The One Bridge to Many: A Cloud4C and CSP Partnership Story

The inception of Cloud4C could be traced back to a simple thought: Can seamless continuity be achieved if all enterprise data and workloads are auto-backed up and copied on not one or two, but four different locations? 4000 success stories across 26 nations later, trailing a highly promising future pipeline, today Cloud4C has extensive partnerships with each of the world’s leading cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and more.

Designing a unique, end-to-end migration, modernization, and management delivery architecture for each of those cloud platforms till the app login layer, Cloud4C has been instrumental in driving cloud success stories for diverse industry verticals: retail, energy and power, transportation, banking, telecommunication, utilities, F&B, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and much more.

Any Industry. Any cloud. Any Platform. Any Complexity and Use-case. Total, end-to-end Control.
Powered by the Globe’s Leading Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, and more.

Successful deployment of managed services helps in reducing IT costs by 25-45% and increase the operational efficiency by 45-65%

Managing security risks is the No.1 priority for enterprises opting for a cloud services partner

Cloud4C Named a Visionary in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services 2021

Gartner recognizes Cloud4C’s proficiency in delivering full-stack automated offerings from infra to app layer in a single SLA. With AIOps-driven managed operations, agile DevOps, and advanced innovations, Cloud4C is among the most trusted global players today.

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Cloud4C named as Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 for Public Cloud Services

What Benefits does this Partnership Hold for End Enterprises?

Fail-proof Integration. Management Universality. Automation and Innovation.

cloud choice feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Design and deploy any cloud of choice based on enterprise objectives and goals

automated migration factory feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Cloud4C Automated Migration Factory approach allowing seamless transition of enterprise workloads to any cloud of choice

public ,private, multi and hybrid options icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Design, tailor, and deploy public-private-hybrid-multicloud architectures powered by leading hyperscaler clouds

cloud ROI feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Optimize cloud resources on any cloud platform to garner maximum ROI

enterprise application integration feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Seamlessly sync and integrate frontend enterprise applications with the backend cloud platform or multiple clouds

self healing cloud automation  feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Leverage Cloud4C’s proprietary SHOP platform’s capabilities to intelligently automate, enhance managed operations for multiple clouds from one single source of truth

disaster recovery and backup feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Fail-proof disaster recovery and continuity across multiple clouds from one portal

compliance on hyperscaler cloud  feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Seamless compliance and governance of IT infrastructure distributed across multiple hyperscaler clouds

hyperautomation feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Deploy cutting-edge hyperautomation to modernize and streamline daily cloud administrative functionalities

security management siem soar feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Deploy advanced security management including MDR, SIEM-SOAR, threat intelligence, Advanced Threat Protection across multiple clouds

SAP ERP Oracle ERP integation feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Integrate third-party, leading enterprise platforms such as SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, and more with the refurnished multi-cloud architecture

cloud analytics feature icon in cloud service provider partnerships

Leverage cutting-edge analytics across the entire cloud IT stack and bolster innovative transformations with ease.

Delivering benefits for your enterprise as a committed CSP

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Cloud4C | MSP + Advanced Specialization + Competencies


Advanced Specializations

azure expert managed service provider msp partner logo badge

Modernization of Web Application to Microsoft Azure

threat protection to azure specialization icon

Threat Protection

windows server and SQL migration to azure specialization icon

Windows Server and SQL Migration to Microsoft Azure

windows virtual desktop to azure specialization icon

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

linux and open source database migration to azure specialization icon

Linux and Open Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure

linux and open source database migration to azure specialization icon

SAP on Microsoft Azure

analytics to azure specialization icon

Analytics on Microsoft Azure

kubernetes on microsoft azure specialization icon

Kubernetes on microsoft azure

networking services to azure specialization icon

Networking Services in Microsoft Azure


Cloud Platform






Data Platform


Cloud Productivity




Data Analytics


Small and Midmarket Solutions


Application Integration


Application Development

Microsoft Azure Cloud has become a dominant cloud force in the industry, enabling enterprises around the globe to achieve seamless digital transformation, automation, data intelligence capabilities, and uncompromised continuity. However, a lack of managed expertise could lead to unnecessary resource usage, limited performance, and overpaying bills. Cloud4C prides itself on being a trusted, application-focused, high-end cloud-managed services provider with a factory-based approach. As an Azure Expert MSP and a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud4C delivers end-to-end Azure Cloud Managed services assuming total ownership of your Azure cloud experience.

Cloud4C’s bouquet of offerings ensures disruption-free migration of complex and mission-critical workloads, hyper-performance of applications at maximum uptime, infra-database modernization, compliant-ready architectures, smart risk management, tailored automation solutions, and streamlined delivery-workflow governance under a single, highly economical SLA.

Cloud4C’s dedicated Azure Center of Excellence also prides in having a globally active team of Microsoft Azure certified experts who render anytime, anywhere cloud consulting and support, ensuring a frictionless enterprise transformation on Azure.

Cloud4C and AWS: Streamlining the Cloud Revolution to Large and Small Enterprises Alike

AWS Competency

Echoing the rising trend in cloud adoption, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fast emerging as the cloud platform of choice for global enterprises irrespective of size and verticals. Accelerated migration, high availability, multi-application capabilities, and multi-cloud integration flexibility, compliant-ready features, and top-notch security paired with inexpensive cost models are empowering businesses to embrace digital transformation on AWS with ease. No wonder, AWS is the most widely adopted cloud platform in the globe today.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an end-to-end AWS MSP, Cloud4C delivers a Factory-based unique methodology that ensures fail-proof migration, modernization, and management of the IT stack on AWS cloud. Leverage cutting-edge cloud-native solutions and build a custom DR, security, compliance, and governance architecture. A global team of AWS experts ensures anytime, anywhere consulting and support for all AWS-related queries. Regardless of enterprise size, budget, and complexity, AWS can well be the cloud of choice powered by Cloud4C’s unique managed capabilities.

Cloud4C and Google Cloud: A Smart Choice for Modern Enterprises

google cloud partner logo icon
From the Page Rank Algorithm to a Colossus ‘owning’ the Internet, Google’s meteoric rise to become the flagbearer of digital enterprises cannot be penned down into a few words or paragraphs. The Search Engine Giant, since its inception two decades back, has shot up to become the Top three cloud platforms in the world today. Inexpensive pricing, intelligent solutions and experiences, and above all seamless integration with the digital consumer suite hysterically popular among billions have contributed to GCP’s strong reception among global enterprises.
As the world’s largest application-focused cloud managed service provider, Cloud4C streamlines your GCP or Google cloud migration journey end-to-end guaranteeing zero disruption to business as usual. A tailored Cloud Adoption Framework paired with the GCP Migration Factory approach ensures that all IT assets, regardless of complexity and non-synchronicity, are seamlessly transitioned to the GCP platform without a hitch. Leverage cutting-edge automation and proprietary technologies to advance managed operations on the Google Cloud at utmost security and uninterrupted continuity. Cloud4C is your partner to chart an ‘intelligent cloud future’ on the Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud4C collaborates with Google Cloud to Build Unique Center of Excellence

Delivering tailored, innovative, and use-case specific solutions and services has always been the aim for Cloud4C. With Google Cloud’s rapidly enhancing ecosystem and solutions portfolio, Cloud4C envisioned a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) addressing mission-critical enterprise infra, app, and workload transformations on the Google Cloud. Cloud4C’s latest CoE development for SAP and Anthos powered by Google Cloud is a testimony to that vision.

google cloud center of excellence illustration

Expertise. Efficiency. Evolution.

Cloud4C unveils new Center of Excellence dedicated to SAP and Anthos on Google Cloud.

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Cloud4C and Oracle: Big Ideas and Big Evolutions

2021 witnesses a momentum towards Oracle Cloud as enterprises switch to new-age ERP for its significant competitive advantage and enhanced experience. To ensure a seamless transformation for enterprises through the right partnership, Oracle recognizes partners who demonstrate the specific expertise required to succeed.

Cloud4C, with its full stack Oracle transformation suite and proven delivery excellence, has earned the prestigious Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise and become a trusted global Oracle Cloud Transformation Partner recognized by Oracle.

Read on to learn how Cloud4C earned its Oracle Cloud Sell and Cloud Service Expertise

Oracle Partner
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has significantly gained momentum in the last few quarters owing to a razor-focused approach on the integration of IaaS with cutting-edge enterprise applications. It’s a no brainer that Oracle’s Intelligent ERP suite is only rivaled by SAP in the globe. A tighter integration between frontend applications, database management, networking, and cloud-powered IaaS has been enticing modern enterprises to take their big cloud leap with OCI.
Cloud4C’s Oracle cloud experts ensure enterprises streamline their Oracle cloud migrations at zero data loss, zero disruption to business as usual via an accurate Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework. Assess all enterprise assets, apps, databases, and workloads to be moved to the cloud, charter a fail-proof blueprint, migrate and manage on Oracle Cloud, and ensure advanced security, compliance, and governance.

Leverage the best Cloud Technolgies for your enterprise success

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Why Embark on the Cloud Journey with Cloud4C?

most trusted managed services provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

One of the most trusted Cloud Managed Service Providers in APAC and MEA for 12+ years

application focused aiops driven managed services provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven Cloud Operations

round the clock cloud expert support as a public cloud services partner csp icon

24/7 Support backed by 1000+ cloud certified experts, 23 dedicated Centers of Excellence

zero friction cloud migration provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Zero Friction Cloud Migration Model via Factory-based approach, 25000+ Apps, and Databases migrated

global enterprise clients as a public cloud services partner csp icon

4000+ enterprise customers including 60 of Fortune 500 companies

public, private, hybrid and multi cloud deployment expertise as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Presence in 25+ nations worldwide including successful deployment of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community Cloud platforms

high availability guarantee as a public cloud services partner csp icon

High availability 99.95%, hyper-scalability

SAP S/4 HANA cloud provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Proven SAP on Cloud expertise managing 10,000+ SAP instances and 2300+ TB of HANA Database

disaster recovery on cloud provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Dedicated DR on Cloud offerings for heterogeneous, complex environments with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover mechanisms

DR and business continuity planning services provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

End-to-end Cloud Managed Services portfolio with comprehensive DR and BCP services

cloud security services provider as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Smart Cloud Managed Security Services Expertise, 40+ Security Controls, dedicated SOCs

self healing cloud automation solutions as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Cloud4C proprietary automation solutions including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions

flexible billing with single SLA as a public cloud services partner csp icon

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 billion hosting hours for 40000 virtual machines icon as a public cloud services partner

1 billion+ Fail-safe Hosting Hours administering 40000+ VMs

regulatory compliance and data residency standard icon as a public cloud services partner csp

Strict compliance to regulatory and in-country data residency standards

Cloud4C Experts - Delivering Excellence for your enterprise with end-to-end Cloud know-how

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