Cloud4C and CtrlS certified with the industry gold standard 'Great Place to Work'

When we find a genuinely great place where the work environment is positive, and supportive, we can see the significant impact it has on our individual performance and our productivity. The fact that we can develop ourselves and push further in our ambitions is a strong factor in a well-balanced life.

Cloud4C and CrtlS have long been recognised for being amazing workplaces with people practices and work culture at the centre of growth. It is the companies’ equal focus on individual growth as opposed to empty performance metrics that has made us a certified Great Place to work.

The past few weeks have reinforced the strong feeling of camaraderie that binds our diverse teams together. It is obvious that the positive approach at Cloud4C flows from the top down and percolates through to every team, and every member of the Cloud4C family. Even now, this empathetic relationship between our organisation and team members is what has empowered us to keep business disruptions to a minimum, and our customer experience delightful.

I cannot think of many organisations who would unwaveringly focus on individual growth in terms of training and development in the current circumstances. But at Cloud4C, the leadership has been, and continues to be very inspiring, to say the least. This has been an important reason why we have been able to face the challenges successfully.

Transparent leadership has a huge impact on employee loyalty, and thus, on customer engagement with the company. The diligence that goes into establishing employee KRAs was the first time I could truly appreciate the amazing work culture at Cloud4C. The consideration that goes into building the KRAs (as opposed to just conveying them) is, in my opinion, a strong motivator to successfully achieve those goals.

The personal trust and the mutual respect that it fosters among team members, and between teams is invaluable in creating great organisations. We feel close-knit in a way that goes way beyond people sharing just office space. When employees know they are included in the big plans for the future, they embrace the vision for the company as our own. When planning starts with the involvement of all the members, success is not just possible, but almost a certainty. That is why we have immense trust on our company’s vision and growth despite the challenges thrown at us.

Cloud4C promotes inclusivity and equality in the workplace. We feel happy and more comfortable in our work environment. I do look forward for Mondays as I am addicted to the adrenaline rush our work gives me. I know that it helps to share our individual journeys and aspirations towards growth with others who are similarly motivated, and aligned. Needless to say that it translated to higher productivity, increased motivation, and improved employee performance. 

Most of the time, we at Cloud4C are at the forefront of the market and in charting out new paths in creating solutions for our customers. The kind of work we do on a daily basis is genuinely wonderful as it expands our personal knowledge and pushes us right through our false comfort zones. The thrill of being the first to market is difficult to explain, but once tasted it’s easy to understand why it keeps us going. Yet, it is only sustainable because of the wholehearted support we receive from our peers and guides in our workplaces who empower us.

So in a way, this certification only reinforces what we all knew all along. We are in a truly Great Place to Work!

Amazing careers take off at amazing workplaces. Here’s your opportunity !

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Team Cloud4C
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Team Cloud4C

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