on an average by IT companies.

  • Security and resilience

    According to Fortune 1000 averages, downtime costs companies up to a whopping $2.5 billion per year. With AWS, there is 7x less downtime as companies operate on a singular, secure, robust platform, enabling far more governance and safe, streamlined testing at every level.

  • Data center consolidation

    By consolidating their data centers on the AWS cloud, companies can save up to one-third of their infrastructure costs and ensure robust, centralized data operations across the enterprise.

  • Scalability

    AWS enables organizations to scale at their own pace, adding resources at appropriate stages of growth and expanding their cloud environment according to evolving business needs and goals.

Cloud4C: Accelerating successful business transitions through the AWS Cloud

Migration strategies that are closely aligned with the user’s business model and recommend approaches accordingly tend to be truly successful and tenable. In this process of migration strategy planning, the importance of culture is indisputable. Cloud adoption strategies may fall short of their full potential if businesses fail to examine the impact on culture, people, and processes, in addition to technology.

Cloud4C: Accelerating successful business transitions through the AWS Cloud

That is where Cloud4C comes in. We follow a strategically customized approach to AWS migration. If your company is weighing AWS cloud migration, let Cloud4C partner you in your AWS Journey. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Cloud4C comes with end-to-end AIOps-powered capabilities, single 99.95% uptime* SLA from infra till app layer, a global clientele and expertise. Cloud4C prides itself on being a trusted, application-focused, high-end cloud-managed services provider with a hyper-agile factory-based unique methodology.

AWS migration and modernization with Cloud4C ensures disruption-free migration of complex and mission-critical workloads, hyper-performance of applications at maximum uptime, infra-database modernization, compliant-ready architectures, smart risk management, tailored automation solutions, and streamlined delivery-workflow governance under a single, highly economical SLA.

Listed here a few successful case studies to illustrate how new users across different industry sectors have witnessed massive improvements in operations and business success after embarking on their cloud migration journey.

Leading pharma company moves  on from slow, unreliable servers  to expand business
Leading pharma company moves on from slow, unreliable servers to expand business

Ability Life Sciences has become a notable entity in manufacturing of bulk drug intermediates and specialty chemicals in a short span of time. However, as the organization started looking to grow their business and profitability, it faced obstacles due to dependency on less secure physical servers with long lag time. With multiple, in-depth consultations, Cloud4C experts facilitated a fail-proof migration to custom AWS platform. This reduced the company's cost of operations by 50%, database modernization (seamless migration from Native MSSQL Failover Cluster to AWS RDS for SQL), the website moving to Cloud Front (CDN) to handle higher user flow Application and Web Servers were transferred under the Auto-Scaling group and the enabled the infrastructure to become automatically scalable whenever required.

Middle East Energy Services firm, JESCO, modernizes operations for agility, scalability, and data security with AWS

JESCO was one of the leading manufacturers of seamless steel pipes of various dimensions for the oil and gas sector. Their existing IT infrastructure and ERP system made operations highly inefficient in terms of time, cost, and effort, even as its market was growing. The latency in data access and communication, and resultant delays in delivery were concerning. Furthermore, the existing security controls had become inadequate, which risked compliance with local and global regulations.

Migrating to the AWS Cloud with Cloud4C enabled improved workflows and efficiencies, with integrated task automation and 50% reduction in overall IT costs. By updating the infrastructure from on-premise to a regional AWS Landing Zone, latency is almost eliminated and the new solution included robust compliance and BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) capabilities for the client. Migrating with Cloud4C ensured high availability, 24x7 hour operation and maintenance for uninterrupted business continuity with stringent RTO and RPO.

Zero-friction cloud migration of mission-critical workloads by large multi-brand leader in APAC, KPN

KPN Corp is a leading APAC entity operating in several sectors spanning agriculture, cement and building materials, property, toll road infrastructure, and international trade. It provides environmentally sustainable solutions for responsible progress and development. However, it was held back by inefficient and complicated SAP-based ERP systems. This impacted uptime and operational costs. ts risk analysis frameworks in place that needed to be more robust to be effective. Stakeholders needed to be equipped with monitoring tools to mitigate security risks and protect brand reputation. The existing model was unsustainable for an entity with a global footprint which is going to be a public listed company soon.

KPN Corp

KPN Corp required a comprehensive revitalization of their SAP-based services with enterprise grade security to fulfill international-level compliance needs. Cloud4C rose up to the challenge to become a technology partner to support the end-to-end infrastructure needs of KPNCorp.

Cloud4C implemented zero-friction cloud migrations of mission critical SAP workloads to AWS which resulted in 30% TCO reduction, 99.5% uptime, and increased ROI with maximum operational continuity and productivity. With the integration of network, monitoring, security, disaster recovery, and backup, KPN teams were able to achieve faster timelines and scalable infrastructure as per requirements as well as faster deployment of new features and updates. Consequently, there were increased revenues with enhanced brand reputation.

Leading e-travel firm, Abhibus, aces scalability, security, and continuity through customized AWS migration


AbhiBus is a leading online bus ticketing company that operates pan India with approximately 2 Million users on a daily basis booking through its portal. AbhiBus was looking for a viable 
solution to achieve elasticity in scaling up their compute resources to handle peak time user traffic. What AbhiBus required was a well-rounded IT transformation to safeguard operations and deliver smooth and hassle-free ticketing experience to their growing customer base.

Cloud4C took the responsibility of providing the best in class disaster recovery (DR) operations 
on AWS. It provided a customized architecture built on the principles of AWS Well-Architected Framework. Auto-scaling was enabled to ensure a smooth checkout for customers, especially in times of seasonal spikes which are challenging times for business entities in the travel industry.

The online ticketing operations have become more seamless through hassle-free ticketing experience for customers, 24x7 support and round-the-clock availability, allowing AbhiBus to make more partnerships and scale business.

Ayurvedic meds store,  Jeevanadi Stores, migrates to  AWS Cloud to handle high  demand and serve better
Ayurvedic meds store, Jeevanadi Stores, migrates to AWS Cloud to handle high demand and serve better

Jeevanadi Stores offers Ayurvedic medicines for non-invasive treatment to common disorders. With customers across India, they are one of the notable entities when it comes to authentic herbal products. The store's infrastructure wasn’t able to handle the high influx of visitors and increase in orders coming through their portal. They were looking to migrate their entire workload onto a new platform that would reduce errors and improve productivity.

Furthermore, Jeevanadi Stores’ existing email solution was unable to handle the volume of spam mails. The platform did not allow for any retention time or backup for old mails. Their infrastructure was incapable of handling issues like database failure, recovery and security. They urgently required an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) that would resolve these issues.

Cloud4C started with an initial assessment of Jeevanadi’s existing infrastructure and proposed to shift their existing organizational workloads to the AWS platform. Post assessment, Cloud4C  redesigned their IT architecture on the AWS Cloud platform, customized for hyper agility, scalability, and world-class security that could offer protection in the event of Exchange DB Instance failure or loss of an Availability Zone.

By upgrading the infrastructure, Jeevanadi was able to save personnel and operations costs.The proposed AWS structure also provided anti-spam gateway support under Cloud4C managed Antispam solution with shared services with backup for user mailboxes. Cloud4C team also enabled the user of their personal windows OS license making admin access easier and letting the company adhere to compliance rules of having legal software versions running in their systems.

Conclusion: Transform your digital business journey with AWS and Cloud4C for future growth and success

As the world’s leading application-focused cloud managed service provider, Cloud4C delivers enterprise-grade, end-to-end AWS Cloud Managed services taking total ownership of your AWS cloud experience.

We assist firms in leveraging the AWS platform best at economical price-points. A well-articulated AWS migration strategy is followed by in-depth business goal analysis before the final deployment plan. The factory model approach incorporates the best industry practices for optimizing AWS benefits.Not only that, Cloud4C automation solutions for AWS-managed operations assist in continuous monitoring of data platforms and applications, proactive alerting in risk management terms, ensuring maximum availability and self-healing.

Conclusion: Transform your digital business journey with AWS and  Cloud4C for future growth and success

We believe in a zero disruption approach to cloud transformation. Stringent compliance requirements often become a major obstacle to seamless digital transformation and cloud evolution for key industrial businesses such as BFSI, Governance, Manufacturing. To help mitigate such issues and deliver businesses around the globe with world-class regulatory reliability, automated assessment, and protection, Cloud4C assists enterprises with end-to-end compliant-ready AWS Cloud Architecture.

Join the massive worldwide shift to the cloud already underway, with the experts. The cloud is ready and so are we. The question is, where are you?

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