Experience agile, reliable, scalable and affordable public cloud solutions.No on-premise costs, only pay per use and access applications from anywhere.

Pick and choose our public cloud solutions as per yourinfrastructure or enterprise needs.

We offer a complete suite of features:

24x7 Support

Flexible billing options

Perimeter level firewall

Complete migration assistance

Security monitoring dashboard

Multi-tier storage

Auto-scaling auto load balancing

Instant provisioning

About Public Cloud

We were born in the clouds. That's why we collaborate with nothing but the best when it comes to poweringyour business on cloud. Giving us company are AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is a one-stop-shop cloud solution, whichcomes with a reliable, scalable and low-cost cloudinfrastructure. It's got more than 100,000 customersall over the globe. It powers both, the IT giants oftoday and unicorn startups of tomorrow.

Google Cloud Platform

From websites to applications, experience Eexiblecloud-based services from Google Cloud Platform.It arms you with smart tools and scalable systemsto stay ahead in the digital age. It comes withseamless security, and of course the promise ofGoogle.

Microsoft Azure

Azure from Microsoft offers 57 cloud regionsacross the globe, 70+ compliance offerings. With120,000 new subscribers per month, it's the perfectlaunchpad to power your enterprise too. Build,deploy and manage applications at the click of abutton.

Time is on your side. And so are resources.Thanks to our pay-per-service solution.

Wait, there’s more.

Scale up or scale down your business as per your needs.Customize applications and access cloud servicesfrom anywhere.

Get customized cloud solutions of enterprises. From the trusted CLOUD EVOLUTION EXPERT.

Optimal workloads and secure infrastructure. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

We have designed an infrastructure that's safe and sound against any security threats. And one which is capable to handle multiple workloads at any given time. Here’s what you can experience.

  • Instance with built-in-high availability
  • Instance with storage high availability with 2 copies of your data
  • Instance with cold backup
  • Instance with built-in disaster recovery

We have a public of 3500+ Happy Enterprises and Partners

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Migration to Cloud was so easy by Cloud4C. They ensured seamless installation with zero downtime.

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